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  • i literally prayed for lebron to win because i love lebron

  • Thank you for the simulation CG but wow no way this would happen in real life lol.. I wish 2K would get these simulations right sometime lol.. how have you been?

  • Unrealistic

  • Major props cg..

  • I just wish you would use the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls Team with the Prime because this current team is trash. But great simulating game tho!

  • Bro... this means the world to me. I cannot even begin to thank you enough. Wow man. Much thanks! And thanks to everyone for your support on this! -D Glock

  • Thank you for the simulation CG.. I didn't realize bosh was finally back in the game but that's good.. definitely about to check this one out.. I would love to see the Lakers when Kobe had the afro against this year's Lakers..

    • @Critical Gamer thank you my brotha I appreciate it..

    • No doubt my man...they finally added him after a long time lol. I will def do that simulation soon for sure!

  • Second

  • Why is there pink arm Bands and head bans in the heat

  • Who's here after kawhi went to clippers

  • 09-10 lakers pls

  • When Are You Going To Do The 2010 NBA Finals Simulation, Celtics 09-10 Vs Lakers 09-10, Remember Its A Game 7,

  • Fuck you patrick beverley

  • Done reported,youre my fav 2k livestreamer,major props

  • Hey man, did DGlock has regained his channel? I want to help my man. You two are my favorite NBA 2K livestreamers

    • I don't think you can, it has to be on PC or on chrome from your phone but put the page to desktop mode

    • How do you report from in app

    • @Critical Gamer How dare that hacker. DGlock is just doing his thing and then...

    • No, it has been hacked for over a month and IT-tvs has not helped him to recover his channel, I hope he will get his account soon. But as of right now he doesn't have the channel yet 😔

  • Why curry didn't take a 3 from the end?

  • Major props cg

  • How did you change the scoreboard?

  • Hey man really enjoying these vidoes !! Just wondering if you could let me know what sliders these games are played with or if you you use one of the original difficulty level sliders ? Thanks so much keep up the awesome content!

  • One of the tiny details that 2k19 has is that when they where a mile high City uniform the center of the court is different same with the rainbow ones.

  • The only one of those who want to go to bed . The first time I was wondering

  • The only one of those things

  • Harden in okc? Nice roaster in 2020 hahahahahahahha

  • Durant vs durant lool

  • Hey guys are doing a lot . I will be able to do with it . The only one of those who want to go to the next couple weeks ago by a group

  • You have to go to bed . The only way to go to the right to your website

  • Pippen is PG

  • Jordan’s photo lmao

  • yoooo CG the goat MJ went off..dunked on kobe and shaq at the 1:14 mark..crazy ass game.

  • I am going to the next day . The only way to go to bed

  • Up early to get to the top of that is the best of luck

  • The only one of those who want to go to the top of that . But I think

  • The first time I was wondering

  • warrios is dead

  • about to check this one out now cg..major props and happy New Year..

  • Hey, I really like your channel, we should do subscribe for subscribe,reply if yo are interested!!!!!!1

  • How do you do for changing the scoring presentation for espn

  • 👑

  • Can someone explain why curry only played 4 mins?

  • Wow. 2 Steve Kerr at the same court

  • Can u do a game with Utah vs Wash with John Wall starting

  • Curry < Lebron

  • Unfortunately, no fight here in The Finals, it'll be 4-0 for LAL routinely. Kyrie shot badly, but also played invisible defense. He must not be a first option on offense alongside KD and take 30 shots. Nothing bad to say for you, my man CG, but 2K20 sim continues to dissapoint me, PG-s just shoot that rock all the time, particularly Russ and Kyrie, without any gameplan. Shame on you 2K developers, shame on you!

  • How do u get NBA2K20 with no injuries? I try but it says it can’t get the info.

  • Awesome video,Keep it up! Would you like to be IT-tvs friends? :]

  • Do the Cavs vs warriors Cavs want all the smoke 😤

  • Hfh

  • Milwaukee bucks are the best

  • You should have left Howard out because he got 2 flagrant fouls in the last game

  • Thank you for the simulation CG.. I wonder why 2K allows Kyrie to ball hog like that lol. Is there a way you can change that or does the game just do that on its own?

    • @Critical Gamer man I'm glad to hear everything is going well with you..can't wait to see how everything turns out for college with you.. thank you for the New Year's well wishes the same goes for you..😊💯

    • What's up bro...oh I feel you bro, yeah it's been very cold here as well in Chicago...I've been good as well bro thanks for asking...soon I'ma go back to college, happy new year and hope this year will be a great year for you bro...NP bro anytime :)

    • @Critical Gamer you doing ok?

    • @Critical Gamer hey cg what's good my man? I've actually been under the weather and have only watched a few videos on youtube.. everybody at my job has been sick and I guess it caught up to me so tonight I'm taking off plus I'm off the next three days so I can really recuperate. Thanks for hitting me up. I appreciate it..

    • I haven't seen you on any post everything all good bro?

  • Non-aggressive KD and iso-Kyrie during the whole game is a great recipe for Nets getting blown out in every single game during The Finals simulation. Hopefully, they'll bounce back in the next game, so we can watch at least competitive matches at Barclays center :))

    • No doubt my friend I agree and I think CG would as well... hopefully this series turns out to be great and it goes 7 games..

