10 BEST Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2019

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Nintendo Switch accessories have gotten much cooler since launch. Here's what we think you should check out.
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Hori Left Joycon D-Pad
Dock replacement
Cool alternative grip
Dock cover sock
Glass screen protectors

LAN adapter
A necessary evil
Gamecube controller and adapter
Joycon grips
Battery Pack
Little guys
Bluetooth audio transmitter

Pro Controller
Anker PowerCore


  • Can you use the D-pad attachment and the switch grip at the same time?

  • No joke, do they make Soviet Union style dock socks?

  • People should make that #1 Bluetooth adapter but it connects to your phone so you can have the app and talk to your friends and play other than that other thing you use

  • I think having one of those licensed wired controllers would have been a good mention too. even if you're losing out rumble and/or NFC it's still a very good thing to have or the Mayflash controller adapter a thing that you can also use on PC and probably multiple other consoles and for like $20 it's absolutely perfect it lets you use any wireless controller(or at least most of the ones available and pretty much all official ones) and also most wired usb controllers and they translate very well to the switch I've got one for an Xbox360 controller for example and it's just like using a pro controller.

  • I cracked a screen protecter putting it in the dock

  • Nintendo doesnt License the ankr battery anymore?

  • We are not being sponsored, proceeds to advertise hori

  • This hori split pad pro is not that cool at all. It makes an already large console even bulkier. I've been using it for a few hours and never used it again.

  • Nice vid my man

  • That’s cursed.... In this vid you will see a dock sock that is Luigi’s logo with a red outside?

  • This list points out serious flaws in the system itself.....that kick stand, scratching the screen with the dock, unable to charge and play, bad battery life, no Bluetooth speaker/headset support even though the damn thing uses Bluetooth. The revamped console should’ve addressed all these issues

  • The Hori joycon is meh at best. I bought it because of this video and was disappointed the moment I got it out of the box. No HD Rumble, no battery and no wireless (which is a given without a battery I guess). The screenshot and minus button are weird rubber buttons. To be fair it states that it's handheld mode only on the box so it my fault for not seeing that but still. If you want a dpad you are better off with a custom dpad shell. Sure it's a bit more involved but it's cheaper and you can customize your Switch. TL;DR; don't get the Hori Joycon, get a dpad shell replacement instead. You are better of with a replacement shell.

  • Hori Nintendo switch d-pad is a terrible product. At least when I received mine. Whole thing is cheap plastic. Tried to configure to my switch it worked but broke the button. Won’t let me play unless I have it connected to the switch itself. So thanks for recommending a shitty product.

  • Ahh I’m getting a switch for Christmas and I’m so excited

  • Those joy con grips are terrible. I could barely play Luigi's Haunted Mansion 3 with with them, because the shoulder buttons were way too mushy. Get the CVIDA rechargeable ones on amazon.

  • the hori d-pad joycon is neat but heres no plain grayish black like the original one :C

  • I only have money for the console and I am afraid of scratch the screen because I can't buy a glass protector

    • @Dennis of course the dock will screw the screen soon or late

    • @Dennis I'm 14 hahahahah

    • M .G.F you are hilarious... u Must be a kid, u can’t be an adult Hahaha

    • @Dennis I will just be very careful and that's it

    • M .G.F then don’t buy a switch...

  • I’m going to get a switch and my cousin has had one since it’s launch. I’ve been stressing about what games to buy and what (if so) accessories to get for the console, because I don’t want to ‘waste’ money, I want to ‘invest’ it instead if you get what I mean.

  • In the vid it showed a Bluetooth adapter that went into the mp3 port and was a lot smaller but I couldn’t find it. Anyone know what it’s called?

  • You missed probably my favorite accessory. The 8bitdo Bluetooth controller adapter...let's you use Xbox or Ps4 controller with the switch wirelessly

  • joycons have 20 hour battery life battery pack makers: yeah thats not enough

  • I just got a offer tday on amazon for a Switch (NOT lite)(2019 Edition) for 220€. Holy moly i pressed that buy button so fast and hard i felt my phone screen bend xD

    • @ShayRontex yep but now i already mounted my Sturmtieger to get this polish fuck (jep he is indeed polish).

    • Did you get scammed?

  • switch joy-cons I prefer them having 4 separate buttons

  • Does the Bluetooth work with a xbox controller? Xbox controllers use Bluetooth

  • Word, thanks for this

  • Would it be fine to have the joy con battery packs with a power bank case for the switch? I'm concerned how it would effect the main battery before trying something like that lol

  • So judging by how the blue arm looks like it’s holding the blue Joy Con, the red arm just threw that red Joy Con like a Wii Mote

    • Yeah I noticed that the red joy-con isn't there and I just sat there being angry at it for like 10 minutes

  • Good move recommending the shameless genki ripoff over the original

  • @6:22 the man does not have it on airplane mode.

  • dont waste your money on a Gamecube controller. if you really want one, instead buy a Gamecube controller from Hori or Fight Pad Pro. both awesome controllers that work as pro-controllers (minus rumble and gyro). they are less than 30 bucks and wont require an adapter to use.

  • 5:44 bottom right the switch joycons are wrong lol

  • The Bluetooth headphone adapter only works when the system is in handheld mode, when wired headphones are perfectly viable. Bluetooth headphones would be much more useful in docked mode, so that I don't have to sit really close to the TV just to use voice chat in Friday the 13th: The Game.

  • No love for any of the 8BitDo controllers?

  • 3:40 *A Little Bit*

  • Wait what? Switch doesn’t have Bluetooth out of the box???

  • Just to update people on the whole Bluetooth support issue for Nintendo Switch, they actually have much better options nowadays on Amazon, you can look up "Bluetooth devices for Nintendo Switch" and they will have some very small and cheap devices that will support the "Low Latency" so there's no audio delay and they will even have a USB-C port on the bottom so that you can charge your Nintendo Switch while the Bluetooth device is connected, I personally use a Bluetooth device by a company called "Giveet", look it up on Amazon and check it out

  • Power a GameCube wireless is a must

  • i think this is a paid advertisement

  • It's a great channel 👌🏻

  • I'm not sure if this may be mentioned in earlier vids but I've got a cover case set by Pakesi that comes with a nice hard shell for the switch itself while also coming with a screen protector and little silicone caps for the joysticks! The shell is also sectioned off so you can still separate those controllers from the body, but sadly you can't connect them to the given controller dock if you choose to use that guy.