Nail Artists That Are On Another Level | Unbelievable Art Designs ▶2

Pubblicato il 9 ago 2019
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Check Out These Amazing Artists:
Selfie Beauty Club is a nails and beauty salon. As you can see, their works are amazing! They even have a school so everyone can learn the tricks and skills to be looking on point any day of the week!
Anastasia Miltonis a nail artist since 2004. She makes really good nails art. Even people with short nails, she can also help them to extend and beauty it.
Smnski is a nail artist who shares her unbelievable works on Instagram and IT-tvs. All kinds of nail designs in all kinds of colours! Don't miss her posts!
Tofi Nails is a manicure and nail salon and school. They are experts on the field and one just needs to see their designs to know that they are one of the top nail salons and schools in Russia.
Sweet world of nails would like to offer the biggest collection of nail water decals with the highest quality at an affordable price. They put on makeup on the nails according to the season.
Sarah is a professional nail tech with 11 years of experience. She loves creating acrylic and gel nail designs and sharing her nail secrets with her subscribers, so make sure to go to her channel, subscribe and click the bell to receive notification of all her new videos.!


  • 💔😡❤️

  • Every time I’ve ever had my nails done they have cut me so close to the cuticles that I’ve bled profusely, after watching this video, I wonder if this isn’t normal???

  • Another face......wow4:47

  • Just watch 2:48

  • You nails look like you been digging up yo buthole for treasure

  • Girl you ratched

  • the first nail looks so stupid like cancel that nail artist

  • @ 2:08 anyone else think she was gonna do a cactus

  • the first one was like ewwwwww, the second one was like😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  • Simply nailogical should try these #SimplyNailogical

  • while you are all amazed i’m thinking how do they pull up there pants

  • peoples haves some nails these days...

  • I love the nails except the honeycomb

  • Nice

  • they nailed it get it

  • How do you do that nail art 🙀

  • Better I have my normal nails 😉

  • Thats not too amazing by putting artificial nails to make it beautiful.

  • 0:17 *ouch*

  • Extra long nails is disgusting, moderate is ok 😌

  • no offense but the first one looked weird.😬

  • Русские где

  • Sefie beatuy culb your nail are ugly ass fuck

  • The first one is tacky and ugly

  • 2:59,what the heck is that!

  • U Ua Uau Ua U

  • wow

  • *Cristine has entered the chat*

  • Idk about the first one

  • i bite my nails too

  • i hate these nails

  • How do you eat?! How do you drink?! How do you open a soda?! How do you do anything with those long nails?!

    • Honestly all of these are easy... I cant open a can of soda without my long nails

    • Mango Mango it's easy, since mine are naturally lengthy

  • Who else watches these because they can’t afford getting their nails done

  • the first nail design was so ugly

  • 0:10 that look painful

  • So no one going to talk about the honey/bee themed one?

    • Simply not logical

  • honey one is my favorite

  • People go to far with these damn nails

  • I just got a snail advert before this

  • The nails are just for show. Too see how creative people can get. Not really to wear out.

  • Me: *thinking about getting long nails for the first time* My butthole: DONT YOU F*CKING DARE

  • 2:52 SCARYYYY om lanta you look down at your nail and there is a creep looking up at u 🤦🏼‍♀️🙀😂 and how in the world does she eat with those 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 6:27 wtf wtf wtf #lmao

  • IT-tvs: we’ll load the commercial but not the video Me: whaT ThE-

  • 5:40 oh hell nah

  • @Simply Nailogicial MAKE THE HONEY MANUCURE 💅🏻❤️❤️

    • Simply not logical lmao but id love to see her do some of these her way

  • Why did u trimm the 1st nail... Jus5 2 make it longer

  • Luke si eres de México y ves estos vídeos

  • The first nail... just no

  • 2:28 wow! Now I want that stuff :D

  • 5:38 what the hell man

  • Omg... The ads!!! And also the Honeycomb nails!??

    • Good way to attract bugs l gross.

  • I like how they show you how to do it like they expect us to just be able to do it our selves 😂

  • best nail designs here please visit in :))

  • The first nail: What The Hell????!!!! It was ruined!!!!!!

  • OMG!!...they cut off the cuticle just like that?! WTF!

  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • tbh, all these kind boring, ugly.

  • first one really ugly


    • It's cuticles dead skin, real life they do need to be trimmed. They grow on top of nails