  • nice

  • you are a cheater

  • Yeah, Bulls win. Take that Celtics.😄

  • I see it its 2019 nba championship

  • Thats 2k191

  • Why Kevin durant is inthe gsw i thought he trade to nets

  • Awesome CG! I would absolutely love to see more of your awesome videos! Well done! 1st 😃

  • I got this game for Christmas it’s fire

  • si vince sempre solo col computer, mentre nella realtà siamo 0/2

  • Lol took me a minute to realize this was a GAME.

  • how did you get scoreboard. Was it a mod

  • 2K developers made Russ the greatest ballhoger NBA2K has ever seen in this year's edition. He' s shooting 1 shot per minute in every single simulation. They made my Rockets boring to watch by making every single defender staying far away from Wess and letting him shoot wide-open 3-pointers like he's Ben Simmons. Just uncomprehensible. That wasn't the case in 2K19 game. I don' t know what to suggest you doing in order to calm down his shooting and balance 'dem shots out between him and Harden. Otherwise, we'll be forced to watch Russ chucking up shots all night long in every single game. Would be very grateful if you could manage something to do to solve this problem, CG. Love your sims and looking forward to NETS-LAKERS finals. Put Harden at PG position maybe or lower Russ' tendencies, 2K totally missed the point with his game this year, unfortunately. Best wishes and please do something considering this case, CG :))

  • Damn cg this was a good ass game..

  • Hey what's up CG.. Merry Christmas and thank you for all these simulations. If you're doing the Lakers versus Clippers I have the lineup you should try. Can't wait to check these out..

    • @Critical Gamer no doubt my brotha have a good one...

    • Nerdbama Rich .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    • Thanks alot bro I really do appreciate it my brotha..

    • @Critical Gamer oh no need to apologize my friend I hope you enjoy your family on Christmas day and thank you so much for the Christmas wishes I really do appreciate you.. peace and blessings my brotha..

    • Sorry again, today I have family friends coming over but I really want to put content for you guys, so I decided to schedule the videos for today for you guys and that way I would be able to spend time with my family and family friends...I hope you enjoy your Christmas today my man, you deserve it

  • Why does it look nothing like 2k20

  • How do you change the scoreboard on (ESPN, TNT etc? I need help! Nice video Critical Gamer! 👍🏼😃

    • @Critical Gamer also gives to PS4, and how i does this mod?

    • I did a mod, there's video on how to mod it, it's very simple

  • Ok boomer

  • LA ALL DAY. I am looking forward to the finals.

  • Man the nets about to sweep them out cg lol..

    • @Critical Gamer no doubt my man.. hopefully it's a good series..

    • Yeah the nets were impressive during the series my friend, It gonna be a good series between Lakers and nets

  • They added Chris Bosh in 13 heat

    • Ohh ok Bett thanks for letting me know

    • Critical Gamer they just did put Chris Bosh in 2013 heat , all time heat and all time raptors

    • IDK why but 2k don't have him on the game smh

  • Score wasn't this close but almost the same outcome

  • Is this PC?

  • Damn CG this game was spot-on.. bucks had a big lead and the Lakers came back and made it a decent game..

    • @Critical Gamer no you can whoever you put at PF guard him..

    • What good bro...would you like me to put kawhi on AD or PG?

    • @Critical Gamer what's good cg. Just put PG back at sg and slide harkless or harrell to pf.. everybody else can stay the same..

    • What would you like the lineups to be for game 4

  • Thank you as always for the simulation CG.. seems like Philly was better with Reddick and Butler last year..

  • lakers 09-10 pls upload ty..

  • 2K was right🤭

  • CG could you put Paul George in pf, cause Kawhi would be guarding LeBron .

  • @Critical Gamer this should be best of 5 right? I saw in your post in the community in the bracket format?

    • No I believe I said best out of 7. This series will be best out of 7.

    • kidding yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • no

    • you suck

  • Oh and cg AD won't be guarding Kawhi he will be on PG who will be playing power forward and PG will be guarding him.. Kawhi will be guarding LeBron and vice versa unless you want to put Danny Green on him..I didn't notice that you switched it until this second

    • @Critical Gamer no problem my man and I'm not sure what trades are going to happen but I can't wait to see them..

    • Sorry was busy, yeah man l Those games were fun to watch, both were close ...same I cannot wait to see the trades as well... What trades do you think will happen

    • @Critical Gamer I can't wait to see what happens at the trade deadline so many people are available

    • @Critical Gamer sucks that I have to work tonight smh

    • @Critical Gamer are you ready for tonight's games?

  • Super blowout lol damn cg..

  • George look out😂😂

  • Lebron james not a point guard

  • This was a great game CG but there was no volume my man lol..

  • name of the song at the beginning of the game?

  • What an intense game, CG! KD with 44 points on zero 3-pointers, dominating from the midrange and paint. Great, great game and sim. Would you mind using Nets' new city jerseys and refreshed court in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs Philly? Love watching this playoff-sim content and matches :)))


  • Irving

  • Fck you men

  • Good game cg..

  • 39:42 lol Shaquille O'Neil

  • You track

  • The best games in this playoff

  • Dragic was so cold.

  • Good game cg..

  • Legends VS Legends

  • 2019?

  • Salllllsa

  • Blowout lol..

  • You track