10,000 Calorie Challenge | Wicked Cheat Day #71

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: bit.ly/31JROIj ✅ANDROID: bit.ly/2MgcHY5 Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program!

    • You look like jessi Williams

    • Nick get sweeted out? Naaaaah your likely to turn into a GIANT sugar cube before that's likely to happen LOL

    • 💙💖💛

    • Hey Nick. Great vid. Sent u a message on Instagram, I'm coming to Florida in 4 weeks was wondering if ull be around be great to meet up and hit 5.0..😁😁

    • Nick Dompierre so cute baby great video 🥰

  • What a trip this vid! No idea how I ended up here Yyoutube knows me too well, I was just watching Delta Parole Music Videos like usual and now I am here and getting hungry for this. Time to eat after I watch. lel

  • Crazy how the calorie count on the cookie was almost the same as the carrot cake. That’s one DENSE cookie lol

  • You should take acting classes in NYC and become an actor. You have what it takes.❤️

  • I just want to see u eattt. stop talkingg.

  • This guys a fkn savage. 1000+ carbs total 🤯holy ur a tank my guy

  • You know today is my first time see your video in IT-tvs. Because China cannot use youtube. And now I’m in America.

  • Visited 5-0 while in Sarasota this summer, it’s legit!

  • I love the way you eat doughnuts 😩 I’m doing keto diet for a month so every time I’m craving of doughnuts I always watched your videos 😂😂😂

  • can you do a video of you trying everything single doughnut at five 0 x

  • My suggestion would be that if you are doing a calorie challenge, don’t choose so filling food like bread, especially that TOUGH BREAD BOWL, it will fill you up real quick Nick! However, I don’t really enjoy seeing you struggle eating your food. Love your cheatday where you enjoy yourself. Keep up the good work bro and congrats on your challenge.

  • Your so awesome! I hope to meet you someday lol

  • The level of discomfort after this, trying to move and sleep etc surely can't be worth it 😖

    • @Nick Dompierre I don't know how you do it. I'm in too much pain just after eating a burger and fries post bodybuilding show for me! I can't imagine trying to sleep on 10k cals lol.

    • Lol yeah challenges are tough. That’s why I only do them every so often.

  • I get sick and full just watching you eat all of this. 😭 you looked miserable at the end of each “meal”

    • Nick Dompierre I commend you man! I know it’s tough!👏🏾

    • Challenges are tough lol

  • That Ben and Jerry’s though 🤤

  • Bk whoppers good, but I'm team big Mac

  • Those five-O donuts look amazing ! 🤤 Wish they had one in Washington

  • That Cookie Monsta , kronut also is all I can think about lately!! Although all your selections look great today! I live in Ma so I guess I must go to Sarasota

  • Do you train on your cheat days?

  • Cronut my mouth is watery

  • Why not get butter or jam ? While at Panera I mean. Don't force yourself to eat! Good video!

  • you're walmart is wicked SICK! @GIRLINHERGARAGE

  • 😍

  • you should do an all vegan cheat day!!

  • You making me hungry with all these foods. I dont eat fast foods like that. I try to watch what I eat and work out but this here watching you is making me want Donuts and sweets. By the way a lot of people who do these challenges do workouts too in their videos. How come you didnt work out and liquids dont count as part of the cheat meals. But overall very impressive. I enjoyed watching this. Thanks for giving us entertainment:)😊

  • ugh this makes panera look so bomb but the one by my house legit sucks. must be the employees, but the food poritons are super small and the combination of ingredients in weakkk

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your new phone screen😍 As you already know your niece is adorable!!!

  • Nice job Nick! Hate to see you struggling though. Always enjoy your videos ❤️

  • Time for a try at 15,000 calories

  • That lady who gives you a large drink is flirting with you...just saying!

  • ...unhealthy and tasty things to eat can be a lot of fun and that's good, but what you're doing here isn't really nice to look at anymore but rather a pain to see something like this

  • "You so beautiful!" lol love it!

  • i think usually the red sauce in a double whopper is ketchup. lol The last time I had a whopper I think mayo and ketchup was the sauces inside (or did burger king change up the sauces in the burgers? hmmm). Anyways, nice work fighting that bread bowl and the sweetness in those desserts from Walmart lmao

  • The faces/feeling at the end took me back to when my Nonna would force feed me pasta Fagioli as a kid and I’d just want to gag lmao. To this day I still hate pasta fagioli

  • That last part when you ate the ice cream looked painful lol maybe find more savory snacks then sweet like Doritos? Or taquitos?

  • You should do a cheat day but in the beginning eat a dozen of ur fav doughnuts from fiveO like if u agree 🍩

    • Lol a dozen of Five O donuts would shut me down for the day! 😂

  • The dunkin lady who gives you a large has a crush on you! Yummy day!

  • why did you speak italian?

  • Oh man, I feel your pain. I had a months' long stomach thing and now I can barely eat any volume. Just gotta train it up, just like everything else lol. But take it slow!

  • You should have had the bread at the start. Would have been alot easy for you.

  • 😍

  • How well does the protein powder mix? Is it gritty?

  • Does anyone knows if he is still together with kk fit?❤

  • Do a 10,000 calorie in one hour challange 😁?

  • Does he look sad in this video? 💔

  • I'm watching somewhat mesmerised but can only ask....why?

  • OK OK OK HERE WE GOOOO! Back from vacation and straight into my 5th semester of college yahhhhhhh me lmao. Keep up the good work bro! The doughnuts always look 🔥

  • Kitchen sink cookie At Panera Bread looked good AF!

    • Nick Dompierre definitely getting that next time at Panera. I always get a cherry cheese Brittany. Changing it up

    • Dude it’s fire!

  • Sugar is the badest thing. It would be very interesting how much sugar you ate

  • how you track your cheat days on myfitnesspal?

  • Poor Nick 😢

  • How do you have so many cheat days and don’t gain any extra kg??

  • Don't force yourself Nick We want you to be comfortable 😢✨♥

  • “You’re so beautifullllll” literally same 😩

  • please stop when you're full. we're all worried for u and it's not fun ti know YOU'RE not having fun

  • I don’t get people who order bread bowl and then don’t eat the bread.... I literally devour the whole bread lol like why did you not order soup in the porcelain bowl then?

    • Nick Dompierre They are! 😊 I love broccoli cheddar soup in my bread bowl

    • Bread bowls are the best!

  • CHALLENG Nick; New Vlog with girlfriend (SUSHI🍣; FIVE guys🍔🍟; BBQ 🍖Ribs; & italian pastry 🍧🍰🍡🍧 or Panera Bread🍞)

  • My friend! Next time you visit Miami I recommend you for a good sandwich or sub Sarussi Cafe Sub , very close to Mojo donuts

  • lmao your face at 30:05 could be a meme

  • This guy just pisses me off for some reason

    • Sorry. You don’t have to watch my videos if you don’t like me lol