【vlog】Christmas at OfflineTV 🎄❤

Pubblicato il 31 dic 2018
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  • **sad noises**

  • 5:18 so what happened to that pillow

  • Well? Good old times I guess?

  • How about doing a vlog on Christmas songs? I love the ending

  • Lets stop talking about the liberty thing, i don't want more people talking about it because we really have to forget about it since Lily and Albert needs time to relax after the incident.

    • @ツ_ʏᴜᴋɪиσ no sometimes people do unforgivable things. You know the saying once a cheater always a cheater. He stopped becuase he was found out not becuase he felt bad for lily. If you had a guy cheat on you, you would forgive him?!

    • Just report it as harassment. She doesn't need to be told in every video

    • @ツ_ʏᴜᴋɪиσ but if no body found out he would have gone for way longer

    • @tomato king because, he already stopped it, it was too late, it will put a high hole in his reputation as a person and a streamer. He needs a break too, people can be forgiven.

    • Why would albert need to relax je is the one who cheated

  • This aged poorly yikes .

  • 5:18 feels bad man...

  • I wonder what will happen to the body pillow now...

  • The thumbnail didnt age well

  • Where’s dinner

  • When this comes back via IT-tvs recommendation and I see the thumbnails... PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands

  • cowbells are awesome

  • 5:18 “now when you’re gone, I’ll have something to remember you” :

  • now i'm sad even more

    • TsumugiSnenpi this show up in your recommended too?😔😔😔

  • Im a cuber and i would like to have a housemate like toast xD

  • ah it must be nice having friends

  • 4:50 Damnnn Lily , Daaaamnnn Lily on Fire

    • xWhxteWolf that didn’t age well...

  • 3:36 is that a hydroflask i see

  • Merry christmas :D

  • they have a hydroflask

  • “Look at temmie, livin the good life”

  • Where's poki?

  • am i the only one that noticed the hydroflask? 2:42

  • Scarra a panda

  • Lily please say to albe to play with me like a rublox

  • Thats a weird looking dil

  • Feels like 2018 just happened yesterday, we're close at 2020 everyone

  • I feel like that anime have come true in LilyPichu Channel And They animate lilypichu As a anime LOL (❤w❤)

  • Scarra ‘s singing voice nn

  • Where is poki???

  • Is Scarra spreading butter on toast near the end of the video

  • Ahhhh Christmas..... The time I go die in a freezing cold hole

  • Rubik’s*

  • This house is everything to me you are all amazing people


  • Lily >:3 Do again Hallowen Video's

  • I haven't celebrated Christmas in over 20 years...

  • At the end song Yvonne wasn’t even going on beat to the song😂

  • 6:17 when the annoyed headgear works day Albie get excited

  • Termmie brings all the girls to the yard


  • I swear to god. Albert is so wholesome when he gave fed his gitfs

  • we got tj playing the guitar,xell playing the bells but yvonne the ultimate weapon tHE COLA CAN

  • Look at lily singing his playing with the dog

  • Wholseosmeness overload

  • it would be like a dream come true if i was there

  • Every time somebody says something about secret Santa I cringe so badly... and this video is no exception. If you wanna know why i cringe well... basically the story goes like this... Basically we did a secret santa in my class, and on that day i wasn't ok i was like dying both emotionally and physically (i had a cold). So i thought i knew who my secret santa was, but i was wrong. It was my crush. They brought me a kinda shitty gift that i LOVED SO BADLY and i actually made myself believe that it was supper useful, but my reaction to it was like: 🤒😷😠😱😐. Many people went in for a hug or a handshake, but my stupid ass couldn't even move. There's a lot into this story, but thats basically it, and i hate myself for it... 😭

  • I really want to know what Fed got for Yvonne.

  • For a second I thought that my nigga toast was eating cereal with chopsticks

  • Why toast speek like a robot

  • I know I'm late but holy shit this is wholesome

  • Yo someone tell me are lily and albert dating? Im confused

  • Christmas without Imane is incomplete :,-(

  • What? There’s... Something... MISSING! WHAT ABOUT JOSH!?

  • Albie is so cute being a huge nerd and gifting board and other games and being exited

  • Yvonne and Lily were very lost

  • I rewatched this video for the 4th time and i realized, damn steven and fed are my man crushes...no homo

  • let's be honest, you've never seen albert so happy

  • Oof Albie got set up with the cow bell

  • is this what having friends is like