10 MTB Tips & Hacks that will knock your socks off!

Pubblicato il 10 apr 2019
By now, you know the drill. Here are 10 hacks for mountain bikers, from how to fix your bike to how to fuel up.
With the riding and travel season upon us, I'm going to lay off the hacks videos until the fall.
By the way, I did scoop out the entire avocado.
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  • I laughed at the banana reese's peanut butter cup in a tortilla, but I will probably try that now. I bet that would be a great energy fix on the trail.

  • 30 seconds after I clicked the video, my socks flew across the room...

  • 0:30 If you HAVE a chain tool, you can just fix your broken chain. 😏

  • You can stuff some small sponge or foam into open holes on your bike (Hollow BBTs, bottom of the steerer tube, etc) to prevent mud and dirt from getting in

  • 3:32 Am I the only one who realized the stem is upside down. 😂😂

  • You can use quick release levers as tire levers in an emergency

  • I'm hungry now.

  • Use an sos pad or steel wool to get rid of unwanted grease or oil

  • I like the go pro tool hack.. I've had every possible thing happen to me on trail and this had made me slowly develop every single tool I need for my rides. Valve core tool is good but I take pliers with wire cutters on. Cheers Seth you're cool AF

  • Or you can remove a link :)

  • aw man where did my socks go

  • Brilliant! Some great ideas.. Thnx Seth.. Disc brake tip was awesome!

  • If you had a chain tool, you could fix up a shorter chain...

  • i don't have even have a mountain bike, why i watch your every videos

  • One time I Jamed a pin in with a hammer

  • I’m the boss of Reece’s puffs

  • me: watches this video my socks: ight, imma head out

  • 3:40 y is the Dimond back logo upside down

  • My socks are still on

  • my thru axle still doesn't go out. What can I do?

  • 1.56 you know that the disk is on flipped The wrong side right?

  • if your de-railer screw falls off you can use a screw from your water bottle cage to screw it back togther

  • Nice tips thanks you 😄

  • Exactly why I grease every single bolt thread on my bike, stops creaks too

  • I am getting a new mountain bike with 27gears

  • if you have socks on like this

  • If you don’t have any clippers for brake lines, cat claw clippers work great

  • M8 the storm is upsidown

  • but i dont wear socks

  • Your awesome Seth and got me into biking :)

  • what happens when the top cap is rounded off for 325

  • 3:30 who else noticed that his stem is upside down?

    • I’m pretty sure he meant that, it’s creates a more aggressive angle

    • 🤣🤣🤣

    • 😂😂😂

  • First one was so useless who would actually do that, I dont hate on people but ur using tools most people dont have it's meant to be hacks not..not what ever the fuck this is

  • you got me on my bike.

  • thanks dude.

  • But Seth I’m not wearing socks

  • Cool information

  • I’m not wearing socks

  • How about putting a spring or elastomer in your blown air forks ha ha fake air

  • Here is a new hack for you: How to make a homemade dummy hub without stealing garden hose: 1. Obtain an old wheel or hub alone 2. Remove the cassette 3. Use cassette spacers to fill up the space in the free hub 4. Tighten and then you are done 5. You can shift through the drivetrain smoothly across the spacers without having gears in the way

  • I have a good sprocket injury. I ride BMX mostly. Snapped a chain on the downstroke on my sprocket side. Got about half the teeth in my calf.

  • CAREFULL wear safety gloves wen you are cutting

  • My buddy Watsy had the displeasure of having his finger nail and finger impaled on one of the teeth of his BMX drive-gear thing. Apparently it was more painful getting it cleaned thoroughly. Oof!

  • stupidity at it's best

  • That banana and chocolate wrap looks like the kind of food the antichrist force feeds you in hell

  • If your want to lower your bars but have to much fork length you can put a head set spacer on top of the stem and put the top cap on top of the spacer

  • -beans-

  • Avocado and egg 🥶

  • Yh I'm the idot who rounded off a threw axle in a rush 😂 like u say tho u can grip it by pushing it in more

  • Man, I always follow your videos, I'm from Brazil, and wanted to know if you have as you are providing subtitles in Portuguese, I guarantee. there are more Brazilians wanting the same their channel and toppp

  • My socks are still on 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Hey, I use graphite powder for my chain. Works pretty good and no dirt gets stuck...try it and let me know. It s just a bit messy to apply. Need à cloth under the chain while applying

  • 2:08 haha

  • Subscriber from india

  • A few of these made me laugh

  • Super acount

  • Am i the only one WHO DONT HAVE SOCKS

  • Hey Seth, great vids!! U can try making cassette spacers out of pvc/copper pipes. I'm pretty sure it will work very well if u can find the right inner diameter. :)

  • You caan use string or twing for sag

  • In regard to your zip tie hack...if you have another tie attach it to the one needing cutting. once both head are beside one another twist til it snaps off, no sharp edges.