$17 Vs. $2200 Halloween Costume

Pubblicato il 26 ott 2019
"It is looking a little wench-y"
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Your Wench
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Tights provided by Yandy
Taylor Negrete- Fashion Stylist


  • The pirate and flapper costumes were so inaccurate

  • It's funny how Nina's belt was more expensive than Jazz whole look... Yet she looked best imo... But they did it again.. Jazz getting the cheapest even in high end..

  • The inaccuracies in the flapper girl outfit made me want to stab my eyes out with a fork

  • "See you in the Great Depression!"😅

  • I love the flapper girl outfit! She looks so pretty in that!

  • am i the only one that notices how whenever the stylist comes she never says Jazz’s full price for her outfits

  • 2:32: Welp, I know my next halloween coustume...

  • Yussss supprimé watch

  • OMG Jazz has the best outfits she is so stylish

  • Did anyone else notice the flapper's nails?! ❤😱💯#onfleek

  • Jazz looks amazing!!

  • I wish you would steer away from fast fashion a bit and include some faire fashion pieces.

  • Oh the expensive pirate was just amazing,i loved it ,i wanna wear that in this halloween

  • I love this trio

  • Why does she not have eyebrows..

  • Who hir dosent selebrate hallowing because i dont

  • 1500 & $1,500 uh huh huh... yeah >.> Bad jokes aside, one could put together an historically accurate (minus stolen bling) badass pirate Captain kit.

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Jazz's eye brows: See Ya

  • As Is thank you SO MUCH for not using overly scary effects or scream sound effects in this video. This way, you've made it accessible to watch for people with anxiety and PTSD>

  • "See you in the great depression" Girl, mood

  • Jazzy was like “I hate shopping for Halloween”

  • Why was it so hilarious when she said tiny little sock hand

  • Jazz's two words are "interested"and"this is a look"

  • Can you try to make cosplay an every day look??👍

  • Nobody: Captions: *Spooky Rock music*

  • I love this iconic trio💗💗💗💗💗

  • Finally jazz was done justice

  • I have the hat from the expensive witch costume, and it's not hard to put together a cheap witch costume. You don't have to break the bank, just don't go to party city.

  • Nope. British girl i don’t like. She expects everyone to fall at her feet and kiss her pale toes. NEXT

  • 8:55 did she just say “see you in the Great Depression” 😂😂😂

  • Chloe's one look like bellatrix's dress!

  • Can you do “women wear Halloween costumes as clothes”

  • I’d spend £10-£15

  • Word on the gloves. I apparently have such fat arms. Sleeves never fit me, so annoying.

  • I'm in LOVE

  • Gotta say, the costumes were absolutely fabulous

  • Merry Christmas (eve) everybody! 🎄❄️🎅🏾🎄❄️🎅🏾🎄❄️🎅🏾🎄❄️🎅🏾

  • I thought Jazzy shaved her eyebrows off

  • Everyone: Absolutely everyone: Jazzy’s Eyebrows: ???

  • This is really good! Just one question: where did the $17 come from? Last time I checked, all of the cheap costumes were over $17. Not judging!

  • I come here to lower my IQ but what the heck it is funny

  • I love Nina’s normal outfit when she was with the stylist before the costume hahaha

  • I didn’t like the pirate costume it literally looks like a last minute costume you would create because you’ve got nothing else .. But I really loved the 3last ones they were amazing looking

  • What is a flapper?

    • LottiBear it was the rich young women in america in the 1920s that wore more glittery and skin revealing clothes than the women before them.

    • Idk

  • Omg

  • Really am I the only one that's gonna comment on Chloe's costume I am just completely and 100% in love with it!

  • looks like an off version of ladylike

  • I loved Jazzmyne's costume

  • Witch- expensive

  • Jazz is either depressed or just cringing really hard through out the whole video

  • I keep getting the "Black Christmas" ad and it's annoying the crap out of me

  • Omfg I love Jazz and her confidence! Like own it girl!💞💕

  • the pirate cheap costume looked better ngl

  • Jasmine has long nails

  • I miss Halloween. Its as if it didnt happen this year.

  • Jazz were are your eyebrows

  • Jazz, I am SO with you on the heels!

  • I liked the cheap costumes better.

  • How do you summon a witch? “ CHLOEEEEEE”

  • just gonna suggest a turkey feather boa.....