$10,000 VS $100 HOLIDAY - FaZe Vs FaZe

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
My Little Brother FaZe Jarvis and Me Could Each go on either a $100 or $10,000 Holiday Vacation somewhere! FaZe Jarvis Vs FaZe Kay
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  • PLAY FORTNITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charletete your a gold digger meanyy

  • Your mean too char

  • Yor mean faze kay

  • How did Jarvis get WiFi

  • I bet charlotte or whatever just wrote it down and wrote faze kay as 10,000 so she can go with him😂

  • That’s not fair Charlotte is your gf so obviously she is going to pick you

  • L

  • XD tree house is quiet and Europe is tidy and beatiful

  • I am from Amsterdam

  • Jarvis's holiday is better

  • And Jarvis is lucky because he has the Xbox

  • 20 ping it says 1 and 0

  • SUPPORT A CREATOR code jarvisBTW

  • Go Amsterdam

  • Bro Charlotte putted frazier in 10 k because she wants to go

  • I tried to smash that like button but instead I broke my phone😥😥😥😥😥

  • she did that because he is her boyfriend not fair unsubing

  • Charlotte is a gold digger

  • F

  • I’m vietnamese

  • 1000 dollors 😍 100 dollors 🤣🤣🤗🤗🤩

  • Your my favourite IT-tvsr jarvis

  • U know that she chose so she know that he got the 100

  • Who’s recording

  • Im living in Amsterdam

  • im just saying this guy is on o ping in a abandon treehouse??? like if u agree

  • Be able be

  • Ju pleist jor one trap

  • I feel like that too sometimes

  • How does Jarvis have that good of ping?

  • 12:03 broley

  • I ho put them in the involop

  • He didnt even go to sleep it was still the sam day

  • Faze kays girlfriend is so selfish she mad the $100 dollar holiday Jarvis and faze kays $10000 on purpose

  • Charlotte is not a good digger for those who say she is she would have to pay for all of this!

  • Treehouse Fortnite servers

  • My house is in amsterdam

  • Fack you facking kay idiet hora ass

  • Rigged