10 Best Video Games Of 2019 (So Far)

Pubblicato il 26 lug 2019
We've had some phenomenal video games release in the first half of 2019, but which are the best of the best?
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  • Trustworthy

  • terrific Games

  • Whatmojo

  • What happened to Metro Exodus and Daysgone

  • meh none of these interest me at all... mind you I'm not saying they aren't good games... just saying I'm not interested.

  • Borderlands 3?

  • I'm done playing Bad Ice Cream 1 and now I'm going for 3 :v. bad ice cream 3 unblocked on hudgames so hard

  • These are the best?

  • Resident evil 2 and Tale plague

  • The funny thing is that resident evil 2 and sekiro are nominated for the game of the year but not devil may cry

  • And Number 0 is Death stranding

  • I love video game remakes but it doesn't count as this year's best games RE 2 is still a game from 90s

  • Basura este vídeo. RE2 is The Best Goty 2019!

  • I'd play Sekiro if it wasn't a From Software game. They all look amazing but the difficulty of those games is just too much for me. Jedi Fallen Order is probably a good middle ground, getting the style, but not the difficulty (unless you want it)

  • I love this channel . but it is YOU-BI-SOFT (UBISOFT) not OEH-BI-SOFT . Either way , keep up the good work

  • 2018 was the best year of games god of war,red dead redemption 2,shadow of the tomb raider,marvel spiderman and the amazing game detroit become human

  • A really good list of games but I think days gone is better than all these games

  • My favorite games easier is Resident Evil 2 remake and Luigi's Mansion 3

  • He pronounces The Outer Worlds really oddly.

    • The game is called The Outer WILDS not WORLD. A different game.

  • What about Metro Exodus though?

  • So far, 2018 was so much better in terms of single player game releases

  • What about Days Gone....Add this to your list too....You Sumbitch

  • No metro exodus?

  • My god, take 3 seconds to breath. It's impossible to listen.

  • Wtf?? No metro exodus on the list...

  • @whatculturegaming hi, I was just turned to your channel. I have been watching your videos for the past 1 week. ONLY your videos. Good job, excellent presentation and fun staff. Thanks....👍👌

  • I concern about this video looks like childhood video games so boring no action and new one no impressive shocking games lol sega games

  • Is there any wonder why there is such violence in the world when you check these video games we tell our kids its ok to act like this . they should be ashamed of these releases .

  • Minecraft overwatch red dead Terraria rocket league And more

  • Katana zero spoiler alert?????

  • Most of the games on the list are shitty indie games you tell your friends that you like so you seem different than everybody else. In truth they are just poorly made, low budget "games" that are closer to a demo of a AAA game more than a full game. This list is just a waste of time. And to think i watched it to get an idea of what to play next... Waste of time.

  • Besides the RE2 remake, this year's kinda sucked. Sekiro was good, but still nothing compared to any of the other soul's-borne titles.

  • I smiled when I saw the ogre in sekiro. Only few will understand

  • Minecraft fortune Roblox

  • I think you mean the outer worlds

  • 0 might be from borderlands 2

  • Time to recognize that FF XIV is better than WOW

  • A lot of videos.games.suck these day. It's more fun playing the deck of cards than playing boring garbagest video games.

  • God of war is the first u Dumbo, with the best gaming experience

  • Borderlands 3!!!

  • The best game of 2019: The Witcher 3: yes!

  • RE2 Remake love it even more

  • Days Gone? Metro Exodus?

  • Every video game sucks board games are better

  • Listen, there is nothing wrong with having fun; however, the video games that people play are destroying and corrupting the minds of other people today. You need to ask god, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to show you the sins you need to repent of, and you need to ask god to show you all the video games that are destroying other peoples lives, now!

  • only finished ten, stop going from high pitch to low pitch

  • Wow....this narrator does the ENTIRE review in the exact SAME CADENCE!!!! FOR EVERY REVIEW!!!! MADE ME NOT WANT TO WATCH

  • Only 4 good games out of your shitlist of 10. Crash and 2d garbage on the list you fuckin kidding me

  • Thumbs down for not including Kingdom Hearts 3 and Days Gone....both of which were great games released this year.

  • Have it heard of lonney tunes racing in along time been a long time

  • Outer wilds 👍 GOTY

  • CTR is fun but a bit overrated when compared to its main competitor(Mario kart). Frame rate is poorly handled(I know they have more complex characters and environment than mario making it harder to keep 60fps but still drags it down) and mechanics for unlocking new stuff isn't great.

    • To top it off, Activision added microtransactions to the game, so it's not like it's really "one of the best games if the year" material anymore, anyway...

  • Dead by daylight

  • Am I the only one that wants a crash tag team racing remaster

  • (Yawn) Wait how bout Minecraft!? Got sales between 200mil and chinw get it for free so they have 200mil more players and others got at least 100mil for free cause of apks the means Minecraft have like 500mil players wow Minecraft has so much players didn't even get to this list

  • Na I don’t agree mk11 number one resident evil2 number 2 for me

    • Sekiro was to hard for you i guess

  • Game of 2019 that I look forward into RE2RE / MK11 / Doom Eternal

  • I was surprisingly receptive to the Resident Evil 2 sequel. I was glad they didn't nurf the difficulty or make it all action like Resident Evils 4-6... seriously wtf kind of "survival horror" game has merchants or submachine guns, grenades, freaking ROCKET LAUNCHERS?... Anyway this remake was tasteful. I still find it offensive that you call it better than the original. The old Resident Evil games were scary because they were difficult. The awkward controls and fixed camera angles were part of what made it so great... just like some people can't accept Dark Souls some people couldn't accept classic RE or Silent Hill so those franchises became more mainstream and conformed to what the masses wanted: more of the same mindless bullshit. Bring them back!

  • Far cry 5

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