$500 Rallycross?? Ken Block and Steve Arpin Race in Ex Police Cars - Ford Crown Victoria Mayhem

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
Rallycross is not a cheap sport, especially when you're out there learning and beating on cars. And while there are different levels like crosskarts and RX2 cars to get you leveling up, there's still not much in terms of true grassroots level rallycross competition in the states. Until now! Grab a couple of $500 Crown Vics, some buddies, and have at it.
Special thanks to our buddy Cole Powelson for providing these Crown Vic Rallycross beaters and some time in his Sierra Karts!
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  • What pro (or non-pro) driver lineup would you want to see throw down in a giant Crown Vic taxicross race??

    • @Ken Block Get 2 of the same cars and I'll gladly take you on. Anytime, anywhere. :-)

    • Me my brother and my friend

    • Random NY taxi drivers!

    • NYC, Tokyo and MXC taxi drivers

    • Ken Block MizfhitMafia

  • i live in ogden this looks fun. i normal drive on logging trails

  • What is that car that guy shows up in? The little rally dunes buggy thing.

  • Everyone: it's so hard getting the crown vic in forza Ken Block:

  • So cool that you guys are doing this, I really hope it takes off(so I can join).

  • Why was that guy standing on the back of the cart? What did he think was gonna happen? Man to realize even being this famous most of your time is fucking around (having fun) it's good to know that's what the goal is no matter how much money You have

  • Hey Block Hire me please....

  • Folkracing se kal it in sweden itsc old vars Volvos they is the most

  • this looks like so much fun. i would would to be able to start something like this here in nc

  • 4:12 SO AFFORDABLE..... Parents spend $100k on racing rig(not including truck to pull)/35k on engine(per)/1k per week on tires/ 8k on a blank frame/ 15 k on suspension/ 3k on electronics/1-2k travel gas,race gas,base maintenance(*not race vehicle) and lodging per race/ $500-1500 outfit/ car skins per race of damaged beyond repair $500, 1-2k every few races random broken parts (to stay competitive) , 10-15k per season of labor for basic maintenance for each season, 2-5k engine rebuild cost (if it is done on the cheap)... by the way... This list goes on and on and on and on and on......... yeah bruh...so affordable. 5:15 17.5k... not running with the "Pros"

  • cbdMD is everywhere... wtf yo

  • How about trophy karts? They are tiny

  • Lol this reminds me of my car I daily a 98 Camry and it’s my 400$ rally car 😂

  • Good thing I will be moving to Sweden. I want to get into that kind of racing.

  • I cant find a $500 car to do something like this no matter how hard I look.

    • search and search. letgo, craigslist, and offer up are the best places to look

  • Real video,shameless CBDMD plug

  • nobody gives a rats ass about you or what you do except for little bitch boy douches. nothing about what you do is entertaining. oh god you can slide a car around. . . . . . fucking loser.

  • 11:53 That laugh made my fkin day🤣

  • would an atom nomad beat this ?

  • So where do you get that crosskart?

  • #kenblock I'm sure you have heard of the Gambler 500. I'm in the process of building a panther platform rally cross car.

  • Ken where is this place and is it open to anyone to come race I would like some info on this I live about 2.5 hrs away from salt lake and I'd like to go play

  • Lowkey wanna buy one, strip it down and make it into a fun bush basher

  • 1st car was a 442 rotted ran many trees over....

  • Grass roots? Ken obviously hasn’t met John lafever. Look up the barnyard 400 Can’t have a car cost more then 200 bucks.

  • i am her son and your videos are amsome

  • Ken Block you are the man , Rally Cross inspiration !!!

  • Minecraft

  • wkwkwk.....

  • Can I bring my crown vic there?

  • 13:48 who didnt recognize him

  • Watch some old Dukes of Hazzard for some driving tips from Roscoe P. Coltrane

  • *Crown VickyX*

  • A great way to promote grassroots racing. We used to call a cow patch racing with r old Baja bugs!

  • rip crown vic

  • So, it's rally cross for $2k.

  • 500 dollar crown vic 20 million crown vic gets bought in forza horizon 4 and love you content on that game

  • That’s how cops drove them everyday lol

  • Need some basic engine skid plates

  • Ironic to see how we all have progressed as a society and community in the car industry. Funny to see old Police interceptors being utilized for practice before a CBDMD livery rally car, definitely ironic if you think about it.

  • So true, what the SCCA classifies as rallycross is a joke. One car on course, dodging cones, for a quick fake stage that's less than a mile long, not dissing the SCCA as an SCCA member, however i've had to branch out and integrate track racing to get experience with other cars on course.

  • Nice car Ken 😉 Is perfect for Rally 🤣

  • We have this already it’s called the gambler 500

  • Возьмите меня ф свою банду!!!!!!!!!!!!! Я вам раскуярю весь афтопарк))))))))

  • Sup

  • The problem is that you americans dont really have any cars suited for rallying... some old camaros would do, but there is none left. Crown vics just dont cut it, if yall had some old volvos, they would not fall apart on that track... you would be racing all day.

  • Lemons Rallycross, easy as that.

  • Funny ! Welcome to my hobby! Great video!

  • Good!

  • 9:00 is when they start driving

  • Anyone else think that Steve is Forest’s brother?

  • The P-1 police interceptor had all sorts of upgrades , brakes, antiroll bar , suspension, unrestricted ecu for the engine , don't buy the grand marquis , buy p71 interceptors only. 👌

  • Bess get a couple two or three more Vic’s/Marquis and do another one!

  • typical hoonigan vid 90 percent blahh blahhh and 10 percent doing something

  • cops go back to using the old crown vics, it just makes more sense, there cheap to opperate and cheap to maintain.

  • Immature ricans kids. Champion polluters.

  • Video start at 11:00

  • I have a 03 ex cop car crown vic, buy it from me.

  • Over ten min of just talking get to it fuckkkk shut up

  • You can trash crown vics all you want but they're the best bang for you buck you can buy crown vics are begging to be modified they are reliable parts are cheap and are easy to repair they are basically 4 door mustangs