Pubblicato il 30 apr 2018
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  • i know this is on old vid but i love ur old ones ur funny as hell

  • 3:34 did anyone else remember parks and rec?

  • I just realized Ryland knew that the toilet would flush at 26:33. He pauses his words for the flush and then reacts.

  • he is high as fukk

  • I wanna be in this squad

  • Garret you are my fav youtuber.

  • Every time someone talks i cry more😂😂 im laughing so hard

  • Im crying at this

  • this entire plane experience has me cackling

  • I like to make my self sneeze cause it’s like a tiny orga

  • I have watched this series over 6 times and I am still not tired of it

  • Can you do another one of these 😫😫

  • holy shit i just remembered my mom was gonna name me "shanaenae " and the characters name is shanaenane omg i am dying i ended up being named avory ^^ lao

  • Shane: the drunk crazy dad Ryland : the soccor mom Andrew : the innocent child Morgan : crazy nice aunt Garrett : the crazy gay uncle (that acts like a 5year old)

  • They’re literally all of my emotions, plus anger

  • Look at 4:04 it looks like Garrett held Morgans hand

  • I’m straight but I’d marry garrett

  • This video is a lesson NOT to give shane alcohol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • shane: I think i'm fine also shane: *freaking the fuck out

  • We need more Garrett watts

  • 18:02 ur welcome people

  • Watched this for the sixth time this month Do I regret it? No.

  • New-year new hole

  • Shane is just so damn fucking naturally hilarious

  • Do you guys have apple juice

  • I was thinking if Garrett has the baby in his bag how much space is there for his clothes?

  • Shane:I’m mentally weird. Ryland:I’m a soccer mom. Morgan:the crazy woman. Garret:cough-the gay old creepy fuck. Andrew:I work for Shane.

  • You called it the Xanax Cam and not the Xanny Cam and I'm a little disappointed.

  • I legit watch this video at least once a week, it brings me so much joy

  • Shane is me whenever the plane lands like “WAIT we could still die”

  • I hope they know they put the license plate in the vid

  • lol

  • 10:01 that’s all I am going to say😂😂😂

  • Who I taking care of the animals.

  • Just now realizing Ryland said "the movie selection is BOMB"... on an airplane. haha

  • Tyler: :'IvE tRaVelEd AlL rOuNd WoRlD'

  • I miss when Shane did these little trips. He needs to do more. I have no life so I’m binge watching Shane .

  • Shane - I think I'm fine..I think I'm fine...I think I'm fine..... I think I'm fin- *Cuts to panic attack*

  • Go to 19:28 and I died laughter after Morgan said I would take ten then Shane's face


  • is noone gonna talk about how garrett literally escorts morgan to the table at 5:15

  • Benjamin and Tyler should have their own channel

  • Im so upset Shane didn't call it a xan cam

  • “Let’s get to first class”

  • *X AN C A M*

  • Shane's plane anxiety reminded me of the first time I was on a plane and my anxiety was so bad the moved me to sit with the pilots to know I was safe, just a story that this reminded me of I still have really bad plane anxiety if you where wondering

  • Nobody: Morgan: *CaN I hAvE aPpLeJuIce*

  • God bless Andrew honestly

  • Shane: that must be the leader of the Gucci gang Andrew:*laugh* Morgan: l need friends my age

  • Shane: Morgan you take care of the baby Ryland: that's my child

  • I found the video I left on watch half way thru 😂 phones charged this time

  • I wish I wasn't this young cause if I wasn't I would've married you ngl

  • Garrett in 20 years: *i like grocery stores, and pickin’ up my kids*

  • 15:30

  • I miss these videos :(

  • So I watched this on my TV and when you said I don't like to leave my house all my friends looked at me sad life

  • I love grocery store and picking up my kids

  • I love re watching old vlogs! I just got so excited when I saw the thumbnail!! Lol

  • Poor shane

  • “did that look like birth???”