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Pubblicato il 23 gen 2014
No one paid the two men much attention as they approached the bank. It was around three in the afternoon in a small French town and customers had been coming and going to the cash machine all day. If anyone spared the two a thought, they would probably have assumed they were - just like anyone else - about to withdraw some money.
But then, as the men huddled together around the ATM - incidentally making it difficult for passers-by to see what they were doing - one of them opened his jacket and pulled out a rectangular steel panel. He swiftly pressed it into place over the cash machine’s keyboard (that it fitted perfectly was no accident), and then they walked away.
As it turned out, the two men involved in this particular episode had not been as unobserved as they thought, because a hidden CCTV surveillance camera was recording their every move.
What came as no surprise to the police was that the two men were from Eastern Europe. These days many of their suspects are. Though this was just one small incident, it was actually part of a much wider trend of organised crime emanating from gangs in Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere, which over the last decade has been giving law enforcement an increasingly serious headache.

So what is behind this spread of mafia-style criminal activity from East to West? Who are the bosses and godfathers pulling the strings? And how exactly do they operate?
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  • 33% of Russian mafia are actually Georgians

  • propaganda bbc shame your MI5 for this

  • The cartels will eat alive all this Europe sisy mafias

  • Thumbs down for the poor translation.

  • Sortons de la mafia européenne !

  • 1.

  • The only difference between the thieves in law and the government of most countries is, the thieves in law are more honest about what they do

  • Caiac must have cut Marvichie first, and could have killed him , so he should not have been given such a long sentence, it was self defense, they are all criminals together, LOL with all his woe begotten wealth, he got an incompetent lawyer

  • I never knew crime was this complicated

  • I am born in romania

  • In Lithuania thst gang like Evgeniy cant survive even 2 days..... I cant stop lauhging Omg

  • გენაცვალეთ ქართველებო

  • ALL mafia in all countries not survive without power from government ...

  • These gangsters seem to be on the greasy, fat and homosexual side of the law.

  • 4:11 even in Romania they have greasy, poorly styled wiggers. Who wears a Denver Nuggets hat, with a bootlegged Chicago Bulls style Jordan jersey? Why do pasty white boys insist on dressing like this? So greasy.

  • I like drug lords, at least they not as dumb as politicians.

  • and brussels let this countries in europ... uae dubai abudhabi are the safest place in the world , no mafia can play around there

  • Romanians....thug life gangsters!! 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  • When Communism fell, the unregulated Cappies took over

  • Lol this Karandasz (spelling?) is a carbon copy of Michel Foucault !!

  • Man shot the lock off that door

  • when they translate the romanian fella saying pass it threw the skimmer he says pisica which means cat in romanian idk but ok



  • For God’s sake it is UKRAINE 🇺🇦 not THE Ukraine! We’re an independent country!!! 19:36

  • Rainbow six siege

  • Mafia bosses need to be in hard labor camps for life. If they escape the death penalty.

  • I thought that the mafia in Italian is abbreviated for death to France !, Is Italy's cry. Why is the mafia doing crimes in France.

  • omg at least choose real VOR :D :D

  • That you mean mafia?? Stile cash machine this video it’s stupid and funny.. you never can you find the real mafia.. this video it’s talking about rat

  • what is the difference between russian gangsters and romanians...?? faces are the same...goals are the same...methods are the same.....bastards.....!!!!

  • MAFIA is of Sicilian & Italian origin taken from Wordl War 2 - quindi, "other" countries do not refer to their own crime-family using this specific term - News agencies are naive & throw out terms that do not apply _stronza_ . The actual Sicilian families use; *Ma . u Ne . . u* - related to the old custom of sending an inked paper (red or black) with an imprint of a part of the Mafioso's anatomy to *_let them know_* a hit is on its way.

  • EZ Access to dismantle and impose. How can this be ? Why is it soooo EASY. And they do it every day, DUH. Time for a NEW DESIGN. YA THINK ?


