10 Times Trash Talking Went Horribly Wrong In MMA (UFC)

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
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Whether we love it or hate it, everyone is drawn to trash talkers in MMA. But the reality is, trash talking in MMA always comes with a risk. In some cases, it can work in your favor. And in others, trash talking can go very wrong. So for this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the times where MMA fighters were unable to back up the trash talk. As always, if you guys enjoy this video, be sure to let me know by leaving a like and subscribing to our channel. Now in no particular order, here’s a list of times trash talking went horribly wrong in MMA.
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  • Because I'm getting so many comments about this I feel I should address it. The reason these videos don’t include fight footage is 100% due to copyright concerns. The UFC is notorious for coming down hard on anyone who uses their copyrighted work, which is why you see so many MMA channels disappear or stop uploading altogether. If I showed fight footage, even small clips, my channel would very likely get taken down. Apologies if pictures aren't for you, but I’m doing the best I can with what I have available. Trust me, if it were up to me I’d use videos of the fights every time. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do. It’s either photos or nothing. So hopefully you guys can understand that and still enjoy these videos.

    • You do an amazing job with what you have available. Didn't even notice the difference. Subbed.

    • Notorious??? Is that pun intended 😂😂

    • Wheres your videos Wheres your 57.6 thousand subs until i see that stop hatting on youtubers

    • Make it nothing then it's crap!

    • That's complete bullshit and you know it. Plenty of MMA channels WITH fight footage and they are doing much better than you 😂

  • Prodigious production, I delight it to much ! Without Equal part is 0:52. *I upload first dance, Plsss check and tell me am I good* 💖 💓 💗

  • But dillashaw use steroids

  • This would be a great video if they showed the highlights to the fights.

  • Chael was still the best shit talker when McGregor came in dude is pure fucking comedy

  • Silva cheated chael won...

  • Ben Askren is one ugly mo fo.


  • McGregor is living proof there are trailer parks in Ireland.

  • You do nuttin. -ConorMcGregor

  • How Masvidal was considered to be an underdog ?:)))

  • “Who are these people?” Exactly.

  • To this day, I dont understand how chael's face ended up looking like that after the Anderson fight.

  • wow, I didn't expect Khabib vs Conor to be number 1 but it was true that Conor was outrageous

  • Not really sure connor vs diaz really was a "backfire". They both were talking shit and it was a great fight. Its not like diaz destroyed him. Same thing with sonnen vs Silva. Chael nearly won. Nobody else had came that close in beating silva in years. Also chael talks shit to make $. Which he did. At the time it was the biggest ppv in ufc history. Thanks to chaels shit talking

  • Not fair Dillashaw was juiced to the gills and it was proven.

  • All that testosterone with almost zero brains...

  • Is Ben Askren wearing a wig? Lol

  • Dance For me #Nate Dance Forme 😂😂

  • Conor was rite about one thing an that’s that khabib shoots for the legs an holds on for dear life.

  • Hey Ben has my fathers body..

  • McGregor I'll give a pass to as considering he fought most of his career at 25lbs lighter and was fighting a Diaz, i miss McGregor, for all his faults outside of the cage he made things interesting and fair play to Nate for saying that also, McGregor lost against Diaz and Nurmagedamov, two beasts, McGregor is no Askren, he's a warrior and a nightmare for most opponents, even OAPs, now he's fighting another one, glad the mad bastard is back.

  • Rose defeated Joanna to become the Strawweight champion, not the flyweight champion.

  • Biz ping and sonnen are a couple of ass pirates.

  • I absolutely love when trash talkers get crushed. Then these punks disappear bc their pride gets the best of them.

  • Ben will be back he has more crouches to sniff💯piece of💩💩ur a Bum🚑🚑yes to that.

  • Next time show a live real when each trash talker gets owned.

  • Yeah Conor Mcgregor lost to submission, but look what he did to that Nate Diaz's face, can't really call that a loss

  • This makes no sense. 😂 you might as well put every single ko on this list....

  • What amazing about the Rockhold vs Bisbing fight is that Michael was blind in one eye and had lost half his depth perception yet he still won.

  • So, so happy Ronda got smashed by those 2 fighters.

  • boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • I seen holm box, seen her get the shit beat out of her, someone said "holly you can use your legs in UFC" Holm: "sweeeet"

  • Sonnen didn't tap and would have won that fight!

  • Ronda who?

  • I'm gonna smash your boy!!! That Glass Jaw rat ain't our boy chock him to death next time

  • Khabib's simplicity is scary. Stays quiet for most of press conferences, and then just say "Hey, tomorrow, guys, I'm gonna smash your boy, {smiles slightly} I'm gonna smash your boy." Then goes ahead and smashes him. Alhamdulillah.

  • Bj penn has better stand up than ben askren

  • Damn you forgot about Brock Lesner vs Cain Valesquez

  • Uncle Chael has never lost a round in his life.. I don't know what the hell you're talkin about.

  • Chael Sonnen jackass calling the best trash talker is an insult this is the guy that brought you a gangster weight whatever weight I am is Gangster weight this dude's a d******

  • I never liked the guy he's a pompous ass white boy and he wouldn't last 10 minutes in Chicago they would just shoot him in his head

  • Nice photos. : )

  • How you can even include tj dilashaws wins as revenge is bullshit. The revenge was garbrandts, as dillashaw was disgraced for cheating. You did this list to do a thumbnail of eskren for clicks.

  • Chael ABSOLUTELY backed up his talk

  • you're um uh fake and i em uh see rig.. right through it uh

  • yeah, none of us wanted to see the knockouts we just came here to hear you talk. ffs.

  • Askren: Doctor i cant sleep. Doctor: Have you tried MASVIDAL?

    • Frodo H this is the most stupid reply ever.

    • @KGB Sorcerer i cant but Masvidal can askren did try it after 5 second he falls in sleep

    • Frodo H I’ve seen this comment everywhere, can’t you be original?

  • #5 is actually # 1. Period.

  • Half the arguing is just an act to get more people to want to watch it. More viewers bigger purses.

  • Rhonda rousey vs amanda nunez of brazil

  • Conor vs. Khabib situation was so good that it should be #1 on every list out there... Best fight of all time: Conor vs. Khabib Best conflict, including both world wars: Conor vs. Khabib Best husband and wife argument of all time: Conor vs. Khabib Best beards filmed on one program: Conor vs. Khabib Fastest car in history: Conor vs. Khabib Best food: Conor vs. Khabib Tallest building: Conor vs. Khabib Darkest people in Africa: Conor vs. Khabib ...

  • Why is it ever a bad idea? These guys roundhouse each other in the head but can't take threat to their egos?

  • Don't try to intimidate a Russian, it's a waste of time dude

  • did people really think Gaethje couldn't hang? Both his loses were super competitive.

  • Cringe everytime these people say these fake insults just to hype up the fans

  • Put Logan on one of these

  • I knew connor vs khabib was go be #1

  • McGregor trash talks to build hype, and he does it very well. He makes people either love him or hate him, and that brings everyone in the watch the fights. He had no chance against Khabib, but he's STILL trash talking, well after the loss. The guy doesn't trash talk to get in his opponents heads. The guy trash talks for money, and everyone falls for it. He's arguably the best the UFC has ever seen at bringing in views. Even people who don't follow MMA knows who Conor is.

  • What a waste of a video not showing any footage