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Mafspace - Alone
Mafspace - Alone19 giorni fa
films - loop
films - loop4 mesi fa


  • Failing to feature any (let alone all) of the following artists is pretty impressive: Godspeed You Black Emperor! Sigur Rós Slint Swans Talk Talk

  • Exquis...

  • Un excellent travail des terres péruviennes. J'espère en savoir plus sur ce projet.

  • Muy bueno :)

  • Directo a favoritos, fenomenal

  • Wonderful music.

  • It feels extremely fitting to be listening to this while reading Fallout's timeline. Like, wow, does it feel fitting.

  • In love with this song, but also with the album's artwork.. very Monster-anime-esque, and perfect for this postrock feel.

  • 7:50 den sonrasi 🔥

  • Post-rock = Melancholic, insightful, contemplative Math-Post-Rock = IT'S A FRIGGIN PARTY YA'LL!!!!!!!

  • another song I really really like: something like avalanches by sleepmakeswaves

  • ⚪✴🖤✴⚪

  • Never before have I related with an entire comment section like this, and I honestly don't like soft or slow music like this, but finding this at 3 am while waiting for exhaustion to finally beat out my insomnia, was a strange coincidence, and yeah I guess it is one of those nights now huh? Also, I can confirm as I sit here writing this to you, or maybe to just an empty youtube void, that looking out at the stars is a magical experience with this playing in my ears.... I'm sorry I'm rambling, but this is raw emotion from myself right now, about this strange experience, for any who have listened to my ramblings, I wish you a peaceful and hopefully less dread-filled life then mine from the bottom of my heart.

  • I miss u dad.

  • Today was rough.

  • This feeling is like thinking about childhood lullabies and nightfall and tears. Like sadness with a dash of joy and fear. The feeling of insignificance or of peace. For me it’s of nighttime bonfires and s’mores and crickets chirping, of looking up at the stars and enjoying the sounds of the night and of the flames, while my parents talk to the neighbors that were practically family. It’s looking back at my childhood and back at who I was, and thinking _’Wow, I got myself that far? I pushed through all of that, and I’m only just now starting to buckle my knees from the weight? How?’_ It’s lying with my dog while I stare up at the stars,listening to the creatures of the night call out. It’s thinking about how even though we may all seem worthless compared to the universe, there’s always something that values _you. _ It’s the smell of campfire smoke and wet grass, mixed with the forest. It’s running around with friends and my dog in the daytime, and resting by the fire or out on the porch by night. It’s curling next to the fireplace on a cold winter night, cracking open a Harry Potter book for the fifth time. But most of all, it’s of nostalgia and things we forgot to remember, of old toys that we no longer play with. Looking up at the night sky and questioning. Laying in bed and trying to sleep, with tears occasionally streaming down your face. It’s just that one night. One that nobody could ever truly explain.

  • Cool quotes

  • the 1st, 2nd and 5th are so-so, the 3rd one is classic!!! =), 4th is good. What made me fall in love with post-rock is music by Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Collapse under the Empire and Maybeshewill.

  • this reminds me of when i felt what i consider the best feeling i’ve ever felt. i grew up and am still growing up in the city and never saw the stars except this one time. years ago i was visiting a village where all the lights usually go out at night. i happened to look up and saw the most beautiful sky. i ran up to the roof because i couldn’t believe my eyes. i was covered by a blanket of millions of stars. never had i seen such a sight. i felt euphoria, ecstasy, mesmerized, and at peace. i would do anything to relive those truly magical moments.

  • Not my cup of tea. Boring .

  • Frequently, i think that at the end of all, im gonna be alone.

  • the fact this got recommended when i start having nightmares about the world endingn truly amazes me

  • Tides of man ITS ok

  • Perfect music to sit,smoke and think

  • Spectacular👏👏

  • Thank you for the great compilation. The artist p.g lost is also worth checking out.

  • J'aime. Merci Whpr

  • Thank you guys so much for sharing!

  • Thanks!

