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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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  • MattPatt getting hyped about how cool St. Jude is and the work that they do makes my heart happy

  • This is #1 in gaming

  • just a reminder December 3rd 10:00 pt even tho its on a school day :(

  • I got 24 who else got 24?

  • And why is there withered Bonnie and the paper pals in FNAC?

  • No doubt about it, the fnaf game Scott will make for the fundraiser will definitely have lore. Scott don’t do coincidences.

  • id donate but my money is going to my friend kozykos who has a brain tumor he's not old enough to go so please check out kozykos and IT-tvs and comfort my friend ok please help him just by messaging him he would appreciate so support that amazing kid <3

  • Is the big live stream gonna be uploaded to IT-tvs

  • Vibe check dat cancer.

  • Thank you for putting the time stamp.

  • *this video is sponsored by St Judes hospital

  • watched the important part. Now to skip the rest because I still want to play the vr update blind :D

  • 1700

  • What if tape girl is mask girl there voices sound very similar and it would make sense, remember at the end of all the tapes she sounded a bit off mabey that's when glitch trap controlled her mind and she is under her control but not fully mabey a way to break her free is to remind her of Jeremy and his situation that's just my theory 🤔🤷‍♀️

  • Ok, if you would like to be accurate, redo minecraft. You can get endless gold from gold farms.

  • mAMa MiIaAaAaaAa

  • That list sounds like my brother

  • I cant sleep Now thanks

  • Backpack kid should be happy because without Fortnite his Dance would’ve be as popular

  • It sounds cool to be able to save tape girl

  • I'm annoyed I can't buy theory merch at primark (you may or may not know)

  • Matpat: The fan base has matured Me:*looks down at stuffed animal* Me again: ArE YoU sUrE

  • Matpat: The fan base has matured Me:*looks down at stuffed animal* Me again: ArE YoU sUrE

  • It says FNAF not FNAC

  • Nice job hitting #1 trending for gaming

  • Nah... just mark is the king of fnaf

  • anyone rewatching all of these to laugh at every time he says "today we solve fnaf" or "my final timeline

  • Me: I Wish cancer wasn't a thing in 9999999999 years

  • Which fnaf game will u guys be playing? Dec 3rd, will the stream be on Youtbe or twitch plz let me know or just another website

  • I think that the bunny mask girl is the same person as tape girl and when she got out there the player we are playing as she when crazy and started worship glichtrap as a god

  • If you do the math in Sun And Moon he's 29

  • In replying to the fundraiser. I have a disease that is very rare I believe. It's usually genetic, so my kids will have it too. But mine was just a mutation. I have the possibility of getting cancer in my colon, liver, brain, stomach, and several other places at any given time. So thank you for making a fundraiser for cancer. It rlly means a lot to me

  • 1600 because it’s a squared number.

  • FNAD game: THIS IS NOT CANON AT ALL Mat: yes, but actually no

  • Question why don't Americans have free healthcare and education

  • Many people got the it's me easter egg

  • Criminal Minds has me ready for this

  • How many books are there

  • 4:53. There goes my sleep. And my pants are wet

  • I do not know someone who died of cancer but they died of old age

  • ghostpatt

  • I thought Botw connects all timelines

  • Why December 3rd? I can't watch because, not only do I have school, but I have a chorus concert that day so I don't get to watch it until even later. Life is going great.

  • 1700 because its bigger


  • The mask remaineds me of majora's maske 12:06

  • 😭😄 your A good person MattPat

  • also the music seriously 2077 yet all songs that stayed were from at least 1960 and at most 1990 how would that make sense

  • get noob nintendo!

  • the new villain is william's fangirl.

  • I'd say less Cult of Springtrap and more, the Plague of Glitchtrap. The Glitchplague? Purple Death?

  • My birthday is on December 2nd. I take this as a nice gift. My brother and I thank you 😀

  • My birthday is december the 2nd

  • Sorry Mr Pat, Halo Reach is releasing on PC on December 3 and I'm not gonna have any time that day for anything else.

  • Tubular was in stranger things

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  • ahhh I just finished watching Brendon Urie's 24 hour livestream for the Highest Hopes Foundation ( similar to the Trevor Project, helping lgbt youth) and now this lovely livestream. My heart hurts from love

  • I am now a scared, anxiety filled, disgusted, 11 year old. :) I'm ok

  • I can't donate. I'm 11 and a half years old. Also i think i won't be able to make it to the livestream cuz i live in Israel and time is different here.

  • hmmm I am wing dings

  • I hope Matt makes some sorta mega-theory episode that wraps all of these theory’s into one


  • you should do an episode on Ekko from League of Legends

  • Kills people and gets away with it Phuckin man

  • I’m so excited it’s on my bday

  • I think Scott Cawthon wouldn't have come that far in his games without you, The Game Theorists, and your theories.


  • you are an amazing person honestly

  • 0:27

  • 5:00 why u came

  • End of video My answer is 19

  • Team plasma claims to plan on freeing all Pokemon *But they literally use Pokémon to battle you while doing so*

  • TAKE MY MONEY! Y'all are sweethearts. <3

  • Can we just acknowledge how awesome Scott is? Like seriously! (Also Matt too, duh~)

  • Why on a school day

  • They all want to go up

  • Hey! If you read the book series ( which I have ) they explain he use to be a theme park constructor and he built the Golden Apple theme park. He was opening up a roller coaster but didn't do the safety test and a little girl named Lucy Yi died the Neighbor's daughter was friends with her and late rin the second book the kids find him digging up something ot someone read the book its too much explaining, but yeah there's also Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek and Secret Neighbor. So can you do more theories plz?


  • WAIT.... rhemery isnt a fnaf king? ;-;

  • Detective pikachu: "hold my coffee" Sonic: "my rings too"

  • Matpat:last game I have to do Fnaf vr:there is another New fnaf game:I’m about to extend this mans hole Career

  • Lmao the three Kings

  • Normally I say "Death to commies" but now I say "Death to Cancer and Commies"

  • Aww markiplier? Fuzion gamer is a much cooler dude

  • Dawko matpat and Markiplier that really is a dream team

  • #teamtrees

  • I assume you made this before you met your wife

  • I have a Theory. What if Vanessa or Canny is tape girl. She might have put the tapes in to not telease Glitch trap, but maybe it was also not to release her as the new killer in the franchise.

  • I wish you guys were doing the charity stream on the weekend😔

  • His brother

  • I have school so I can’t watch the livestream😭

  • Transformer for my block blows right as the freddy rave start, coincidence or is this video cursed?

  • Hot wings

  • Now pc

  • That Thumbnail is a product of Golden Experience’s Requiem

  • Mark is 33?! Wow you look way younger!

  • looks like i'm missing the stream :P

  • Life will get u down so be like frisk stay determined

  • 25 four-sided figures