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Videos you didn't think were possible, created by Sam and Niko and the Corridor Crew!


Jon Snow Wick
Jon Snow Wick7 mesi fa
TINY GUNS2 anni fa
GIZMODUCK!2 anni fa
VAPE GOD3 anni fa
RED vs BLUE3 anni fa
Darth Santa
Darth Santa4 anni fa
Wizard Cops
Wizard Cops4 anni fa
Judge Drone
Judge Drone4 anni fa
Real GTA
Real GTA4 anni fa
Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts4 anni fa


  • Vau voo

  • 3:30

  • Corridor Why dont you guys try to make videos with rocketjump this way you all can focus on Making one video at a time i think videos Will come faster that way

  • Snake quit playing around.... Snake?.... SNAKE!!!!!

  • Imagine people walking by and seeing grown men flying all over the floor.

  • I guess this is Canada

  • Sooo...Kevin is the most wanted criminal in the world...

  • 6:20, man this guy would be good at r6

  • Im Japanese. Is this CG?

  • If theses things do get created, I’m gonna a full robo recall on that thing

  • ITS so sad

  • Poor robot

  • Fake

  • i think if you sit down and you put the gun down and is stuck...

  • 420k likes yes

  • Its sooooo fake but looks like it's purely real

  • Крутой монтаж блин как

  • *ROBOT ABUSE!!!*

  • Definitely a fake video

  • Eic

  • Why is the gas station worker point the shotgun at the guy trying to stop the robbery and not the actual robber

  • And they didnt do money glitches

  • 1:01 AirPods Pro

  • Is this Animated or real i can't tell

  • Gta Xi in the future 2050.

  • Its completely cgi cuz of 2:21 look at the shadow in the oil drum

  • Sikana

  • Yeah ya.

  • 3:18 RYU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU A.K.A the sound of death cuz the enemy Hanzo just popped his ult.

  • Holycrap!!i started to doupt if this a robot

  • If only it was real

  • That video are my evry game what i play...

  • Damn 5-6 years later and it still holds up

  • You could’ve called the video foamnite, missed opportunity

  • Fun fact: the wood to make that fence is from leather because its almost transparent

  • The laser gun was a trash can lmao

  • My friend doing parkour: **Tallest building challenge* Me doing parkour:

  • well, thanks for epilipsi

  • Does is say owo on the face......?

  • Is it just me or does this have the same atmospheric presence as some of Trevor Henderson’s stuff?

  • We need John Wick with a pencil😏

  • Wait is this fr?

  • 4:20. Is that matpat?

  • 0:37 guy stuck in portal

  • Prey for skynet take over the world

  • This is fake, you can obviously tell the white coats are paid actors!

  • Minecraft 1.90

  • January 18th 2020 real life GTA 5

  • Fake

  • Ceo of beating woman

  • I didn't even realise the video was from 2012. It felt their old videos are from 2016 or 2017, but I'm amazed that it's 2012.

  • Pathfinder was about to clap everybody and zip line af off🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ”hello friend” 🤖

  • Mmm, esto es falso?

  • wot

  • Geek Tyler btw

  • Есть тут русские?:-)

  • This is actually kind of fucking awesome, ngl

  • "$150 bazillion contract" No thanks I'd take the wine

  • This anime looks like jojo + pokemon/digimon

  • Danny Gonzales?

  • 이렇게까지 해야만 속이 시원하셨습니까아아!!!

  • 2020 anyone?

  • I know this isnt real but in all seriousness, emp would be all it takes

  • Robot don't surf..

  • Nice but obsolete? Such movement. 😏 ... 😳woo what just happened man I almost missed it.😜📷📷

  • 👍✔

  • Why are you hurting the robot

  • I gotta give a bruh.

  • 1:46 What the hell are you spraying at?

  • Give me that Light sabre nowe

  • So its basically a stopmotion video hmmmm...

  • Even tho its fake pls stop hurting that poor thing 😭

  • Pretty good...I see a movie coming soon.


  • Fake but cool

  • This Is Terrifying....I Think I Have Therapy....

  • Y'all need to work on your design graphics. You can still see that the robot is fake. Its movement, the feet sliding on the boxes opposite of the tilt and gliding when it should be flat footed. Anyone who believes this is real needs to remember this is fake

  • 3:44 robot runs away robot: Im fast as fuck boyyy

  • Hitting subscribe right away... 😅

  • Also know as shinra tensei

  • Is FAKE

  • 3:30 I wish the movies had more shots like this.

  • They're just bullying the robot I feel bad

  • The funny thing is that they are going to betray us and get us

  • The clip is SO good!!!!!!!!

  • I was crying watching this

  • 5:33 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • Hello

  • Good

  • Its like beyblade with fidget spinners

  • In Indian language u call this 'sasta (cheap) John Wick' 😆😆


  • All this for a drop of water

  • Sarge: Griff! Give everyone the extra ammo you were suppose to bring. Griff: But I -gets cut off by Sarge. Sarge: Simmons, give everyone the the extra ammo because you knew Griff was going to forget! Simmons: Already done sir!

  • Weather this is real or not this is just evil

  • Damn this is torture

  • Its a good robot until he kicks his creator for disarming him

  • What was used to make the beeps and boops sounds?

  • Goood