  • all these comments, they're either filled with emptiness or sadness. it's beautiful in a way, to see such solidarity and love among people like us, and to see the honesty of the internet on full display. thanks for sharing your stories everyone, and know the rest of us are right there with you. love y'all :)

  • Well shit, we are still here it seems, at least we are among good friends, sharing the same obscure music. How are you all holding up? Here nothing special. I'm managing (barely) to do my duty. This is my 4-5th month since I have started to seriously pushing myself but everything is becoming more blurred and I am becoming more and more emotionless. What's happening?

    • If you become more sensitive to love, also will become more sensitive to hate. Keep the indifference, the middle way.

  • The second ^^

  • Fastest notification click ever xD

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  • I love post rock, but, if I am totally honest, I'm not all that sure about this list. Until the singing started I kinda liked SOEYOEZ - Atalanta, though. Same for the last two. On a second listen I have time for heklAa - I am a piece of you, and to a lesser extent We Deserve This - Beta.

  • It's interesting how differently people perceive "one of those nights". I feel a deep happiness when listening to this. I'm reminded of the nights spent lying in the grass out in the country, all alone, at one with the night sky above me. All the little stars shining their silver sparks down on me. I'd just lie there, listening to the silence of time slowly passing, the soft whistling in the leaves of the trees behind me, my own slow breathing, cold and clear air filling me up, cleansing me. I would think and not think all the same. I would think about life and about the future and about the past and I would feel this longing, this yearning for a place I had never been, a world I had never seen, a life I had never felt. And at the same time, I would think nothing. Just feeling. Lying there in the damp, cold grass, feeling. Feeling the life beneath me, feeling the vast space above me, feeling so large yet so little all the same. I will never ever forget a single "one of those nights".

  • this feeling is expressed in a russian word “тоска“

  • epic

  • Just listened the 1st and 2nd song. My association: distortion-less metal.

  • I fucking love everything the guy behind this puts out, he deserves way more recognition and exposure for sure

  • My god, this is so amazing

  • PR y una taza de café, para que más !!

  • I sat outside, searched up "Goodbye songs" in youtube on my phone and found this, lit up a smoke and cried my heart out My dog had just died. Ill remember that day and this album forever. Miss you Morty <3

  • Why bother go out and look at the stars if the stars are right here reading this comment ;)

  • Um so I want to share this because everyone else is sharing their sad stories so here we go, my girlfriend left me about 2 months ago, to this day I truly believe that she is “the one” the one who can’t do wrong, the one who is perfect in my eyes. I always told her that I hated toxic people, turns out I became one of those people. I fucked up. I’m not glad she ended us but I know why she did. I still pray every night that she’ll one day come back to me. Uh yeah that’s my story, thanks for listening have a nice day/night/evening/afternoon/life

  • kali yuga ends in 2025 surf it

    • well most doomsday predictions fail *surf it*

  • I would definately say the creativity here is above average

  • This video inspired me to write a poem. I will never wake up again.

  • Jeez this is saddening Reminds me of memories

  • I keep trying to write some kind of deep comment to articulate how I feel when I listen to this but all my brain can think to say is "it's real sad boy hours tonight, baby!" I guess I'll just say...this makes me think of my current boyfriend. He's the first person I've ever had real serious crush on. Our relationship is clumsy and weird and we're forced to keep it a secret because of homophobic and transphobic family. We've been friends for years, though, so there's rarely ever any awkward silence. He's funny, he's kind, he's adorable, he's one of the few people that I feel like I dont have to wear a mask around. This song makes me want to lay out in a park, or a field, or even just a backyard with him. Morning or night, it doesn't matter. I want to lay with him and talk to him. Cloudgaze, stargaze, admire the blue sky, admire the dark sky, listen to rain, relax in warm wind, huddle together in the cold. Anything. Anything. As long as it's with him. God, this is so embarassing. I feel like the corniest motherfucker alive. ...I'm going to miss him once we go our separate ways in college.

  • Its definitely one of those nights. One of those nights where I crave to be apart of something bigger than myself. I look up at the night sky and see all those stars and I crave to be able to go to every single one of them. To feel like I'm apart of something bigger. One of those nights that I desperately want to be exploring and using my full potential. Knowing that there is so much out there that I can never access kills me

  • When your chinese neighbors start coughing

  • It is indeed, one of those nights

  • Exodus the best

  • I'd put Harbour - Silent Island and Input/Output - I/O.

