🇧🇷 NEYMAR: TOP 10 Cartoons 🇧🇷

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2019
✋Please note: these shit cartoons are not made for kids in anyway. They contain swearing, cartoon violence and non-children themes✋
Here are the Top 10 Neymar cartoons!
Let me know your Top 5s in the comments!
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  • Top 9

  • You are cool

  • Can you Do a Neymar A-Z

  • Neymar number 1 cartoon what?

  • 15:25 Cavani had his arm over the finish line

  • If this is not for kids then explain how i’m watching

  • 0:34 was that James Corden ??

  • Number 8 I new all of it because it’s so good oh I look so silly is such a funny name

  • What a number 1 cartoons real song?

  • Or top 10 MSN

  • Can we have a top 10 Suarez please

  • good video

  • how come players lose like 80% of their weight when they wear a suit

  • See you tomorrow especially when it comes to the most popular and then I will be there at the same time, and then I will be there at the same time for a while, and then I will be there at the same time, and then I will be there at the same time, and then I will be there at

  • I am the best football player

  • The best thing about this one was a little more time with my life I have to do it again

  • There were only nine cartoons?

  • Neymar best cry baby in the world. People will hate you

  • 0:09 good ebening

  • Where is number 1?

  • 1 Neymar 11 2 Messi 10 3 Ronaldo 7

  • Why was big teeth in number 10 singing

  • is neymar castrated?

  • No this isn’t important but Suraz was offside

  • 1. Ronaldo 7️⃣ 2. Messi🐐 3. Alisson🐙 4. Neymar 🤑 5. Salah 🇪🇬👑 6. Lloris🍻 7. Mane 😡 8. Lewendovski😱 9. Van Dijk🏆 10. navas👊

  • Is it me or when neymar gets turned into a baby he sounds like coutino

  • Pick a number that is your favriote 1:Van dijk ⚽️ 2: Messi 👑🐐 3:Cavani 4:Neymar 🔟 5:Suarez 🐿 6:Mbappe 7️⃣ 7:Countinho 8:Ronaldo ⚽️ 9:Bale 🐵 10:Salah 👑🔟

  • Neymar is stupid to leave barcalona

  • 10:10 Ronaldo?

  • Neymar:referee his triggered my epilepsy Referee:then you should not play football with seizures Me:red carddddddddddd

  • I hear Suárez singing

  • if i need to choose i would choose neather i would choose msn

  • Pleas for this are not to say they are a great place for the most important part in Japan has been to be the most wether

  • 0:30

  • I can not believe that Never was the best year ever again ever since you were a kid 🧒 is a game you are so much more to love them and the way they do them like them and they are like a man who will be like a girl like them you can never get the game and they don’t want to play with you and your parents don’t want to

  • Please let me get you in the car 🚘

  • Neymar's your in a mass you should stay at Barcelona

  • How is The MSN song 8th WTF!!!!

  • Hahahhaha

  • Ref: How many times are you gonna dive? Neymar:yes

  • Who's here when Emry is still at arsenal Oh I mean at arsenal

  • Psg-1 de icin de bulunduğu çok sayıda sektör grev hakkının ihlal

  • Cheat

  • Number 9 should have been 1

  • Why can I hear Suarez in number 10

  • Like 1time said var

  • 10:47 beautiful just beautiful

  • this is how many time neymar dived : : V

  • Is ronaldo your hero? or messi

  • R

  • messi or ronaldo

  • msn

  • Neymar like Eua💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • He said Ronald instead of neymar on no 4

  • any1 2019?

  • For no.3 the answer is Zlatan

  • 🇳🇱🇺🇾🇧🇷 Get it MCN

  • 🇦🇷🇺🇾🇧🇷 Get it MSN

  • W

  • 6:01 paused eyes neymar