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I'm just a simple dude who loves life, cars and video games: I want to share the ride-along with you.
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NOTE: If you email me for a car review, please have the car ready/be able to review at the moment you e-mail me. I love all of you and your potential builds, but this helps schedule reviews easier. Also, I film 90% locally in the ATLANTA, GA area. Stay awesome!
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  • Just sent an email! Hopefully I'll see mine next video!

  • We should have got the Barra. They hate us though.

  • Also, I’m one of Danny’s launches, his car swaps to an 07 sti

  • Correction!!!! FA5 Civic!


  • These cars (bk1 and bk2) are just all looks, slow AF even when they can manage 500whp lol even the 3.8 turbos are not that fast in general. Also, the sound of the 2.0 is TRASH, typical fart can but the 3.8 sounds beast. Loud does not mean good

  • Fail at reviewing the base model 🤦🏽‍♂️. R-Spec models come stock with brembo brakes and leather seats along with a 6 speed manual. This BK2 looks like it was modded by a 16 year old, this is a poor representation to people who are unfamiliar with the car, if you’re gonna review a BK2 the R-Spec is mandatory

  • I saw this gorgeous blue bumpside F-1OO ❤️❤️❤️

  • I still want the silver Defender version from the VIPER TV series....

  • Citroen introduced turning headlights in 1967 on its iconic DS models. The Legend RL is a fine piece of engineering, good review.

  • The worst song to me

  • Rev up your dodge viper

  • Beautiful clean machine. But i subscribed because of smurfstang :) 13-14 for the win

  • This car is blown up and for sale on market place now lol

  • I loved that pimp my ride car But it was interesting hearing your opinion so thanks!

  • All I see is a fiber glass coffin.

  • The exhaust note sounds so... automatic... and monotone...wheres the screaming 4 banger rip

  • Plz read thedudeinblue

    • It's not nfs underground. You can have 10 cars 5 in Warehouse 5 in garage I never had problems online it does suck the difficulties make how fast cars are the drift mechanics are wack but you gotta get used to it and the ai is bad but if your on PSN add alexyoungblood20

  • More pimp my rides

  • mr beast is that you?

  • I absolutely love my genesis coupe! It always brings a smile to my face when I drive it!

  • He said the lawyer looked like he had no business in a sports car and was part of the 50% crash rate😂😂 that's funny lmao

  • K. Who is

  • @TDIB Want to drive an S60R with the 6 spd Manual trans?

  • Cracked cylinder walls anyone?

  • Maybe instead of talking about how "bad" it is why dont you maybe go? It was the most fun ive had all year when i went and I cannot wait to go again. Having an entire city completely filled with awesome modified cars was a absolute dream come true. Cruising the strip with crazy cars, going to huge parking lot meets and posting up on a street and watching all the cool cars drive by... what is there not to like? All the locals that I encountered seemed to love the event, i saw so many older people recording videos of all the cars passing, H2Oi is everything thats right with car culture. What you should make a video on is the LA street takeovers...that there is what is wrong with car culture. If you watch a few of supercarsuspects videos you can see that they are completely ruthless. Shutting down entire intersections so that someone can do donuts while people are close as fuck and get hit. I seen one where they shot fireworks at the police and at helicopters...but yeah...a bunch of kids doing burnouts in the street and trash is whats wrong with car culture alright bud

  • I’m glad these cars are getting some love. I had problems with my 3.8 manual, but it sounded incredible and got compliments everywhere. I think the BK2 will age really nicely, the styling is not overdone, despite the fake hood vents, and it’s a solid alternative to the Z/G37. I hope Hyundai continues to build a better reputation amongst enthusiasts

  • Tow truck driver can’t pull over, stop safely and transfer you guys to the tow truck?

  • It sounds so healthy. I was in grade 9 when I first saw this viper. I was in love with the look. Now not so much but still an amazing car for its time.

  • What the maximum size wheel can fit 17" on volvo 242 stock suspension without any modification.

  • Probably drives really similar to my Mazda 3 hatch (not speed) in terms of cornering feel

  • I’ve seen a ton of Hyundai Elantras with only cosmetic mods, in southern Cali especially lol! They made a coupe version too that car was super super nice stock

  • ccw’s are beautiful on c5’s 🔥

  • That Suzuki looks like a replica rally car!!

  • Come drive my bk2 v6 rspec genesis in the summer!

  • I have an 05 s40 t5 6speed car and it is sooo fun

  • Blue with white stripes.. still the sexiest car I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.

  • sorry that thing sounds like crap

  • You should do a 2013-2014 2.0t manual or a 2013+ 3.8 manual next

  • They didn’t have those engines lying around they used them because they are cheep and powerful, and the sho transmission won’t hold

  • im surprised that you dont know the swift 8:22

  • I like how you never got out of 2nd successfully. Wack!

  • It's actually the exact same engine setup as the focus ST. The RS had a bigger turbo, more top end, way more exciting.

  • I own a 2.0t Genesis, bought it new in 2012 ( BK2 model) when I was fresh out of college. I think they are great cars and pretty underrated. For under $27,000 I didn't feel there was any new car that even came close. I made 408whp/330wtq on 91 w/ a GTX3076 before my LS swap . That was with a stock clutch, stock bottom end and just basic mods. I make quite a bit more money now than when I was fresh out of college and own 5 vehicles, but I can't bring myself to sell my GC. I just use as a fun DD and tinker car now, but I always get compliments on it. This winter I'm half way through completing a 6.0 LS swap with an LSA supercharger, but will have it done by spring. It always bothers me that I never really see a good example of the car being reviewed. Not to be a hater but the KDM scene tends to be more about looks than speed. Most of the GC's around here are slammed on camber with little to no performance mods. This one here doesn't sound great (imo) and I can't stand that crackle pop tune. Nevertheless, it was nice to see it being reviewed years after they went out of production. I think these are good cars for kids in high school trying to get something with good potential without having to pay a ton of money. You can pick up a low mileage BK2 for $10k, put $3k in mods and have a car making 400hp. I wish there was something like this when I was in highschool.