  • 😍

  • is there any meaning behind youtube recommending this?

  • These nights are kinda scary for me as I panic about what if I die and think of my future (I'm a fuck up and disappointment) Sum1 reply I'm lonley

    • @Juan ye thanks 😂 hopefully I can sleep tonight but I find it hard

    • @B0rtis Damn. Hope you can rest nicely one of these days. I'll be around here incase. Good luck

    • @Juan ye eventually I fell asleep at around 4 am. Have to get up at 7 so that sucks

    • Hey there. How's it going now?

  • It's so beautiful how many stories come together and meet at this video. I'm reading them as if they were a book trying to comprehend that they are real. I love you guys. Another amazing night.

  • I just type random words for support channel

  • 8:20 also sounds slightly ominous

  • 3:36 is so pretty :)

  • More post Rock plz

    • martij30 ohhh okay😍

    • @Lee Six That the entire youtube channel (worldhaspostrock) consists of post rock!

    • yellerhead what is the news??🤩

    • I got great news for you about their whole IT-tvs channel

  • There's something that I crave and long for in life, but I don't really know what it is. It bothers me constantly. There, that's why I'm here lol.

  • Wow this is so beautiful. Makes me feel like I’m floating somewhere, cozily in the dark.

  • Wonderful

  • uh that first song got good in

  • wow, 2 albums in a day. thats crazy 🔥

  • Favorite Track: Tuvia 00:00 1.Tuvia 00:00 2. Hado 6:02 3. Turing 11:06 4. Bader 16:35 5. Häyhä 21:44 6. Borrel 28:47

  • J'aime. Merci Whpr

  • It’s one of those nights...I don’t have anything else to say

  • Breaking news: a giant meteor is about to hit the earth in 1:05:01 hour Me:

  • for me my "night" right-now is a night before an exam. I spend 2 weeks on holiday, first one I went skiing then I came back and studied a bit. My parents went for 2 days for their own holiday, I stayed alone in my house. But I saw my girlfriend yesterday, and we spend a calm evening, cuddling etc, we were excited to see each other back, she said to me "I love you" and I answered "I love you too". I brought her home, late, when I came back, I was once again alone, and felt immediately very very lonely. I asked myself again and again "is she the one?? am I the one for her?? why do I feel so lonely, after this evening?? have I a problem with love??" I don't understand how love can be so powerful but also weak at the same time. I loved other girls before, and I alway felt lonely. Is this because she is "alf of me" or because she took my entire soul. What is love??? I can't define what I'm feeling for her. We used to be close friends, and she alway was here when I needed to. But in the same time I feel powerless like if I lost my entire mind. Did she stole it from me or did I never found the one who will give it to me. So I spend my night, thinking, crying and nobody will know that. I lost the meaning of my own feeling I don't understand what my body, feelings are telling me I'm lost But I'm sure I will do everything in my power for her, because I'm in love, only if this is what love mean


  • Thanks!

  • Is that a flying cherub at the start of each song releasing her magical fairy dust upon an unsuspecting sleeping beauty causing her to fall into lucid somnambulant dreaming ?

  • These guys better hurry up and release an album, I want to throw money at them.

  • ✴ Massiv & Great ✴ ✴

  • Iron Rain always....

  • Класс!

  • Finally learnt the name of the genre , its beautiful... The name too..

  • I wish it was new years 2017. The girl that I liked and I had hiked up one of the mountains in town with some friends. We could see them flashing like firecrackers in the valley below. It was cold and uncomfortable, it was also the first time she hugged me because of the cold. I was kinda happy for once. A couple years later, I'm 19 , graduated. I haven't seen her or my friends in so long. I just wish i was a kid again, i dunno.

  • This sounds familiar... Hmmm... Rob Scallon's "Rain" maybe?? :)))

  • First Last step on the moon now this. Shadow of Lo is amazing

  • I close my eyes and I'm sittin' on the edge of the universe sipping from a can of soda. Staring into the void surrounded with a couple new faces I've never met. Anyone care to join? I'd love it if you did. It'll be pretty neat knowing that you'll have all of the stars at your back. Knowing that not a single worry lies before you. Knowing that you must have traveled far to get to this place with us. It feels special. Maybe we were friends in a past life. Maybe we'll be friends in our next. All we have is right now. And I want this moment with my new friends to last. So anyway... Care for a can of soda?

