11 FREE/CHEAP Things To Do In MILAN | Italy On A Budget Travel Guide 🇮🇹

Pubblicato il 8 set 2017
Here are 11 free/cheap things to do in Milan, Italy! Italy can be a pretty expensive city to visit in Europe, however Milan offers a lot of budget friendly activities for budget travellers and backpackers!
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  • What is your #1 thing to do in Milan? :)

  • Am going to Milan soon

  • You must visit Sant'Ambrogio churc and San Maurizio al convento

  • U said nothing about cheap and free things, thanks for wasting my life 😂

  • If someone goes to Milano try pizza at the plazza Saint Stefano! Delicious 😋 fantastic 🤩oh I think I got hungry...

  • I visited Milan and had the best time ever 🇮🇹

  • Great video! Check out my Milan vlog from last week! WE GOT FREE DESERT! it-tvs.com/tv/video-kGd3jQ2a3iU.html

  • Did you visit Milan in August? It seams sooooo empty: duomo square, Navigli, Vittorio Emanuele gallery... everything is so empty. It is 10 times like that normally 😂 and it is not very cheap. Miskitos are there everywhere till October!!!! And if you are going to stay 2-3 days go for the Milan Pass which includes transport and entrances plus some tours :)

  • Bypass Italy. 90% of Italians are racists.

  • Thank you for it

  • Thanks for the helpful and nice video! We visit Milan in October for 2 days.

  • Milan is a lifestyle and “free things” concept doesn’t fit that. There are many cities in Italy that might fit better.

  • lol PsychoTraveller, we never saw where they slept

  • lol, PsychoTraveller, nothing is free in the world.

  • That girl at 9:22 really did a half-arsed job of covering up her legs.. lol

  • Did u say couscous/kuskus ? If u did.. well let me tell u, it’s not a italian dish. It’s Moroccan 😂lol

    • does it really matter??you always get someone who likes to correct people like yourself, cant stand people like you!just watch the video and be positive about it!

  • I lived in Milan for 6 months back in 2016 and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Another great free place to visit is the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. He was the patron saint of Milan and the church was built back in the 6th or 7th century so it’s literally like walking back in time. It was right next to where I was going to university at the time, so I would often stop by between class when I needed to kill some time. Also (sorry for the long post) check out the market at the Sant’Agostino metro stop (green metro line) on Tuesdays and Thursdays (pretty sure those are the dates). There’s some beautiful fresh food and it’s all very affordable!

  • I went to Luini and here's what I thought: instagram.com/p/BqezIw3nRsA/?igshid=1lf8btuzpmai1

  • Thaank yoou! Spending two days in milan next month so this was really helpful

  • Hello ,your video is very beautiful ❤ I am Italian and I'm from Milan 😍

  • Such a nice video! Thank you. Very helpful

  • The visit in parco Sempione is for free or money??

  • Go to take drugs at boschetto di rogoredo :v

    • Pot is for cooking spaghetti not for smoking signore!

  • Happy you enjoyed Milan 😊

  • Awesome review of your trip to Milan! However, where did you guys stay to sleep? It seems to be an appartment but it would be helpful if you could provide that information! Thank you!

  • I hope you enjoyed my beautiful city❤️

  • What was the place called where you did your aperitivo?

  • Nakaa

  • "Pro Tip" use public transport super pro, yep. Who would have thought. And also.. cause, why walking to explore the city and see the place going around? UGH im kidding i respect u youtubers, i couldnt travel like this

  • hope you like our country ♡

  • Quella baldracca de to mà

  • Every first sunday of the month you can visit every most important museum of Milan for free! :)

    • Unfortunately it's no longer true… this government cancelled this beautiful opportunity that was available in all the public museums of the country and now it's up to the single museum, so you have to check every web-site

  • I really like your journey in Milan

  • Will be in Budapest in September and our last stop on our trip is back to Italy and Milan! Cool video

  • Please visit Tbilisi, georgia

  • How much you spend money for 2 days, we wanted come Italy and we are students , and we are curiously how much we need for stay and eating ... if someone help us we will be happy

    • Ana PatriCiia ı hope your trip will be perfect) thank you )

    • MUSTAFA AYHAN im going there next week for 2 days and we're spending max 150€ food hotel and flight included

  • you are so gorgeous and beautiful and except that, a really really nice content ! keep up the good work.

  • Where is the buffet?

  • Are you hungarian

  • I love your Channel!!!😊💕👍👌👏Thank you so much!!!I'm looking forward to visiting Milan soon!!!

  • Luv your vlog, but the volume contrast between you talking and the music is quite large. I’d reduce the volume of your music and your vlog would be perfect.

  • Can I know the place you go for the buffet at the canal?

  • Why do you ate olive bread and coffe at the same time?

  • Which Milan AirBnB did you stay at? Thanks!

  • Was in Milan 2 weeks ago. And i was very disappointed of how dirty the city looks. And lots of graffiti around the whole city. People are not that friendly either. Not the best experience ever. Not going back anytime soon.

  • Great video, we've just put up some videos of our time in Milan with Greece and Paris to follow. Your feedback would be appreciated :)

  • Hello Psicho traveler, first let me say how sweet you sound. :)) I enjoyed listening to you on my headphones to understand and hear better what you were saying :)) I know Milan from the old days and not much seem to have changed over the years. I can think of many nicer places to visit in Italy than Milan but for those that want to visit it, good luck! Ciao

  • Just booked a flight to Milan! Excited now! 💃

  • I thought Shia LaBeouf got all that transformer money and here he is cheaping out in Milan

  • what is the buffet restaurant you guys went to??

  • Really awesome video! What was the name of the Buffet in Milan?

  • hello, what is milan like ?? i am going to rome this year and am flying into milan then travelling overnight on the bus to rome do you think milan is worth a couple of days visit ??.

  • Good video..what to wear in italy during spring time? Can anyone suggest? Will be helpful for me to pack for my vacation in end of march..

  • You help me?

  • I love Milano and my hobby Milano job but my father is death 😢and no money but I like Milano 👍

  • I don’t drink alcohol, can you still do the apperitivo?

    • Yes! There are alcoholic and non alcoholic choices! Once I ordered fragola e coco, strawberries and coconut, it was non alcoholic and it was a bomb!

  • 5:25 - looking pretty tired, but nowhere near as tired as I was in America Got up at 4am for a 6am flight in 2 legs to LAX, then a day of exploring and 4 hour Dodgers game to finish it off. 36 hours straight and almost falling asleep standing up lol

  • you have not visited many wonrderfull things in Milano. San Maruzio al Monstero Maggiore, San Bernardino alle ossa, Santa Maria del Carmine, Sant'Alessandro, Brera district, Cimitero Monumentale, Arco della Pace..

    • Thanks for the recommendations. We are two travelers from the USA in Italy now. We will visit Milan next month, so we will check out the spots you mentioned above for our video. Check out our channel and watch our videos in Italy.

  • The turtles cracked me up 😂🐢

  • After aperitivo you were drunk im sure 😂😂😂