10 Historical Facts That Will Seriously Mess With Your Perception of Time

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
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10. Oxford University in England was created before the emergence of the Aztec Empire in modern Mexico
9. Tiffany & Company is older than the nation of Italy
8. The Titanic sank the same month that Boston’s Fenway Park opened for business
7. The guillotine was still in use when Jimmy Carter was President of the United States
6. The bicycle evolved years after the steam engine revolutionized locomotion
5. The first man to achieve powered flight lived to see it accomplished at speeds faster than sound
4. The last American pensioner from the Civil War died in the 21st century
3. The Indianapolis 500 is older than the 50 star American flag (and the 48 star flag, too)
2. Woolly mammoths were still roaming the earth when the pyramids were built at Giza
1. Americans were on the moon before women in Switzerland were allowed to vote
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  • My great-grandmother was born in a covered wagon and lived to see people walk on the moon.

  • none of these are surprising, still interesting though.

  • Here’s another: I am around before the 51 star flag.

  • Samsung was founded in 1938

  • The invention of the bicycle is a very interesting topic to think about because if you consider the technology that is required to produce the simplest bicycle, that tech has been around since the Roman era (minus the rubber for tires, however they could have just used solid wood wheels). So there is really no reason why humans couldn't have been pedaling themselves around 2000 years ago. It's incredible that nobody thought of that until the mid 19th century!

  • The invention of the battery is older then the Bible.

  • 14:44 Woolly mammoths would be "ancestors" not "descendants" of elephants.

    • @Helios Sky Nice! My vast knowledge is improved. Thank you!

    • Also they aren't ancestors, they are separate lineages.

  • lol they only count settlements of whites on american soil

  • My oldest brother is two years younger than me.

  • I can't believe we landed on the moon before someone invented compound bows. Don't get me started on pockets and hallways neither.

  • Train needed rails though, not hard to understand why iron wheel cycles wouldn't catch on... Pneumatic tires where made for bikes.

  • Harvard was founded in 1636

  • Longest in northamerican continent? Mexico have some older... And still north america

  • Here is another one: in the span of time since I was born - 51 years ago - the world population has more than doubled. Human population that is, as the population of most other living forms decreased, in some cases to the brink of exintion.

    • Bugs are thriving too

    • It will double again in 25 years. Unless something catastrophic happens.

  • Try this one.. How long ago did they quit making pencils with lead, and start making them with graphite? 100 years ago? 200 years ago?? The answer is... Pencils were NEVER made with lead to write with. They have been made with graphite since they were first invented.

  • Orville Wright was NOT the first he was the second. Richard William Pearse beat the Wright brothers by 6 months.

  • I think the world thinks the US is dumb

  • Those wholly mammoth you showed, wasn't the species that lived when the pyramids were build, instead it was a much smaller, dwarf like species that lived secluded on an isle north of Siberia.

  • He butchers some random word in almost every video- this time it's guillotine. It drives me crazy and takes me out of the narrative.

  • What world do the they actually pronounce the "LL's" in guillotine? PMSL.

    • Yep, some people pronounce it how it would be if it were an English word

    • A world that doesn't speak French

  • ...you just say Jewbox? ... sounds like it...

  • You mean "ascendant"? A descendant is a grandchild, great grandchild, etc.

  • You forgot my favorite: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank were both born in 1929 (King on January 15th, Frank on June 12th).

  • The last execution by guillotinewas in 1977, but the last _public_ execution by guillotine was on June 17, 1939, of Eugen Weidmann. It was filmed from an apartment window (you can find the film on IT-tvs) and was witnessed by a 17-year-old Christopher Lee.

  • St. Augustine was 1565, not 1576.

  • All manned space travel is fake.

  • Ciabatta was only invented in 1982

  • My brother in law's uncle got shot by baby-face Nelson.

  • There is a tree somewhere in California that was around before the pyramids as well - and it is still living today. Appropriately named Methuselah, the tree - a bristlecone pine is estimated to be over 4,850 years old. It is in a protected location. The oldest pyramid by comparison is about 4,600 years old.

