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  • ePILLepsy

  • I did this meme UwU

  • Why steg, I mean, IT'S INCEST

  • hey man while i may not have liked the digbythegoat ‘callout’ sorry it got taken down by some asswhipe

  • hey , someone reported your video on digby it wasn't a good video but that's some boomer tier cringe and i'm terribly sorry if you have a strike for it, we're still trying to find out who did it

    • yeah it got taken down. I could care less if someone disagrees but spam-reporting is the dumbest shit lmao

  • n o u

  • Just drink it smh

  • Where’s this version of the song

  • noice ;w;

  • jay, sgaking and crying: i just wanted to help what the fukc,,,,

  • this is canon

  • I can’t find the original vid Did u delete it? ;w;

    • I have it on private bc i changed some things !!!! And some of the characters arent related to this story

  • Um excuse me this person stole your video

  • woh.... . (That's deep snfjk sorry)

  • me, at the end: wAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL-- this so good tho,,,, jay my boy,,,,, i miss yo,u,,,,,,

  • I HATE STEG TOO OMG how do 2 out of shape guys make this muscular person thing

  • (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

  • Amazing work! :O Also, question. How did you do the white line around Spinel? I am using medibang for quite a while and i still struggle with that XD

  • steg isnt that bad to me tbh, its just his design ffs. Greg is a chub father and steven is- well a kid, so the design confuses me and the art is just 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Cool

  • Ah, yes. Here is _real_ art.

  • :o I hate steg and musicals too

  • i actually scream when steven and greg fuse


  • Thank you for having the same opinion I have for stag, *shaders* he makes me REALLY uncomfortable and I don’t know why

  • yes

  • Spinel is BABYYYYYYYYY (I actually saw this on your Instagram! I love ittttt!!)

  • i can swim with my legs she be weak

    • too late , theyre 2 deep to swim out

  • It feels kinda wrong not to subscribe to a channel of such culture

  • Dynamic poses are!! very difficult!! You did a good job in that regard! (also choosing a noodle-y bodied character is always a good choice when you're not like,, a Professional in loose-rubbery-bodied cartoon drawing). Really good lighting (and colour theory in regards to lighting/shading)!! The only criticism I have for you (bcuz I'm Bad at finding things to improve on) is a little bit more consistency in proportions/the thickness of the body (specifically the ankle-area of the leg on the right). This might be an attempt at a bit more depth(?) but the foot isn't in quite the right position (or quite the right size) for the depth effect to be pulled off correctly. It looks a bit funky, to put it bluntly. All it takes is a bit more practice, honestly. Otherwise, this is a really cool drawing and you overall did a really good job with a dynamic pose! Doesn't look stiff or too unrealistic anatomy-wise. Have a good day!! <33!!

  • Girls on their period be like-

  • I don't hate Steg,but man he looks freaking scary- it looks like a Jojo's know what,now i hate it for remember that (¿?)

  • Honestly Steg looked like a JoJo's character.

  • Steg got pee pee brain -anti steg gang

  • My sister didn’t like Steg either, I didn’t mind it lmao. Amazing drawing!!!!

  • I fucking hate steg too lol- I love spinel so much tho--

  • This is incredible ❤❤👏👏 Also steg spook me when I saw him sksksk

  • baby gem also im not a fan for musicals either but this one was rad

  • Glad everyone here can agree Steg is scary

  • 👌👍💙

  • Really nice shading and lighting! I hope to be this good one day

  • Oooo! I love this! I also loved the movie!

  • omg i hate steg tooo

  • What makes you hate about steg?

    • 1. hes literally an inbred 2. how the fuck is he actually RIPPED when hes a mix of 2 fat baby-faced dudes and 3. HE LOOKS FUCKING SCARYJFHGFKG

  • Comics- caravan palace *I see your a man of culture as well*

  • Literally the best drawing of her tho

  • Ah yes the pink playful Insane noodle gem herself

  • steg isn’t a very good character this comment was made by Sane People gang

  • Steg be like: I have a six pack 👁️👄👁️

  • Ooooh! Lovely!!❤️❤️

  • are you alright??