  • Hope in a few years I can buy one when I’m 16

  • I love my 3.8

  • The TVR cars Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan, Tamora, T350, Typhon and Sagarisall fit in to this category and they look pretty similar to.

  • That awesome video!

  • Can I send you mine it’s a 01 Silverado step side regular cab currently going to turbo it

  • Idk if I trippin but the interior looks like a manual , but it has paddle shifters too ? Or am I tippen and it’s a automatic

  • “That’s the booty of this show”

  • it's ok not high as i would want it still got to get down on your back

  • Had one of these loved it

  • All Mopars look ugly without the yellow spoiler

  • actually the focus rs is a V50 in disguise :v

  • Boi do I have news for you... Aztecs didn’t lived in Central America. They lived in the territory now occupied by Mexico City which is in North America.

  • Betterhelp... seriously?

  • Saying it's an RS is a little stretch imo. I lived in Europe for 8 years, have always been a turbo Ford guy ... and the C30 is the Ford Focus ST 100%; same chassis, engine, suspension etc etc... different body panels. The RS has an upgraded turbo, different intercooler, different engine management/ECU/Tuning. But I do get your sentiment ;)

  • The king kobra was the best viper

  • My 3.8 sounds better with that exhaust :P

  • You sound like you swallowed a chainsaw blade and then pulled it back out lol

  • Want one!

  • hi David. nice vid. liked b4 watching b/c i knew it was going to be good

  • Lmao he didnt understand norwegian at alllll

  • I stopped watching halfway due to ads

  • Long Tube Headers (No cat) + Corsa Extreme = BANG BANG BANG

  • clear tail lights look fire on 6th gen accords

  • Cant get them in the uk :(

  • Guys are so funny, I wish all girls were like her. What a lame world that would be, your a half a step away from just wanting to be with a dude lol.

  • Yea you thought: "It has the mandatory popcorn tune! 😀" But in reality that shit gets old FAST. I love pops, but as with everything, in MODERATION. I only like the one pop on an up shift when you're flooring it, and the one MAYBE two when you come off the gas at a HIGH rpm.

  • What song is playing in the intro?

  • Great car! Great video! Though I loved the Mercury version, the Comet more. It had a more attractive front and rear fascias. My college roommate would borrow from time to time his dad's 4 door with the same red color and black vinyl roof and the icing on the cake was it had the 302. It was tasteful, sounded gorgeous and fast.

  • the glasshatch are a design from the volvo 1800 es, that are from the old days. 1961-73.

  • i wish i had a 5cyl in my volvo..i got a V60 T5.......4cyl turbo engine with 240hp. doesnt sound as good as the real one :)

  • Been into the KDM thing for a good minute. When I get the motor back in the RD2 I'd gladly let you review it.

  • I love it wow

  • Yo fuck cars and coffee I got too much beef there stylllll, gotta deck bare mans if I go you feel me

  • Best car on my list love the G1 viper

  • Can you make a pov video with just pure driving? :D

  • Ummmm the SHO is older than you think.

  • Now just waiting for that 370z turbo review

  • Forgot to mention that my previous car was a 95 240SX, and I think the 2.0T GC is, in a way, a spiritual successor to the SR20 equipped S-chassic cars. Definitely much closer than Nissan ever came with subsequent models.

  • The steering doesn't convince me

  • I live in Michigan and recently flew to NY to pick up a 2013 2.0T R-Spec with the 6 speed manual and am absolutely LOVING it so far. IMO these are such underappreciated vehicles, so it's always good to see discussion on them. Thanks!

  • Penis blue color

  • this is one of the best intros you've done I think, it's fucking brilliant and I love it!!

  • Do you have to take the airbox off to get to the oil filter or is that actually where it drains the oil?

  • Just thought I’d let y’all know this car is now for sale: So, there ya go.

  • 14:10 Actually I started doing that half way through the video haha

  • Dude, try finding the Polestar version! Those were awesome. And as a side note, next time that you see your friend ( owner of the C30 ) tell him to open the hood for you and look at the ECU wiring, at the connectors it has stamped on the FOMOCO logo. So the question is who made what? Did Ford made the Engine and electrical or did Volvo design the engine and Ford made the electrics? My folks owned a 2004 S40 T-5 and it was a awesome car. Now they have a 2007 XC70 T-5 AWD with just only 27k miles on the clock. I used to owe a 1986 240 and I still love and miss that car! Best regards from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 my friend!!

  • Haven't driven one yet but it looks, sounds and you can almost feel the beast as described. Just didn't like the planet fitness music throughout the video. Thanks.

  • I thought the focus rs was the cheep Verizon of a focus rs 🤔 confused

  • What kind of $ is Fathouse charging for this build?

  • I’m glad my car doesn’t overly pop, would suck in front of cops

  • If you grew up with the Hyundai Excel and rest of their line-up from 80'-90's you'll never get that bad taste out of your mouth. This car doesn't help there case.

  • Pop pop pop....sooo corny 🌽

  • Nooooooo, shoulda reviewed the much better 3.8 mannnn... I miss mine so much

  • Great car. I had an '09 with a manual and loved it. I only sold it because I needed more space for my son. And squishy brakes is just a Volvo thing.

  • #volvo we in this bitch

  • All 5 cylinders sound awesome! Love my ancient 4000 CS Quattro!