$10,000 VS $100 HOLIDAY - FaZe Vs FaZe

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
My Little Brother FaZe Jarvis and Me Could Each go on either a $100 or $10,000 Holiday Vacation somewhere! FaZe Jarvis Vs FaZe Kay
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  • WHAT DO YOU MEANNNN (The tree house should be 10k)

  • Jarvis: 18 kills I think that’s decent for wining in a tree house Me: OMG I can’t even get 7 kills in a game

  • You a nd your little girlfriend are fakers

  • Jarvis is all Kay got

  • Thats cheat you shouldn't have let her do it of course she is gonna pick you for the 10k Holiday

  • How is his ping so low 🤔

  • Because your a no life 3:51

  • Poor Jarvis

  • I’m on Jarvis side I’m disliking the bideo

  • Kay be like Jarvis you drinking water that’s insane

  • Am I the only one who noticed it’s bright outside at 13:58

  • She picked the envelopes

  • She did that so she can go

  • I live in amsterdam

  • How does Jarvis have wifi

  • This Tim let Jarvis Spenser 50'000 and you spend 50

  • Green screen

  • Prank kaylen

  • How does jarvis have such good ping

  • How is there WiFi in the treehouse

  • lolowkey id like to be alone in a tree house with my ps4 and play fortnite

  • That was rigged kay

  • 0 ping in my house 100 ping in a Treehouse

  • I love in the netherlands

  • Like Montreal comment jarvis

  • copi of sidemen btw your girlfriend choose you because she wanted to come with you

  • 7:43 me: *checks ping* holy, 2 ping in a freakin tree house and i play on a huned cuz my fricking servers are messed up!!

  • Jarvis should get the 10 000 holiday hes way way way better than you

  • Are you in netherland

  • How did Jarvis get internet

  • 13:54 It is really late, when the sun is out. Really!!!!

  • I would take 100 vause it has fortnite

  • This is now a Fortnite vid

  • The face cam in the tree house is green screen 😂😂😂😂

  • Jarvis plays fortnite its alredy better then holiday in europe

  • It’s obvious you that his cumslut girlfriend put your name in the $10,000 so she could go

  • Jarvis having a skin and candy axe after downloading Fortnite 😂😂oh no no no

  • Just watch the sidemen one

  • A yoget and a aple

  • Jarvis’s background for his face cam looks so much like a green screen

  • Jarvis actually had 0 ping the whole game

  • I live in Amsterdam

  • Sidemen

  • 9:56 that was your trap xD

  • Guys I’m faze Kay now your insane bro

  • mad

  • Rigged charlotte just wants a holiday

  • That is the treehouse at Frazier and Jarvis house bro

  • Has anyone realised that sidemen also did it before them

  • Charlotte just wanted Frazier to go

  • What if Jarvis take the 10K holiday and Kay the 100 holiday

  • But just worse

  • Tbh Jarvis has the better holiday

  • Unfair she made the challenge because she just wanted to go on a expensive holiday so Jarvis can suffer 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Kay gf wanted Kay to get 100000 to go with him I want to be in jarvis holiday

  • I would honsetly stay in the treehouse

  • This is what the sidemen did

  • notice how jarvis is in his backyard treehouse

  • How’d he get the skin

  • You got this from the sidemen

  • Jarvis getting 0 ping in a tree house seems legit

  • When i am with my brother at home.who is the best fortniteplayer?it s kay.when i am alone it s jarvis motherfuckers

  • That wasn’t fair dude f u Kay

  • 0 ping in a tree house btw

  • Sidemen

  • The tree house has such good ping

  • Copying sidemen

  • Amsterdam hehe i live in the netherlands

  • Jarvis is in there back garden

  • D

  • Goes to sleep in the day ??

  • .

  • Jarvis is his backyard

  • Damn. Console no shadows head ass

  • Not fair

  • Hi jarvis I am your girlfriends brother

  • WTF

  • Jarvis has 5 ping treehouses

  • Rigged

  • This many people won’ts 20 ping