I Arrested a Convicted FELON (again)

Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
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  • They need to make another video with patty

  • Patty Mayo is a fake IT-tvs sooooo this was entirely scripted

  • God damnit Logan you forgot safety goggles!!!! 😂😂😂


  • Deadpool and you're no more Phantom watching you just cuz you're very very first video my name is a kids really sweet that where I will probably get stalkers but I really my dream is to see you in person but I'm in Arizona do you are very far for him they just wanted to say this is an old video yes or no trust me okay well Lil Wayne really just wanted to meet you guys Pull and you no more famous Morton years since you very very first video my name is a kids really see that where I will probably get stalkers but I really my dream is to see you in person but I'm in Arizona and you are very far more I am I just wanted to say this is it would be really a sign that trust me okay well I guess well I really could just wanted to meet you guys because you need a brother I biggie I'm your biggest fan the brothers and he's just crazy he does what's because he's doing today and I'm worried I don't want him to get hurt well see you I really wish I could see both of person but mostly you

  • what the f did logan do

  • I googled why you shouldn't give Jake Paul a gun

  • Ksi.ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi

  • Patty mayo sucks

  • You are the best youtuber❤❤❤😜😜😍😍😝😀😀😃😃

  • OMG do more I love it

  • Patty Mayo is a fucking joke. Become a real officer.

  • "Wus good Jared" 😂😂😂

  • I like how it took 4 of em to fight him

  • At 7:24 Logan grabbed that guys ass lmao


    • I am only 7yearsOld I think I can’t watch this stuff


  • that lady was not fucking around about those goggles

  • Nonononononono gun

  • No one: Jake paul be like: i’m gonna taser somebody

  • Can i say respect to the camera men and or women it must be scary as s***

  • 7:13 jake is def a psycho, look how fucking relentless he was with that taser, like they had him pinned 😂😂

  • jake taking a selfie with the guy on the floor tho 😂

  • pussys 6guys on one pffff literly 0balls

  • do more

  • Ok boomet

  • who evse look up why should i give jack paul a gun

  • Jake just loves that taser don't he

  • When jake wants credit For what he did

  • Is just as me looking at all those would it feels like I have splinters in my feet

  • *YoU NeED SAfetY GLassES*

  • Fuck that jerod guy nice job Logan and Jake

  • Logan you got smoked by the women

  • That was MLG!!!

  • Jake is like what do I do what do I do is this for real

  • Jajajajjaa Jake cada 10 segundos una descarga


  • Logan is a tank Jake is a damage dealer

  • Jakes such a dick😩😠

  • Fat lady said put gogles

  • You now patty said it’s fake on the news And paid actors but who cares

  • this is a fucking joke why they laughing about this shit bunch of fucking children 😏😡

  • I watch patty mayo alot

  • Wtf u crazy man 😱😱😱

  • لوغن بول kanki

  • Jake was tasing the shit out of him 😂

  • Do another

  • If one of those people. Criminals I mean if they punch me I will yes get a gun and killed dumb

  • Literllay saying patty mayo is a liar

  • so what is this exactly

  • Nice acting skills 🤣

  • Your are the fastest

  • Holy shit

  • Fake

  • Your the best I love your videos so much

  • poep

  • Haha con la pistola era d energía no d balas jaja

  • fake asf.

  • When you play duo squads and the pro dies and the pro gives tips

  • ‘Pogan Laul’