  • Did they just shoot the lock off with a shotgun? xD


  • Scum What gose a round coms back around 4 sure That’s how life works U do bad than bad will happen to u

    • Bad happens *anyway* it doesn't need a philosophy like "go around come around _karma_ -" it doesn't have to come around - *_it does_* & all of us get the short-end, with a sprinkle of good moments in our lives - capire?

  • you cant take it and keep it that is hypocrisy : definition the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case

  • Magaru - the donkey .... No surprise.

  • You give me good idea

  • By the way the real ones who work in silence are still the colombians!

  • Romanian mafia mostly a gipsy? Or ethnic romans??

  • Those mafia bosses has several companies in europes like the lebanese mafia and palistine and russians and albanians and polish gangs they are the most powerfel mafias in europe

  • He looks like Oto who was Head of Security for the space station from Star Trek Deep Space Nine9.

  • Europeaan maffia

  • Cant get a job with your education so you steal from innocent people? You deserve to be in jail.


  • its true i spend so many ears studying IT and i cant find a job, if this gang offer me a job i take it no questions asked

    • Dude in europe u can find them easily ask russians or albanians or lebanese they can take u to them

  • I only know of 1 girl that did that skimmer thing, lived in bucharest, did it in germany, in 2012 . This documentary is accurate. They basically steal other people's money in order to come home in Romania and live 50 times better than the rest that do an honest work. But the documentary is wrong in saying the police can't find them. I believe they are not looking for them, cause basically they spend other people's money here. Maybe they like it. I don't believe you can repeatedly go abroad and steal and keep stealing and the police doesnt know. I mean, if you don't have a job, but you keep spending money or depositing them, or buying stuff, just a simple comparison of earnings vs expenditures could give them a hint that money is stolen. These things happen because governments allow them. The days of Ceausescu when we had a proper police that knew everything about everyone are all gone. So... Europe.... prepare. Cause it was you that pushed us into taking him down :)

  • I've always wondered how the journalists scores interviews with these criminals from their hideouts yet the authorities fails to catch the media companies are more skilled in investigating than the police, WOW.

    • Brother the government knows where they are they cant catch them because they pay money to government if each mafia gives 10 million dollars to goverment each year the economics will be more stronger also the intervieeers takes permission to see them by their gang members thats it

  • Mans living in a 30 mil mansion and is probably on benefits in Europe 😂😂💀

  • Something tells me they mean business. Just imagine how plump the second to the last one is and how rugged his leuitenant was. Followed by the boss, in the end, getting to leave the prison for an interview and going back with no problem and gladly. It may seem they are not glamorous and flaunting all they have, but that is all fake nonsense for ego and TV. These mofos are the real deal and their power is felt even here in the USA. The balls out rule that they must declare their involvement or lineage to their mafia is a huge break for the new thug politicians who took over. I feel these guys could take power back in a public fashion any time they wanted, but the publicity is not necessary for people who do something to survive and provide. What an amazing piece of footage this is and how hard to obtain is something most probably do not realize. The fact that many went without face blurring shows that they already are known and don't give a rat's tail who thinks what of them. Mad RESPECT from Texas and take note that they are not known for the ruthless killing of innocents and did not have to obtain their respect through fear alone.

  • interesting..i must learn all those stuff just in case my wallet no money

  • thats not a face slice, thats mark of the squealer. means never trust him, he told on someone or betrayed his gang.

  • This guy in.jail I like his style all black and a fur coat.

  • Banks and credit card Company's are as Corrupt as the People you are portraying here.

  • Criminals from the former Soviet union is a huge problem within EU. They come here and steal everthing they can, mostly from ordinary people who haven't a lot of money. I'm beginning to think EU was a really bad idea.

  • Europe's Biggest Mafias? Muslim.....

  • Europe"s central bank and each country's tax agency are the biggest and deadliest mafia of all!

  • england is better off out of this euroshithole.