100 Years of Swimsuits (GAME)

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2019
The shuffleboard is back! Can we slip & slide our way to guessing when these swimsuits from the last 100 years were popular? GMM #1559
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  • Okay, 1970's doll is Courtney miller.

  • "...and I'm... *OOOH WA AH AH AH* "

  • Why do I feel like Courtney and Shane from Smosh voiced the mannequins

  • Did anyone else think the bowls were glass and wince when they first collided?

  • but not as punisment

  • i need to see rhett and link in the swimsuits

  • Smosh is are actors

  • We fused in our mother’s womb

  • Three day weekend!!!

  • ”Listen, people bludgeon themselves with my own volleyball trophy a lot, it happens, OK?” HAHA

  • I love links shirt

  • i just realized its so much fun to watch the other person when the other person is talking

  • i'm _oval!_ and i'm *OOH WAH AH AH AH*

  • That jacket looks so good on Rhett

  • Best line Link has ever had!!! The intro

  • I appreciate the Disturbed reference so much.

  • I'm in love with Link's shirt

  • The disturbed puns lol

  • 0:16 uwu link mode* activate

  • Why is Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords modelling a 90’s sling suit 😂😂


  • *I aM sAD GhoSt BOy*

  • Cool video, I just really would’ve liked to guess the era too while watching

  • 9:43

  • Can anyone tell me how to submit my intro ?

  • Ayeee I live in Tennessee

  • Make*

  • Please maje a shirt for sad ghost boy lost at sea.

  • Did anyone really believe they were real fish bowls and panicked when they hit each other😂😂

  • I love Disturbed. Ooh ah ah ah ah.

  • I’m Oval, and I’m OoohAaAaAaAah, and we buried your keys!!!!!

  • Is it just me or did Rhett look taller and like a body guard

  • Link is slipping into Elmer Fudd.

  • Not a good episode

  • DON’T GOOGLE monokini 1960s

  • (Vibrant electronic music)

  • No one laughs at “yasss daddy” but they laugh at “I’m cold” ? 😂😂😂

  • oval and *OOHWAHAHAHAH* 's bit made me WHEEZE HH

  • Lol funny 😄

  • I like how your blurring a manican

  • Why does GMM give us the answers to challenges the instant they begin? I want to play along and guess too.

  • ... why did the 70s mannequin talk about soundcloud?

  • Was that courtney ?*2nd model

  • The 1970s one with the yassssssss

  • my fav. line from this video THATS A LOT OF BOUNCE!!!

  • Is that Courtney and Shane doing the voices 😂😂

  • Where are my fellow nerds 🤓🤓?? Just me? Ok...😜

  • Oval and owaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • The whole straight guys thing in the title of the game only made me ship Rhett and Link more

  • "Hey Link can you do the intro?" "Of course, give me a countdown." "Ok, go." "HEWWO?"

  • Please bring back the monokini OmG

  • I’ll be getting my gf a monokini

  • Man, I love rhetts style

  • Omg I just love y’all

  • Wow... and here I thought that bikini and bikini atol were just named similarly by coincidence

  • I love that shayne was the woman😂

  • Can anyone tell me where Link got his shirt from?

  • I live for the names of their games

  • Lmao carly 😂

  • Omg loved this video lmao