  • *_O H , M Y C A R D I A C A R R E S T_*

  • Hello! Just wanted to notify you someone stole your video Here is the link: My English is not the best but i still hope it was useful

  • No dislikes that is what you deserve

  • omg save little that little angel from this demon

  • This is creative and inspirational, i love it!

  • btw the quality is hella shitty on mobile for some reason smh :( kinda sucks considering literally nobody watches animations on pc

  • just wanna say this looks really cool and inspires me! ill definitely check out the rest of your stuff

  • Woah I love the actual animated water :0 it’s such a small yet interesting touch that I haven’t seen a lot of people add! And if you this was a vent, just remember that we all appreciate and love you :)

  • This is awesome! I adore the expressions!

  • Don't drown!!!! You can't die!! Or did you......

  • gurgles the water

  • I like SICK meme best of all memes💓

  • I love this very much 👏😤 if you are going through a hard time please get better💞💞💞💞

  • I love the hair movements toward the end 😍

  • this gives me the chills ur so talented u have all my love,, and im sure others feel the same 💛

  • y um

  • Gah I love this. I don't know how you do it but your style stands out and looks very put together, even when it's in a rough/sketchy style. The lighting of the background and the understanding of how to draw a room is really good! The understanding of lighting in general is really good imo. I like the colours you used, they all complimented each other well. You can convey emotions rlly well. Keep up the good work!!

    • @crispymilk no problem!! I really like your art and know that not getting much attention or praise can be mega discouraging. I'll try to make more comments like these when I can! <333!!

    • jfjmng thank u so much aGHHHH....... i barely het compliments like this and it makes me feel so happy thNAK UUUUUUUU


  • r/imcrispyandthatwasdeep

  • Amazing :))

  • This is delicious Also if u are going through a hard time remember we fully support you, also u cool and awesome and the bestest Edit: thank u crispy for the ❤️ sadly all I could give u was a like :/

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love all your little animations!

  • Woah! This is awesome!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love this and if your struggling I hope you get through it! ❤️❤️ I love you! ❤️❤️

  • 👏👏👏

  • Говно

  • When I just looked at it.... I said OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • When people talk shit about your deepest insecurities then defend themself by saying its a joke

  • Oooh 💙

  • this is so dope it's like a trailer for supermental. also ty for introducing me to glass animals lol

  • Awansome uvu

  • Totheark You give me life

  • This is exactly what I needed in my life

  • ////❤❤❤

  • Who else is here from Facade?

  • You can slay me any day, I fuckin love youuuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • “So who is your inspiration?” Uh Crispy Milk.... “Oh cool! What type of stuff do they animate? *Sexy dogs...*

  • I really like how Jay is drawn, looks a lot more like Troy than most drawings of Jay.

  • Nobody: Me: Face:*severe acne* Me :wHaT WaS ThE ReaSoNn >:(

  • Is it wrong to say I'm now inlove-

  • WEw,, Gosh I just AAa I love this!!! Ur so talented

  • Not original

    • @crispymilk Heres the link

    • Crispymilk "I've found the video" ____________ *Ryan Wolf* "There can be more then one original" (no offense) Also crispymilk was first to create the meme before icedog mcmuffin Check the old video and you will see that its posted in October 14 2016 and Icedog Mcmuffin was on Mar 14 2017 so crispymilk can remake it (NO offense)<>just saying for crispymilk) It doesn't matter which is original as long the other original creator dosen't get inspired off the real original

    • @Ryan Wolf link it lol i cant find it

    • The meme was originally made by Muffindog ((something) search it up

    • How?

  • 0:02

  • holy shit dude PLEASE put a flashing warning

  • o w o the colors are just so smooth and the animation is fricking awesome, keep up the good work uwu

  • beAutiFuL 🦐


  • Song ? ^^