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  • How often you get it clogged from mud or vegetation?

  • hell yeah that thing runs in nothing! i'm building it's daddy the XF20

  • I like it. That hull glides well. How fast you get it.

  • Is that jack plate made from ply wood?

    • @mhomesley12 It looks like the entire boat is made of plywood. Look at the 2x4 lumber on the gunnels

  • Awesome. Nice gold guys! I prospect in that region. You can always use another digger eh? Willing to dig just for the experience!

  • is that a tunnel hull?

  • Is this the Bateau Jon Boat?

  • Awesome man, I was wondering how duck hunting went for you last weekend.

  • Looks like some nice color hiding in that pan!

  • Nice job, great video!

  • Awesome video, nice job!

  • We make that sluice look GOOD!

  • He has been sold. Thank you for the interest.

  • OH EM GEE!!! He looks like barbaro! is he still for sale? What's his price range?

  • he is beautiful. Have you sold him yet?