    • I care to join. I care to close my eyes, sit on the edge of the universe, sipping from a can of soda, the void surrounding us, drawing our faces near. With all the stars at our backs and not a single worry before us. We did travel far, far enough to forget the journey, the past and the future. Only the present is with us, here, now. It feels special. I care for a can of soda.

  • I wish once, just once, I could be someone’s first choice.

  • This video means a lot to me. Not for the video but for the title. This showed up in my recommended a few months ago and the title has really stuck with me. That phrase “one of those nights.” It describes a feeling I have that I can’t describe any other way. And I don’t know if it’s what everyone else gets from this video. So many comments are about a depressed feeling. But for me it’s a feeling of content. There is a deep pang of melancholy. But I could sit there forever and just think of the future and the past and the present and be content with it all. I’m experiencing all the happy and sad emotions at once and it couldn’t be a better feeling. It’s so complex that it can’t be just one feeling. But I think it might be love. I love the world. And I love this moment, and all the moments I’ve ever had and ever will have. Tonight I’m having one of those nights. And I wanted to thank you for this video that gave me the words to describe it.

  • I don’t know who I am or what I’m gonna do with my life, all I know is that I just gotta keep on going. It’s sad but I feel at peace knowing one day I’ll know.

    • Tim P one day man it’s gonna happen don’t worry. Everything in the current moment feels confusing but overtime it all comes together.

  • Oh, damn. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  • This feels quite different from the "Last step on the Moon" you posted before, like them both, cheers for the great tunes

  • So good and so unique I just can't stop listening

  • That has to be in reference to red rising, right?

  • This track was ridiculously powerful. I loved it. 10/10 , on repeat 🤘

  • Guys I need help deciding, I’ve been dating this girl for almost two months now and it’s been rough lately. Her parents have been getting in the way to the point I can only talk or see her at school. We’ve felt like it’s been effecting our relationship but I only say that cause she is. It’s my true first serrious relationship. But I can’t let what we have fuck up my life. Her parents hates me(I’m pretty sure they are racist like 80% sure). This years valentines was the worst though... I decided to not wait on the flowers to deliver from this huge company on Sunday and wanted to get her something on the day of Valentine’s Day. I got some of her favorite soda and a large thing of flowers. After I left I thought I got away with it but her mother was still at home and noticed but didn’t say anything. But later my mom calls me and said that she called the cops on my because she was afraid of me.... HOW DO YOU BE AFRAID OF A BOY GIVING FLOWERS.... this isn’t the first time she called the cops or tried to frame me for stuff.... I don’t want to break up with her but her stay at home mother has nothing better to do than sit around and plot against me. She’s made her daughter(whom I’m dating) life worse as well. To the point where I gotta tell her not to run away on a daily. I just want her to graduate so she can stay with me but I don’t know if it will last long enough... I just need help do I keep going with this like I want to or do what everyone else says and let her go and just stay friends until she works this shit out with her psycho parents or basically her psycho mother. I just need opinions😔

    • Some One sometimes especially in this current situation it’s best to wait till you are both older, then you will both of the freedom to choose what to do with your life and who you can be with. This situation as complicated as it is should probably result in the end of a relationship. Of course it can still work if you can talk to her mother but like sometimes you can’t just change someone’s opinion on you and it’s hard, or it just takes a long time before it happens. That’s all I have to say it’s all up to you though just my opinion on what information I have given.

  • so, so amazing.

