Pubblicato il 28 lug 2019
Thank you all so so much for all of your support! It means the world to me and I can never thank you enough for the amazing opportunities you all have given me! The journey is only just beginning…
Lots of love
Talia xoxo
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  • You sound like @soph aha

  • kämpa på

  • Lmao, I’m happy if I can eat over 1,000 a day

  • Am I the only one who thinks she talks way too much

  • This shows how much calories is in America food to English food. You rock girl you was way better this time

  • I still dont understand why liquid calories dont count. Drinking fills you up as well and calories are calories

    • Milka Schokolade it’s easier to get down

  • You look kinda like drew barrymore

  • how do you eat after do balance it out ? want to do it too but bit scared

  • I love that there are calories on the menu at the restaurant. So much easier when on a diet :P I could do this challenge without a problem im afraid.

  • U kinda look like Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why

  • More vlogs please

  • Love this

  • *matt stonie.exe has entered the chat.*

  • you're such a small eater lol

  • U are beautiful n 👍 for the challenge

  • is it bad that I think I could eat 10,000 in a day??? probs couldn't but oh welll

    • basicallypolly yeah, that’s what I was thinking too😂

  • mad how Americans that eat there eat the amount of calories for breakfast that I eat in a whole day

    • @me heidi i wish you the best of luck 💕 recovery is worth it

    • @Noemie Turcotte yeah but I'm in recovery now

    • @me heidi so you eat 200-300 cals a day?

    • Its between 1600-1700 more than I eat in a day

  • Girl this is totally off topic but can you please do a tutorial on how you did the half up half down bun in the thumbnail?? IT LOOKS SO GOOD

  • This girl is just asking for a pedo to turn up to her house

  • Lol the Ad before the video was about loosing weight 😂

  • dude you eat lunch at 12 and 20pm thats when i eat breakfest i eat lunch at 4pm

  • i make it too 5k i quit

  • Y’all she’s gorgeous

  • Omg they do a 10 chicken selects/tendons meal?! I can’t even eat 5 😂

  • I'd just eat 18 pots of hummus, job done.

  • I'm Aussie and have no idea what the heck Aussie fries are haha. Chips shipped from Australia? Loved you doing this challenge!

  • Loved this! ❤️ even the intro is good hahah ❤️😂

  • bruh we share a name

  • You did eat vegetables, the onions

  • In the US waitresses make about 2$ an hour thats why were so friendly we gotta make them tips 😂😂

    • Brionna Gray wait what??? in canada minimum wage is $15 y’all only make $2?!???

  • you remind me of josephine langford 😍

  • 💕

  • id love to see somebody do this challenge with home cooked food instead of eating out all the time. i feel like you could get in more calories that way and you’d be eating fresh food at least🤷🏼‍♀️

    • I would also like to see someone do this more at home. Maybe buy snacks to take home but make own breakfast etc @Svenja

    • Joseph G. Hotto i mean it’s not like u can’t do that at home🤷🏼‍♀️

    • It's actually harder to get to 10,000 calories eating it at home, because restaurants put an excessive amount of oil and butter in their food.

    • Tia Hunter actually it wouldn’t, when you cook stuff yourself you know the exact amount of ingredients and could just easily add them together🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Are you still in Florida now? I live there!

  • Cool video

  • Only 55 comments im ŠÕÖĶ 😍😍 LOVE U i was supposed to say ŠHÕÔĶ

  • No way this breakfast is 1900 calories...just no way, same for every meals, way over-evaluated in calories girl

    • Fake Love she was right you would be surprised how many calories are in food in the US

    • Everything I calculated was exactly what the menu said I even rounded things down and took some off

  • Love ur videos xxx

  • Did u go to the Brit school my dance teacher teaches there

  • Potato chips and onion are vegetables 😆

  • 1000

  • American are very attentive and give the greatest customer services because they earn so little basic wage and have to earn their tips, where as we get a proper wage, you’ve smashed it babe never push yourself too much! Been waiting for this vid for ages. ♥️

    • Kayleigh Marshall I did think it was for that reason! Thank you so much 🥰

  • I can't even eat 3,000 calories

    • I’ve eating 8000 calories in a day lmao

  • next time more calories. In a few month u will reach 10k :P

  • howmany calories do you eat to maintain and do you just eat normally the day after of eat in a deficit ? also how many days do you workout and what do you do ? you look really fit i love your channel x

    • It tells u how many calls u burn in a day

    • Use a tdee calculator just google it

  • can you do a video where you share your weight before and after and how it all evens out a few days after

  • You should have went to Wendy’s cause McDonald’s is everywhere

  • I’ve wanted to try this challenge since it came out but genuinely don’t think I could do it😂 you did really well xx

  • Whenever I watch your videos they always make me smile

  • She reminds me of Josephine Langford

    • She reminds me of sophdoesnails

    • holly shit you actually read my mind bitch!!!

    • Hope Wilkinson I thought this too!!

    • I was thinking Katherine Langford aha

    • Hope Wilkinson exactly what I was saying!!

  • love u talia and this video😘 what was the song in ur breakfast time lapse called? xxx

    • It’s linked in the description it’s called Take you there xxx

  • Love this video! Your videos are always the first video I click on in my notification section XX

  • who starts the day with a 1900 calories breakfast irl 🤦🏻‍♀️🤯 awesome vid girl ❤️

  • Where’s her necklace from?😍

  • Great video as always and you actually did way better then before, you should try I will buy whatever you carry that would be great. I love your videos 👍👍

  • The last calorie challenge is when I subscribed to you xxx

  • You are so lovely !!!xxx

  • You totally missed out Wendy's is way better than McDonald's

  • Great Videoo!!😊❤️❤️ this makes me want to eat McDonald’s

  • This was a great video and you did really well! 😁 xx