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  • How the fuck that curry have 10 points only?!?!?!?!

  • Curry harden and lilard is thr best shooters why in 2k there are bad?? 👇like if you all agree

  • here' s proof why LeBum is so overrated. how did he make this contest?

  • Go

  • I watched this video and felt motivated. my friends saw this video and felt motivated. my neighbours saw this and were motivated. we rent a projector in a big field and my village people saw this and felt motivated. thank you so much for this video.

  • game looks better modded smh..

  • I love this game

  • At the end of the 3rd quarter, Stephen shoots a half court and missed Draymond green then karate chops number 27 in the neck, but doesn't react

  • basket dead players

  • How to do this?

  • Como se hace esto?

  • Major props CG.. man I see now they are going to have to fix these blowouts like they did last year.. damn near every game I have watched has been either scoring too high or too little or either a blowout and not just your channel it's pretty much all the simulations I've watched..

    • @Critical Gamer no doubt my friend..

    • Thank you, I hope you had a great weekend as well my friend :)

    • @Critical Gamer thank you for the response my man and sounds good I hope it does.. hope you're enjoying your weekend..

    • I know my man I feel ya smh, there was a new update that came out recently that fixed alottt of stuff, I dont know if it fixed the gameplay in play now, but we shall see in the next simulation video that comes out

  • EPIC ???

  • Nice!🤪🤗💥💥

  • I think the player doesnt know how to play the lakers team..😑

  • Thank you as always CG for the simulations my man.. don't forget when you can though put zubac at c and harris at pf.. Lou Williams will be the 6th man again..

  • Nice video 🔥🔥

  • 2002 all over again

  • Harrell with the terrible rim protection

  • Despite the fact there is no way Lou and/or Harrell start the double teams made no sense lol

  • Some offense don’t look right in real life nba

  • 💪💪💪

  • Lit🔥🔥

  • Hi guys please support my channel I'm playing nba2k20 mobile etc. Thank you in advance

  • how can I get more views and subscibers please help me?

  • is easier too hit basket in real life than in this game

  • This is exactly as bad as people think Ingram and Ball actually are.

  • i hope nba 2K20 puts mike breen, jeff van gundy and mark jackson as commentators in finals

  • Capela getting MVP chants 😂😂😂

  • What a high scoring game for these two teams

  • Kobe went right handed

  • Great sim, CG! Nets vs Knicks @MSG would be greatly appreciated :))

  • b

  • boogie on lakers not on golden state and kd on nets not golden state

  • Gsw@cavs plss

  • Is it just me or is Ben Simmons a legit cheat code

  • Good looking out CG I'm going to check this out my man..

  • gj

  • Ok so where’s my card or iTunes just 10$

  • Nice content.

  • now fuck niggas can't complain about no dunk contest

  • what do you record your gameplay with?

  • Good looking out on the simulation CG I'm about to check it out...

  • Cousins not a Lakers roster

  • ur voice is bearfl

  • Cpu vs cpu?

  • Yo big deal...I’ll pick it up Black Friday for $30. Not worth $60 it’s the same damn game every 12 months.

    • Souflay Scott if you really can’t afford it drop your zelle or cashapp I got you but just keep that negative shit to your self no one cares lol ppl enjoy the game and are willing to pay for it there’s a reason the franchises continues to prosper

    • Souflay Scott I feel like it was more of you being insecure and wanting to call the people who did buy the game sheep’s for falling into the same trap when honestly no one not a single person gives af some ppl enjoy the game and have the lifestyle where they can afford to pay for it. I went and got it early cost me a little extra but all my friends had already gotten it and we all wanted to play together didn’t want to wait two months for a 10 dollar off discount

    • Joshua Horton what are your plans? What are you gonna do? My point was in two months the game won’t be worth what it is today and they didn’t change much about gameplay. Not about my plans you clown. Read between the lines.

    • Why did you feel the need to share with us your plans ? honestly

  • What???2k19???or 2k20???

  • Lonzo not starting...

  • 1:37 Curry was wide open, still didn’t shot

  • Where and how do u get the Celtics court like that

  • Send it to my email

  • All the wrong lineups for Philly

  • This is looking pretty good 👌

  • 2020 finals

  • Can u get me a ps4 gift card please

  • Cool

  • first :)

  • Cool

  • Collins should've won

  • What's up with the low scores like what do they have to do

  • Thank you for the new simulation CG.. I'll tell you the problem I'm having with this 2k20.. I've watched a few simulations from other people as well and it seems that they miss a lot of shots close up and they foul too much.. I saw a simulation here recently by someone where the Jazz only score 43 points and they had 12-minute quarters.. I'm like come on man that makes no sense lol.. what are the settings set to because I don't have the game so I'm clueless

    • @Critical Gamer lol oh ok cool.. can't wait to see what all they fix..

