‘Major bust’ if the Lakers don’t win a title with LeBron, Anthony Davis - Max Kellerman | First Take

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Max Kellerman breaks down why it would be considered a “major bust” if LeBron James and Anthony Davis fail to win a championship for the Los Angeles Lakers.
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  • This guys a Clown why is he on the show 😂

  • LA Lakers cannot expect to win the title even with LeBron and AD. GSW are still the favourites in my view.

  • What's people's problem with Molly?

  • ryan is so dumb he makes max looks so good

  • lakers kept kyle kuzma cause of salary cause he was 2nd round pick his salary lower than lonzo and brandon. if lakers could get brandon ingram they would kept him

  • 0:42 I saw Ryan in the video. See ya in other video guys! Have fun

  • Who is the cute host?

  • Get hollins off t.v, please tho

  • Apex > Ryan Hollins

  • Max ended this segment perfectly

  • Ik if some people read this ima get a lot of hate but I think first take is the most entertaining show and Ryan hollins is part of it cause he’s so dumb

  • No Molly, no SAS, & if you get rid of Max's no sports knowledge ass; what do you have left/?! Undisputed

  • Bunch of fools you claim you hate Hollins but yet you still give them the views and attention they need to get paid from these videos by clicking on them and commenting regardless if its negative they still benefit. Yall look so stupid taking time out of your day literally to click videos of a dude you hate, give him his views and dislikes and comment about it like they care.

  • The Ryan Hollins jokes getting old now lowkey, he did make it into the league now

  • Facts

  • This man Ryan Hollins a clown 😂😂😂😂

  • I was excited for this episode when I didnt see Molly but Ryan brought me back to reality quick

  • Same with the Clippers, if they don't win a chip and PG13 and Kawhi leave in 2 years after they traded away their future they will have to move to Seattle

  • Yes it’s failure if lebron don’t win chip KD is out for year

  • Hollins reminds me of the Snitch from Deep Cover

  • BRO RYAN HOLLINS IS THE WORST EVER ON TV. Man cannot even speak without starting to yell or stumbling over his own words. He doesnt seem like he believes a word he says. What a fucking joke.

  • Lets just say there is a reason why Ryan Hollins was a player and not an analyst ! I feel intellectually he brings a knife to a gunfight!

  • For being a former player its crazy how obnoxious Ryan Hollins comes across by how little he knows 😂💀even Miss. Charlie is bothered by it haha

  • “Lebron was in his prime” “How old is he now” “He’s much much older” (great analysis)

  • Get this half eyebrow having guy off the show

  • When do we give credit to a team for winning two playoff games 🤣

  • Ryan Hollins has the most punch-worthy face on TV. Fire that clown please

  • No more if HOLLINS is on🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Labron still young he ain't old 😆

  • Hollins is loud for the sake of being loud. Poor man's SAS.

  • ESPN, FOX, Sportscenter and any sport network, Do us all a favor... ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Please fire Ryan Hollins.

  • Ryan Hollins is annoying AF!!! A role player who acts like he was a superstar in the league 😂

  • That black guy is an idiot every episode I see him on...they need to get rid of his dumb ass.

  • People stay ignoring how awful Wade & Bosh were during that 2014 finals. That Heat team was old/had no depth/finals fatigue set in. Also that was the worse their defense was during that span

  • If the Laker don't win a Finals game then that's sad.TBH the warriors are not totally out of the equation

  • Who's dick is Ryan Hollins sucking to still have a job at ESPN

  • Haha funny first take... that's enough though, enough with Hollins... He is absolutely retarded

  • Lebron ain't no goat....great player tho...all over the place looking championship not a good look..all great stats except the 1 to make him the goat... CHAMPIONSHIP...he as the worst stats by far in comparison to the other so call goats..

  • tbh yall are just hatin ryan hollins just to hate!

  • ryan hollins get off the set!!! everyone on the lakers squad right now is bettet than you!

  • Not watching another first take video with that dumbass Ryan Hollins in it! He is a bird brain

  • They didn't even make the playoffs in over a decade and now you think you going to be champions? it's going to be another bust then.

  • But MAX LeBrick is not getting no more chips period lmao.... why do everybody thinks he's gonna win a chip cuz AD went over there ??????????? LA aint winning shit at all for the next 10 years

  • Why is Ryan Hollins here?

  • ryan hollins is right!! the lakers do have a short period of time out of all the playoff teams!!!!

  • the lakers are old!!!that gonna be a problem!!!!

  • Ryan Hollins is the worst and that’s coming from a clippers fan

  • If we keep on seeing more of Hollins here in ESPN, they are shaping up to be a Major Bust!

  • Ryan get off the set. U are the worst. Your knowledge of basketball is just awful. I wish you stop

  • Max is always speaking nonsense. The Lakers are not a powerhouse. All they have are AD and an aging Lebron. Not enough for a championship.

  • 5th .500

  • God i hate Ryan Hollins so fucking much

  • Who wants to join my "MUTE RYAN HOLLINS MOVEMENT" ? LOL

  • Ryan’s really bad.. lol...

  • Hello Guys, please where is Steven A. Smith ?

  • Ryan Hollins is a bust. Can´t listen to him speak.

  • If molly and Ryan hollins are on the same episode I swear to god

  • Please tell me Stephen A will come back Ryan Hollins is so dumb

  • NOT HIM again. CAN'T watch ryan hollins. damn why does he have to scream all the time ???

  • Where is Stephen A. these mofos make me not want to watch ESPN.

  • Fuck Ryan Hollins

  • Dude if y'all dont take Ryan Hollins off tv. This nigga wit his corny ass facial expressions n yellin like he's Steven A. Except his points r never valid n NOBODY REMEMBERS UR NBA CAREER. Max get him outta there!!!

  • um, the reason y kuzma wasn't traded was coz he didnt have much value in the trade for AD. Kuz is the next to go. id much rather see lonzo hart and bi develop into incredibly star players, than lakers buy /trade for players to make la great . real greatness is keeping your core, and making them into demigods

  • I don't think they're gonna win a championship even with LeBron James. There are no super teams cause the talented players are evenly distributed across some good teams. It's anyone's game now.

  • I'd prefer Stephen A Smith with Max on the show cause they have a better rapport with each other. This nigga is boring, I just cant. I'm only here for Max.

  • Where is SAS? WHY does ESPN keep doing this to us? Fucking Hollins

  • Lebron is afraid of Kawhi!!

  • Major bust if Kawhi and AD don’t win a championship next season🤷🏽‍♀️! With how Kawhi and Paul George went about getting on the Clippers? Please Max Kellerman! Kawhi is the dynasty breaker according to y’all! He can single handily win a championship right? Let’s not get it twisted!

  • I hate Hollins. Every time is like an argument and fight and yelling

  • Please put Ryan Hollins name in the title so that we can avoid it next time!!!!

  • Isn’t every team a major bust if they don’t win it all....especially the teams that are way over their salary cap??

  • After Kobe left, Lakers ain't winning another one.

  • Ryan Hollins has to be paying ESPN

  • Same applies to the Clippers, Nets, and the Rockets. If they don't win a championship It's a MAJOR BUST.

  • Hollins is like an autistic child that doesn't understand the real meaning of the words people assemble and throw at him. Minus the genius.

  • How is Ryan Hollins still employed lmao

  • Who the fuck liked this video?

  • Another failure for lakers.

  • you guys are literally sayin the same shit over and over

  • This is how many days Ryan Hollins should be off of any sports show 👇🏾