10 mistakes beginners make in Acrylic Painting - Painting Tips w/ Lachri

Pubblicato il 6 mag 2017
Today I'm talking about the top 10 mistakes I see Acrylic artist make when trying to get certain results. Are you a beginner and having trouble getting smooth blending? I've got the answer for you! Are your paint brushes getting damaged quickly? Are you not sure which canvas is right for your painting? I have 10 tips for you to help you to improve your acrylic paintings!!
✮ If you make one of these "mistakes" but you like your results, then it's not a mistake at all! There is no one right or wrong way to make art, if what you are doing makes you happy, continue doing it!
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  • Brilliant video, thanks for the well-delivered wisdom!! Ps, great speech pace!

  • Thanks for the amazing advice, you are a life safer.

  • Thank you! Pushing yourself to learn more advanced techniques...the only way to move on!

  • Thank you so much for the help. So glad I found your channel. With each bit of information, I thought to myself 'has she been watching me?'. Lol. I over think, over paint and yes I am horrified many times. Like now, lying on the bed afraid to go into my studio. Actually it is my living room! I bought all the supplies to paint because I hoped it would be a calming experience...ha ha ha! Very few projects have been calming. Thank you again! 🎨🎨🍀🍀

  • so you can paint on canvas paper instead of stretched canvas?

  • I am a multi-media artist but am just now getting into paint. This video is fantastic, thank you. I will check out your other videos next.

  • I know the video is 2 yrs old, but this was very helpful. Many thanks.

  • I use cheap canvas, I just gesso it myself

  • Thank you for the tips!

  • Thanks for all the tips. But as acrylics dry so fast, and is so hard to blend them on the canvas, I would had like you give some tips about retarders, which wants are the best and how to use them.

    • Thanks so very much for your observations. Sure your paintings look magnificent your way. I'll try it myself, see how it goes. Thanks again for your kindness.

    • I don't use or like retarders. I hate how they make the paint feel so I have no tips for you there. I don't personally know anyone who works in acrylics creating work that looks how I want mine to look who uses them. Most experienced acrylic artists either paint fast or use an airbrush with water to mist the paint to keep it wet for as long as needed.

  • There will never be mistakes only happy accidents

  • 1. No mistakes

  • Wet water, isn't all water wet …. made me smile.. thank you for that xxx

  • Her: you aren't supposed to leave your brushes in water Me: s h i t

  • A great cheap palette idea: Dollar Tree has thin cutting sheets. Perfect size for about 6 colors & plenty of mixing space.

  • Your first statement was a true artist. AWESOME.

  • I am re-inventing myself......done watercolors in dry brush for 40 years.........now ready to start acrylics. First thing I did was order a 6' canvas for over my sofa....then I listened to your tutorial....sooooo funny.

  • great video ❤

  • Is it me or does she look like someone from the Brady Bunch? LOL Great Video

  • your pretty lol but thanks for the tips my first project based off of this turned ut great🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌

  • Thanks for the tips, very helpful and you are an amazing artist

  • You just convinced me to stick with oils lol.

  • so basically you need to buy expensive products

  • Hello. What is your personality type if I can ask? :)

  • Great video, thank you for advices....new friend here👍🤓

  • A tip: if you can’t afford expensive canvases, use gesso! It makes such a difference!

    • Scout Miller Yeah! But you would be surprised by how many don’t!

    • Every canvas should be reprimed before painting.

  • #1 is me. Lol. I realistically know it's stupid yet I tend to and it takes me forever to get started on a piece.

  • Excellent video makes me want to run right out and buy acrylics and start painting thank you so much!

  • Great video!! Thank you for your knowledge and painting tips.. I recognized so many of my mistakes after hearing you describe them.. I truly agree to jump to the next level constantly because your going to see the new tricks to acquire a certain look or effect in this new level that you can start incorporating into your next project even if it is still at the beginners level. That way you work on perfecting it all together as you get better and better.. Falls into the same category of not being afraid to try something new..

  • I make every single one of these mistakes.

  • Fantastic presentation!!!!!!!!

  • For the first mistake, I bought a really thin but pigmented black paint to cover the canvas if I don’t like what I painted :D And if it was something textured, I use the canvas for acrylic pouring :)

  • Thank you!

  • Lots of good tips, but I disagree with the comments about believing acrylics should be applied to look like oils, I like that my acrylics don't look like oils, if I wanted an oil painting I would use oils and not liking dry brushing is an opinion, not a tip.

  • Please share canvas link.

  • *paints rocks* hahaha good stuff! Thanks for the info

  • Wow, I might sound dumb, but I’m just beginning: I never knew there were different types of canvases!

    • Not dumb at all! When I first started painting I had no idea either. What's worse is how many years it took me to figure that out LOL!

  • You got into it at 8 I noticed you started talking allot faster.

  • But I’m like broke- and I like the cheap canvases I bought some expensive ones the other day it’s like the ones I bought at walmartt

    • If you look on Walmart.com, most of those 'cheap' canvases have 4 1/2 - 5 star ratings. Proof is in the puddin'.

  • I fucking love you thank you so much