‘Baker Mayfield is a gangster!’ - Max Kellerman likes the Browns QBs’ attitude | First Take

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Max Kellerman, Domonique Foxworth and Ryan Hollins discuss Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield’s attitude ahead of the start of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Patrick Mahomes is the lion of the N.f.l. Max give me a break that gangster comparison is laughable

  • Ryan Hollins is trash

  • Baker's why? He wants to be the best ever! How many people doubt him on that?

  • Ryan Hollins is an idiot. Baker is a team leader

  • There are nothing but followers giving comments, when someone dogs on Ryan hollins, then followers have to do the same...... Can't u followers come up with an original comment of ur own?

  • Who is this Ryan Hollins, and why has ESPN given him a job? He's still making the Manziel comparisons? Unbelievable. Baker's "why" is a relentless desire to win. Period. That Hollins hasn't figured that out yet shows he is unqualified to be getting paid for this.

  • Baker Mayfield is here so, let's give him the MVP to the Superbowl.

  • get hollins off the set

  • Gangster????

  • Kellerman just stick to boxing, you're a idiot when it comes to football. Gangster comment is assnine

  • Ohh brother 😞😕

  • STFU Ryan!

  • In Baker’s defense of the whole Duke Johnson situation, it’s not a money issue for Duke, rather he is requesting a trade for being underutilized by the team and the addition of Kareem Hunt. Baker was not wrong, when asked about Duke, saying that the team has to have guys who are focused on winning for the Browns.

  • Winning is Baker's WHY. People don't understand how much the turnaround in attitude has been in this locker room. Every person added from head coach down to waterboy has had the competitive spirit of winning and putting in the time and effort off field to do just that. Completely opposite of that moron Hue Jackson.

  • Who is the woman? It's not Molly Qerim.

  • So when he was at Oklahoma, he wasn't the hunted? C'mon dude, really?

  • This show hasn't been good since Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford left

  • I’m jus here so I can read people shit on Ryan hollins😂

  • I’ve never seen such a bunch of idiots in my life! The brown are gonna fall right on there face. Starting week one against the Titans. I can guarantee you the Titans smash the Browns. Then we will be back here that filling Monday asking what happen to the Browns haha it’s gonna be hilarious !

  • Ryan Hollins talking about football is like Michael Jordan being a baseball commentator SMH!

  • Hollins.Fake ass Steven A😂😂

  • Max blows Baker now if he miss fires this year that queer will scream he was raped.

  • Now that OBJ is a Brown you know Max is gonna ride that team's nut sack...

  • Ryan need to shut the fuck up he barely even got minutes hooping he a 🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂

  • Who the fuck is Ryan hollins?

  • the reason he was off the bench was so he could sit back and learn they did this because of johnny manzeil, who was thrown into the game way to early, not because they think he's bad

  • I wish ppl would allow Ryan Hollins to live. The more you guys mention him in the comments the more his job security is secure...

  • Dude Ryan Hollins is actually worse than Max.

  • Who is this tool in Stephen A's seat?

  • Damn Ryan Hollins not fired yet !!! Gah damn🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Charly! Charly! Charly! Charly!

  • Who is this Ryan guy.... And why would anyone care about his opinion??

  • So disgraceful and so stupid. How you possibly like Baker Mayfield's childish, obnoxious, arrogant, fake attitude is beyond me.

  • Yall be hating hard on Ryan lol.

  • Ryan Hollis is a person who has ADD average dumb dude

  • Fox, i don't like your face

  • Look at the comments: "Ryan Hollins, Ryan Hollins, Ryan Hollins" I can't tell if y'all REALLY think he trash or if y'all low key "like" him! Either way, espn don't care as long as y'all keep him relevant by talking about him.

  • I really don’t like this big ass forehead boy

  • What's was your "why" Ryan? What pushed you to be the 3rd string journey man that you were? Dude you were a trash player. And now you've somehow surpassed the level of trash that you were on the court with you're garbage analysis. ESPN has got to do better.


  • Jesus - these people all talk like five year-old kids.

  • Ryan Hollins is like Dinner for Schmucks 🤣

  • Ryan Hollins is a bum and a diversity hire. The show suffers, was it worth it?

  • I don't know what homeless shelter they picked up this Ryan Hollins fella; but you get idiots like this when you have to meet a diversity quote. The content suffers.

  • Get this dude off the show

  • No max just no

  • 2:53 Stavin a staredown? There has to be someone out there that can sub instead of Ryan Hollins and lightbulb head

  • Someone fire Ryan Hollins

  • Why would ESPN give a guy who acts cocky for some reason but was the 9th guy off the bench a spot on First Take????

  • What in the fuck is that music tho

  • Mayfield doesn't need to act like Brady to be successful. Brady acts the way he does because of Bill Belichick.

  • Max needs to look at Baker Mayfields numbers against winning teams

  • Thats the coolest thing max ever said u won my respect sir.

  • Baker’s why is the same as Peyton’s and Brady’s.... Rings!!!

  • Haha since when did max like Baker?

  • Hit Like if you dislike Ryan Hollins

  • Does Ryan Hollins watch and pay attention to sports??

  • I’m not a Oklahoma fan but I’m pretty sure being the starting QB for them was huge pressure especially being a walk on since coaches didn’t invest scholarship on you. So it’s not like Baker has never had pressure

  • Baker is garbage, and his white that’s why they let him be a idiot. Let’s bring up when he ran from the police 👮

  • Hollins talking about football now? Dumb dorsnt even know true basketball, he's just blessed to habe that height and some athleticism. IQ is very low.

  • oh wait...ryan hollins is on?...cya guys next time.

  • Ryan Hollins -angry man

  • 😃 I keep hearing the argument that Freddie Kitchens will have problems because he has never been a coordinator before. What about the other rookie coaches this year why are they not being talked about? Is it that there are few expectations for the Cardinals and the Bengals?

  • I’m not worried about baker in the locker room if things are going poorly because things were shit most of the year until week 10

  • Gangsta talk without acting like a gangsta is pointless

  • what’s up with the background music?

  • what’s up with the background music?

  • Somehow ryan hollins as an ex nbaer manages to make more sense talking football than basketball

  • Biggest concern is why in the world is Hollins still in this chair. He’s objectively awful!

  • Mayfield play for Cleveland ... nigga better be a gangsta

  • Collins is only there to play devil's advocate.. But unlike the devil, he doesn't know shit..... Hollins.. Sorry not sorry. Who?

  • They’re saying baker mayfield and not an athlete in the same conversation hmmm ok 😂

  • Ryan hollins is still the most stupid espn guest ever.

  • No max, my friend you are a gangsta with that rap video😂😂😂

  • Well I guess it's time to start buying his autographs

  • I believe the browns at this point will be a playoff contender I won't say anymore than that but there's a very good chance they can complete that goal in the near future and break the curse on our football team LeBron James already took care of the basketball thing now we just need to conquer football and then baseball which we have been so close with so many times

  • Cleveland is coming m************

  • Ryan Hollins, you must be doing something right. You are getting a lot of white hate.

  • i hate commenting on youtube videos, but i hate ryan hollins more. lol

  • Anyone click out of the video once Hollins started talking....just me?