🎧 Best of Kpop 2019 Mix Part 2/3 | 2019 Kpop songs you must listen

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
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  • Correct me if I’m wrong😊 Also Stan all these talented and wonderful groups and support these amazing solosits👏🏼❤️😘 Songs in the Playlist: 0:00 Everglow-Adios 3:09 Nct Dream-Boom 6:22 Chungha-Snapping 9:55 Cix-Movie Star 13:22 Weki Meki-Picky Picky 16:37 Produce X 101-U Got It 19:45 Rocket Punch-Bim Bam Bum 22:59 Got7-Eclipse 26:26 Bts-Heartbeat 30:38 D.O.(Exo)-That’s Okay 34:14 Yoona(SNSD)-Summer Night 38:05 Hayoung(Apink)-Don’t Make Me Laugh 41:07 Ateez-Wave 44:30 Oh My Girl-SSFWL (The Fifth Season) 48:26 Hongbin(Vixx) and Hyungwon(Monsta X)-Cool Love 51:46 Cherry Bullet-Really Really 55:00 Weki Meki-Tika Taka (99%) 57:58 Ha Sungwoon-Blue 1:01:15 Nct 127-Highway To Heaven 1:04:31 Gfriend-Fever 1:08:03 Fromis_9-Fun 1:11:05 Up10tion-Your Gravity 1:14:13 Straykids-Side Effects 1:17:23 GWSN-Red Sun 1:20:30 Eric Nam-Runaway 1:23:03 Kim Nayoung-To Be Honest 1:26:22 Park Hyoshin-Goodbye 1:30:50 Day6-Time Of Our Lives 1:34:12 Red Velvet-Umpah Umpah 1:37:50 Winner-Ah Yeah 1:40:45 WJSN-Boogie Up 1:43:45 X1-Flash 1:47:14 Kang Daniel-What are you up to 1:50:14 Ab6ix-Breathe 1:53:51 Itzy-Icy 1:56:59 Exid-Me&You 2:00:18 Seventeen-Hit 2:03:39 Nct 127-Superhuman 2:07:34 Nature-I’m So Pretty 2:11:01 Oh My Girl-Bungee 2:13:54 Oneus-Twilight 2:17:29 Sulli-Goblin 2:20:40 Melomance-You&I 2:24:14 Maktub (Ft. Raon Lee)-To You My Light 2:28:26 Exo SC-What A Life 2:31:48 Jinu (Ft. Mino)-Call Anytime 2:35:01 Park Bom (ft. Wheein of Mamamoo) (4:44) 2:38:41 Ben-Thank You for Goodbye 2:42:47 Davichi-Unspoken Words 2:47:10 Mamamoo-Gleam 2:50:13 (G)I-dle~Uh Oh 2:53:36 Vav (Ft. De La Ghetto & Play-N-Skillz)~ Give Me More 2:57:28 Somi-Birthday 3:00:29 Lovelyz-Beautiful Days 3:04:17 The Boyz-D.D.D 3:07:48 Pentagon-Humph! 3:10:59 A.C.E-Undercover 3:14:43 Ailee-Room Shaker 3:17:55 Clc-Me 3:21:06 SF9-Rpm 3:24:26 Fanxy Child-Y 3:29:08 Heize (ft.GirlBoy) We Don’t Talk Together 3:32:26 Urban Zakapa (Ft. Beenzino)-Seoul Night 3:35:49 Crush-Nappa 3:39:01 Chancellor (ft.Taeyeon)-Angel 3:43:21 Taeyong(Nct)-Long Flight 3:46:37 Xiumin(Exo)-You 3:51:37 Jang Hyejin & Yoon Minsoo-Drunk On Love 3:55:33 Lee Hi (Ft. B.I of Ikon)-No One 3:58:45 The Rose-Red 4:01:39 Baekhyun(Exo)-Un Village 4:05:31 Kim Donghan-Focus 4:09:05 Woosung(The Rose)-Face 4:12:30 Sunmi-Lalalay 4:15:18 Red Velvet-Zimzalabim

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    • omg baby, I actually posted the tracklist but I dont know its always removed!!! such a hard work, its hard work even for me, thank you! ♥

  • What i don't understand where is VAV with Give me More this song is a summer bop alter..😗😗😑😑😑😑😑

  • can you give me name all of songs??? please

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  • www.google.com/search?q=la+conve+monterrey&oq=la+conve&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j69i60j0l3.1217j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  • es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Convenciones_de_anime

  • www.google.com/search?q=plaza+fiesta+san+agustin&oq=plaza+fiesta+san+agustin&aqs=chrome..69i57j0j69i60l3j0.5004j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

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  • 1st song is ADIOS and i was like : YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS

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    • Kpop is lifeu all Kpop Playlists' Playlists are ad free, so check out the previous 2019 versions and the 2018 versions!

    • K-Pop is lifeu all the playlists that K-Pop Playlists have are ad-free!! Check out the 2018 version!

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  • Rapaz que lista de músicas é essa, só música boa véi é difícil a pessoa encontra uma playlist assim

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  • Maybe someone remembers one song, witch was included in similar playlist? Dont know who sang it, sure it was a man, but the song was very sad and had a lot instrumentals. The background was white and it had like a rainbow flower on it. Please people help meeeeeee, i cant sleep until i remeber it

    • @Kpop Playlists i think so, but im not so sure 😥

    • do you mean you listened to it in this kind of compilation?

    • @Serenity Kat sadly that's not it.... but thank you for trying to help me! I'll ceep on looking for that song harder! ❤❤❤ thank you have a great day

    • Karina Kropa you should try googling what details you remember but when I google what you have shared the only album that pops up its BTS’s love yourself. And if this is not it I would suggest googling it yourself and looking thru the images till you see it


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  • ADIOS IS FIRST YESSS!! *Screams excitedly*.

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