  • Just thought I’d share to no one in particular: My best friend told me he likes me. 3 months ago. I turned him down. I love him, but he’s family to me. I know that’s a truth that will live on forever. But after a while, he told me he didn’t like me anymore. Oh who am I kidding, “a while” is a lie: after a DAY. It’s worth noting that when he confessed, he said that it came at 2 am, when he was sad and wishing he had help, and that I had come to mind because I helped him a lot. Then he said it “hit him”. Now, though, the day after his confession, he said that he confused the feeling and that he doesn’t like me. I’ve known him for 3 years now. He’s dated girls and broken their hearts, because he doesn’t know what love is. He’s always been very shallow, following girls for a basic nice personality and good looks. But never crushing on anyone actually close to him. Anyone that didn’t dress nice and put on makeup. Then there was me. He said he didn’t understand it. That he wanted to get rid of it _because_ he didn’t understand it. I also think it was also because he wasn’t in _control_, if that makes sense. That’s how I knew it was real. I knew, at least from what I’ve seen over 3 years. That he’d never had a crush like that. Then it was over, in a day. As of the time I’m writing this, I think I’m over the emotion I’m about to describe, but still thought I’d share because the emotion was still there before I started this video. After that day in which he said he was over me I had became, in a way, obsessive. I wanted him to say he liked me, to realize he LOVED me. I know, I sound like a crazed girl, but let me finish. Logically, you’ll be thinking “oh, so you discovered you liked him?” No. I got selfish. I wanted him to like me, even though I knew I didn’t and wouldn’t like him back. I wanted him to confess his love, even though I would turn him down. My friends said he still liked me. Everyone said that. I believed them. For three months. I mean, after his confession his other crushes at the time seemingly faded. He hasn’t entered a new relationship since then and hasn’t tried (something rare for him). We’ve been getting closer, and I can tell there’s a difference in our dynamic. The crush thing is brought up a lot, and we let it be brought up and we talk about it. We joke. But we smile about it, and his eyes get this weird look. So yeah, for whatever reason I suspected he loved me. I was obsessed with getting the truth out. I thought of him every night for three months. But one video, one simple video, made me let go. One video put me in perspective as I fell into another one of “those nights”, a experience I thought only I had and haven’t experienced since this all happened. To everyone in the comment section and to the maker of this: thank you. Thank you for making me let go. For making me feel different. Now, even if he does love me, Instead of wishing for a confession I’ll be praying that he lets go, since I’ll never be able to give him anything. And dude, since I sent you this video you might run into this comment. I hope not, but if you do... there you go. Just know that I really, truly, love you (just not in that way), and I hope you’re hanging in there with your other problems. Goodnight everyone. I hope you find inner peace with whatever your facing, big or small.

    • Isabella Nuñez wow that’s deep, real deep.

  • Came here after listening to the “one of those nights” video all the way through late at night, and now I’m crying. I’ve written your typical “I’m on the verge of tears” comment where you feel like you want to cry or should, but for the first time ever I’m serious. tears are actually running down my face. Whoever you are.... thank you. I don’t feel sad per se, dunno what I’m feeling exactly, but I haven’t felt this way in a long time, maybe ever, and.... yeah. Thank you. So much. And to everyone in this comment section, I bid you a hello. I like to imagine we’re all meeting at some cliff side, looking out towards a sky of stars, and just spilling our lives out to eachother. Time doesn’t matter in this scenario. We don’t learn names. One by one we depart from eachother and move on. But we all come back to meet again someday. I like to believe that we’re all gonna find that place together someday. Some night. Yeah Thank you, again. Thank you. For the memories that don’t exist and a feeling I cannot name.

  • It’s one of those nights once again for me... I always get this feeling at night. Sadness and crying. Why am I crying? I have a family who is healthy, education, good grades, etc. I’m surrounded by so many people, yet I feel alone. One person can ruin it all for you. The lies they tell about you. You aren’t good enough. One minute their your best friend and the second their your worst enemy. Why do I even call this person a friend? I can’t even explain this feeling anymore, but this music describes it. I just want to escape from this. I don’t want to die, but I want to disappear to a new universe. I want to look up to the night sky while listening to this. The sky so clear and stars so bright like never before. The cool breeze in my hair. Taking a break from everything and everyone. Sometimes loneliness is better for me. At least I can trust myself more than others.

  • A while ago I drank half a bottle of wine at 2am and decided to throw on my coat and take a walk. I put in my AirPods and played a playlist I have which is similar to this one. I live a good distance from the city around rolling hills with farm houses. I walked peacefully in the night down the gravel roads looking at the stars. The universe looked so big that night. I laid in the grass by the road and starred at the night sky for an hour just thinking. The world seemed to stop, and it felt like I was the only person on the planet. I wish I could go back to that night...

  • This music is to say: "Good bye guys I am not a bealiver" f7ck Israel and UE.