$1,000 vs $3,700 Wheels and Tires | HiLow

Pubblicato il 11 dic 2019
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$1000 set of wheels and tires vs. $4000 set of wheels and tires. Does more expensive mean more better? And is it worth it?
We bought two identical Nissan 350z coupes and have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers that you can take to the track. James Pumphrey and Zach Jobe are on Team Hi and their 350z gets the expensive parts. Nolan Sykes and Aaron Parker are on Team Low, and their 350z gets the cheap ones.
For this episode Team Hi bought Advan RG3’s at $676 per wheel and Bridgestone Potenza RE71Rs at $265 per tire for a total of $3,764.
Team Low went with XXR 527s at $127 per wheel and Federal 595 RS-RR at $136 per tire for a total of $1,052.
The two teams will mount these wheel and tire setups on their newly lowered 350Zs and then take them out to the skidpad. We’ll look at 0 to 60 times, stopping distances, how many Gs they can pull. Can cheap tires match the performance of the expensive brands?
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  • What about speed rating? Just gonna ignore that one

  • How do rim spacers work


  • nolan should of kept the car white

  • Thumbnail says $700 tires, intro says $3,600, and title says $3,700 lol

  • Err, the contact patch area stays basically the same regardless of the width of the tyre. The patch is wider on wider tyres but also shorter. Disappointed that you don't know this, being car guys.

  • This was great actually. Thank you gentlemen.

  • what the blue tee try to say is"ofc the more expensive one should be better than the cheaper ones, but the price shouldn't be that different which doesn't worth i." just like me will never buy any sneakers for a more expensive resell price, they just don't worth it to us.

  • Neckbeards don't add any hp. Clean that shit up, guys. Not a good style to pass down to junior.

  • Damn after that cocaine heart attack, you've lost all your intensity.

  • I run federal on my 7. With stock suspension. I love em

  • rg3 popping up made me piss myself

  • 265 a tire huh? That cute I take it you've never owned a diesel truck (sarcasm)

  • Hey next time try cruise control for your 60-0 tests you bafoons! Nice video though!

  • This is alot more entertaining than the verge explaining to me how to build a pc.

  • Another Keeps commercial.. It's so stupid, go on amazon and buy the same shit yourself for half the price..

  • Lowering cars is JUST PLAIN STUPID!

  • Cheap hydrogen kits for your car. Vs expensive one's. Cheap electric conversion kits for your car. Vs expensive one's.

  • Does it bother anyone else when they call rims, wheels?? You have a tire, mounted on a rim and together they make up the wheel... You remove the wheels from the car and dismount the tires from the rims.

  • I see that you guys were in SCV come back visit, chill, and let’s go to Mexico

  • Please let Nolan know to wear pants next time jeez.

  • So, basically you two are there to throw in you 2-cents and look good for the camera?

  • Jnc wheels are great wheels and are cheap

  • Why not W work wheels

  • It PeRfOrmEd BeTtER By 7% So ThE 370% MorE To tHE CoSt Is WOrTh It... ok millennial

  • Alot of idiots like to stretch cheap tires stupid in my opinion

  • I like the video overlay you did

  • More better

  • I wanna know what you said about your wife bouncing like bleep bleep bleep bleep. (Damn I hate censorship.)

  • The fact that ya gotta keep replacing tires, the minimal performance difference is not enough to go for the much more expensive tires. That cost difference will just grow as time goes on and the more you replace tires. Plus, with cheaper tires, you’ll be less hesitant to burn rubber, which will make them more fun. Expensive tires make you drive more conservatively to save the rubber and dollars.

  • From a distance, Lo car’s rims look a lot better but, once you get close enough to see that multi lug pattern, that kinda kills it.

  • soooo... 3,600?

  • Why the 350z? Nothing against the z car, just curious.

  • New tires will always preform the same new, the expensive ones will just keep the same or close to the same performance for the whole life of the tire

  • Flow Formed wheels are usually not that much $... It's a brand thing in this case.

  • Lets be honest here all car parts that are more expensive are better, unless you are buying a apple product.


  • Cheap tires = Easy drift

  • Clearly the more expensive wheels and tire made a huge impact since the high car was originally slower .

  • why you don't get your bream car okay get the corvtte or the toyota supera

  • You had the opportunity to rhyme Clout with Snout and you missed it. Tch. Tch. Tch. 14:47

  • Only reason I watch is because of the car stuff, the stupid comedy is going to make me stop watching

  • I think you pay 100% more for 15% improvement. so basically it is a question of "is it worth it" for the 15%

  • Nice! But now I think you should try Michelin and Dunlop for high end tires. From experience, those are the best. Sorry if they're not american but hey, only the germans know how to build a proper car and the french used to ;)

  • Can’t even get the thumbnail and title right

  • If I tried to lift the 20lb wheel, I would break my back probably.

  • I love toyo

  • Z boys 🤦‍♂️ and yes I’m a beemer boy

  • for the cheap tires you really should have gone with Achilles. now THAT is cheap. lol

  • The size of the contact patch has nothing to do with the width of the tire. This is a very common misconception. There have been extensive tests done to prove that a wider tire does not equal a greater sized contact patch. The type of rubber used, thickness of the rubber, and the air pressure are what dictates the size of the contact patch. Take a tire that is 300mm wide vs a tire that is 250mm wide. Assuming that the tires are identical (except for the width of them) and the air pressures are identical, the wider tire may have a contact patch of 275mm wide x 20mm long. This would give a contact patch area of 275mm x 20mm to equal 5,500 mm^2. For the tire that has a width of 250mm, the contact patch would be less wide, say 225mm, but the length would be longer to equal the same 5,500 mm^2, so 5,500 mm^2 / 225mm to equal 24.44mm in length.

  • Wheels? No. Tires? YES!

  • Do race seats

  • Great video, love your guys work, but I do think it’s worth mentioning one tiny aspect about wheel fitment that you left out that’s super important: hub bore.

  • What does “break loose” mean in this context?

  • I have xxr's exactly like those but they're gold and look amazing lmao I'm glad Nolan thinks so too haha 😂

  • Lighter weight better built.... Skip the reps. Wheels and tires.....MOFOSHO

  • James - how do you know?

  • "I want a car that can break the rear end loose when I want to" Well I have your solution: MORE POWAH BABY!

  • I like this series✅

  • *_How light and hevy do the wheels weight_*