🍷 How To Spend A Day In Milan: Local Expert Advice for Milan Like A Local | Milano city 2019

Pubblicato il 29 mag 2019
Our Local Expert Tour on How to spend a day in Milan Italy! A comprehensive series for visiting Milan like a local. Follow our episode " How To Spend A Day In Milan: Local Expert Advice for Milan Like A Local | Milano city 2019 "and learn what to do in Milano city 2019. A local expert tour to cheap locations and main attractions! Only to be pictured with wine, excellent food and a slow paced lifestyle.

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On this episode we visit:
1) Sforza Castle
2) Parco Alfa Romeo Portello
3) Casa Milan
4) 3 Torri - City Life Milano
5) Bosco Verticale
6) Unicredit tower
7) Navigli Milanesi - Italian Aperitivo
8) Piccola Ischia - Naples food
Visit Milan 2019 with us!

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►More information:
Sforza Castle was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, on the remains of a 14th-century fortification.
Walking distance, you'll find this beautiful, newly designed and built district, with a dedicated metro stop called "3 torri".
The district is called CityLife: it's a residential, commercial and business district close the old city centre of Milan. It has an area of 36.6 hectares.
The development is financed by Generali Group, designed by famous architects Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind.
The Straight One also know as Allianz Tower, The Twisted One also known as Generali Tower and The Curved One which is being built as we speak.

Walking distance again is the the Parco Industriale Alfa Romeo Portello. A 370.000 square meter park in the heart of Milan. Important features are the 2 main little hills.
Go to the Bosco Verticale. 2 Towers built in 2014 by Boeri Studio with a height of 111 metres and 76 metres and contain more than 900 trees on 8,900 square metres of terraces.
Literally next to the bosco verticale are the Italian Google Head Quarters if you're interested. I'd recommend a mini stop here since it's a very beautiful area.
5 minute walking distance is the Uni Credit Tower, another masterpiece of modern architecture located in the most advanced and businessy district of Milan.
Go for Aperitivo at theNavigli near Porta Ticinese! It's a sort of Venice in Milan with water canals and beautiful little houses.
Not only it's a very romantic place but also serves late cocktails in the open, ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET BOTH for only 10 euros ALL INCLUDED!
If you're more into comfy dining, in a quieter place and super delicious a la carte dining, we recommend Piccola Ischia! It's a typical Restaurant from the center south of Italy!
Prices here are super good! The traditional hand made pizza from Naples for 8 Euros! Appetizers for 3 euros! And it's all so good!

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    • Also the train from Milan central station to Bergamo is 4,5 per person in one direction

    • Yes. One way ticket for the metro is 2€, 3 day ticket, which is the best option is 12€ and one day is 7€

    • @WishCasting Yes, the prices were changed on 15th July and new prices were introduced.

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