    • Yeah I got the patch and it did pretty much nothing, now I am waiting for the next patch. Also no worries, I didn't even notice the typos lol

    • @Critical Gamer lol I know.. I just watched a video where they released the first new patch did you get it? and I just relooked over my last message and wow I had a lot of typos my bad lol.. it's my damn phone haha..

    • Yup I do remember that at the beginning of 19 the game were scoring wayyy to much but after time they fixed it, tbh rn 2k is very focus on fixing park and career since too many people are complaining about that, but I really hope they bring updates to fix this early on

    • @Critical Gamer lol I know man seems like some teams hold the ball and then jack up a shot as the time is about to expire what other teams are simply scoring too many points like they did before they fixed the bug last year.. remember when you first got 2K 19 they would score way too many points and then they fixed some things and the games became more competitive.. hopefully that happens soon because there have been nothing but blowouts or low scoring games..

  • NEXT New Orleans VS Memphis

  • This is whack ass nba live

  • NBA: If Defense Did Not Exist

    • @andre carter yes it does, the reason scoring is high because the talent is fucking worlds beyond how it was before and the pace is high I stg just watch basketball and stop sounding like an idiot

    • It doesn't in today's nba

  • Game is trash defense is nothing in the game. Gary Harris shot a 3 over Klay dlo and cauley stein

  • This look bad

  • How many of u guys jus skip to the end 😂

  • Thank you for that simulation CG...

  • They move like they are ice skating, 😂

  • Why 2k make westbrook look bad

  • Stop playing the fucking lakers play other times

  • Why no 8 players in 3 point 😢😡

  • Very unrealistic. Houston only shot 16 threes!?! And the points in the paint is absurd for both teams. 2K still hasnt gotten sim right smh

    • @Joshua Fernandez oh yeah facts and not only that but he finally HAS A COACH!! One of the greatest offensive masterminds! Just think about it. Harden, Lin, Felton, melo, Nash, all had career years under him. Hell kobe had his best passing years under him. He has 2 MVP point guards, that's like giving Bruce Lee 4 arms. Its pretty much unstoppable.

    • @Eric Lewis bro trust me i know this is Westbrook 1st time with actual shooters around him everywhere and the spacing hes gonna have is insane hes definitely a huge upgrade from cp3

    • @Joshua Fernandez he won't have to he'll let Russ play his game. And Russ isn't a bad shooter, it's his shit selection that hurts his %. And can you blame him? He has no shooting in OKC. I'm a thunder fan and I can't recall how many times OKC couldnt hit a 3. Russ had to Jack up bad shots, PG also. So now he has a a shooter in every corner and either hes getting to the rim or someone is getting a 3. Plus look at Rivers, he wasn't known for shooting and as soon as he joins Houston he becomes a dagger from 3.

    • @Eric Lewis lmfaoo ill give u that but im pretty mike d'antoni isnt gonna make westbrook jack up 3s lol

    • @Joshua Fernandez and grabs rebounds

  • 328 points combined. Damn.

  • What NBA Game is this

  • Good game,movement and graphics😍

  • Wassup

  • Do warrior forces Lakers

  • Stop with the Demarcus Cousins garbage. He's out for the season.

    • Yeah but when they were working on the games he was fine

  • Can't thank you enough for pushing out all these new simulations.. would love to see blazers at houston, clippers at lakers again updated lineup pelicans at memphis and pacers at boston...

  • KD7-badman, KD35-gooooooodman

  • Los angeles won!!! YAAYYAYAYYAATAYY

  • Steph unselfish Legit playmaker

  • 7:45 dam draymonds celebration make him look there is a fly buzzing around him

  • Lmao ESPN scoreboard

  • Wanna take this time to give a special shout out to myself 😅😂😢

  • Anyone wanna check out NBA2K20 MONENTUS check out my channel show some love

  • Great vid man!

  • AD was eatin lol

  • First off you know damn well this whole stadium would be filled with purple and gold lmao

  • If lebron wins 2K20 gay ass hell

  • Good looking out on the simulation CG.. could you possibly adjust the lineup for the Clippers.. Beverley pg, George sg, kawhi sf, harris pf, zubac c... good looking out my man...

  • Good looking out on another simulation CG.. what do you think about the new game?

    • @Critical Gamer no doubt that would be dope..

    • Yeah def my man, I should do some old bulls videos too since drose super fast

    • @Critical Gamer lol man that's crazy.. I'm so glad that you're enjoying it because I'm enjoying watching it...

    • Yeah it def takes apotnof getting used to, also the reason I like 2k20 is cuz when you use old drose or John wall or other fast players, they are superrrrr fast in the game, I used the old rose and he is tooo fast, he can literally run across the court passing by everyone and dunk it

    • @Critical Gamer no doubt my man and yeah I agree it looks good I've just got to get used to it because I'm so used to 2K19 just like I had to get used to it before moving past 2K18...

  • I thought Durant can not play basketball

  • He put the Lakers by the way wrong team....

  • Lol curry got 10 xD

  • Who uses broadcast view on 2k?

  • You can tell this is fake

  • Laker in 6