  • Another company that's older than you'd think: Husqvarna. You've seen their mowers and weed-eaters, but they made motorcycles before Harley-Davidson did. But they're even older than that. Husqvarna originally started out making muskets in 1689. The logo for Husqvarna is supposed to to be the end of a gun barrel.

  • Ann Englishman invented the pilotless, automatic airplane 80yrs before The Wright Brothers flew.

  • How can something be founded that was already there (occupied by people)

  • This is exactly why I have always wanted to create a comprehensive timeline of every fact I've heard, so you can start to see who was whose contemporary, and what was happening in one area of the world as another invented something we now consider fundamental.

  • I believe that Tenochtitlan is actually the oldest city in the north American city that still is occupied.. as Mexico city was built on it. As the original city is believe to have been built in 1325.

  • My state will be having it's bicentennial next year and I couldn't be more amazed that I live in an age where I can draw a vast comparison of 1820s Maine and Maine of the present day.

    • Warrior Star It amazes me that I worked with a guy who grew up in the '20s (& teens).😮 I will see the 2020s next year.📅

  • Boring your voice is boring you made me go to sleep

  • The guillotine was still in use when the first Star Wars Movie was released.

  • 😲😲😲great video

  • Oh Simon, Simon, Simon, it's messo america, not meeso!, and it'sco/ kees/ta/doors, not whatever it was you were saying usually I let these things slide, but these were hurting my ears! regardless, this was an amazing video, ans I hope you do more of these, please

  • Ummm theres way older continuously ihabited cities in México and cuba such as Habana and Veracruz. Both 50 years older than anything in florida, and theyre in north América.

  • Really want to mess with perceived times lines? Examine human slavery, "then" and now.

  • Tiffany is about to be purchased by Louis Vuitton.

  • Very interesting!

  • Swear all this channel talks about is US history, if you can call a few hundred years history lol!

  • England an island nation? I think not, it's found on an island.

    • @Fat Yoshi Japan is an island nation as is Australia, there is a difference

    • By that logic, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are not island countries.

  • University of Kaureein predates Oxford but this is only European history right?

  • @11:32 the picture of the soldier looks like Paul McCartney...

  • The electric chair sounds like a way worse way to go than the guillotine.

  • Here's one. There are still only two genders.

  • 9:09 Old picture of Nørreport?

  • Am I the only one who doesn't find it at all strange that Fenway opened the same year the Titanic sank? I mean, there's definitely a bit of coincidence in the two things happening the exact same year, but I associate Fenway and the Titanic with the same general period of history.

  • Part of Damascus has been inhabited since 6300 B.C., which American evangelicals think was before the creation of the universe.

  • The Wright brothers were the first to turn powered flight into a business. Others had flown before them: * Clément Ader in the Avion III (1897) * Gustave Whitehead in his No's. 21 and 22 aeroplanes (1901-1903) * Richard Pearse in his monoplane (1903-1904) - an New Zealander, so gets my vote for meeting the criteria :) * Samuel Pierpont Langley's Aerodrome A (1903) * Karl Jatho in Jatho biplane (1903) * The Wright brothers in the Wright Flyer (1903) * Alberto Santos-Dumont in the 14 Bis (1906) - later but 'better' flight / stricter definition

  • Loved the video keep it up simon👍🏿

  • Awesome! At 4:06, my hometown (today, population 50,000) appears on the map of Italy

  • I love this. We learn historical facts in isolation. I am always surprised to learn what was going on in other parts of the world.

    • I had a history book that had charts showing what was happening at the same time in different parts of the world, and people who were alive at the same time. It was fascinating, as was this video.

  • Alternate title to this video. The United States in much older than you think.

  • I'm sorry america, 1971 is late for women voters but America didn't have universal female voting until the shocking late date of 1920! ( New Zealand was the first country - 1893 - first female mayor in that election, 3 female Prime Ministers first 2 in 1990s). African-American voting rights were not fully established until the 1960s ( and many would argue are under threat now in 2019)

  • Please note that although Switzerland introduced the woman's right vote in 1971, it was not until 1990 that the Kanton of Appenzell adopted that right as the last State of Switzerland.

  • There are continuously inhabited settlements in North America that are older than St. Augustine Florida. Cities like Mexico City and Tucson go back centuries earlier.