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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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  • i dont even play FNAF but the way matpat is so passionate about it, i just love it

  • Susie

  • I didnt know how to react to this when I saw first saw it. It took me a few minutes to realize how much mental health and disabillties matter so much. Matpat made this more clear to me. I saved someones life from suicide just a few years after this video taught me how valuable people are and that they are not alone.

  • Sorry but can I just say Minecraft is infinite Sorry but It’s true

  • Wait.... if Henry went in the ink machine does that mean he's a monster like suzie sammy or what Like if agree

  • Know I want him to change game theories into because Mario does not deserve to be the star anymore!

  • ZETA FLARE!!!!!!!

  • I can’t believe I never noticed that this I how many people now hate Mario | | \/

  • But what weapon does purple guy use tell me that matpat

  • MatPat: "What IS the complete story of Five Nights at Freddy's?" hahahahaha

  • Intro was 7 min wtf

  • You thought it was Markiplier, but it was me, DIO

  • Bruh how can phone guy die twice

  • This stuff has gone for too long do something else it gets boring


  • Who ever pissed off matpat shall die by the holy handgrenade of azreath

  • That moment you realize you’ve learned more from a Game Theory video than you have from an entire science class...

  • So minecraft isnt flat?

  • How many times he uses Orville the elephant | | V

  • *i beg of you, please do a Sally Face theory*

  • Mewtwo is being created in Pokemon go and he is in his earlier form when he has been like a cyborg. It is time for a Pokemon go theory

  • Dyna Blade attacked Kirby first though...

  • The Minecraft world is infinite so wouldn't it touch the sun, or the suns rays would not reach all on the planet

  • He played the telemonn sinfonia at the end

  • Does this theory apply to ditto too?

  • game theory: **uses literally every theory of gravity mass and other things and putting it in an easy-to-learn way** school: *you see that flying over there? thats a bird*

  • I played it when it released I hat my mind I’m horroified

  • Alice

  • Anyone else start getting excited when matpat said Monica was flowey?

  • 1700

  • Me: watches vid Also me: maybe they killed a lot of gurdians 2 get ocean monument

  • Nobody’s gonna see this but chech our trove truly nothing like Minecraft not about building but you can build some stuff great dragons great game

  • HA!!! My birthday is exactly one day after!!

  • *Happy Stalin noises*

  • this is so off topic but, imagine if his camera died mid video and didnt save anything....

  • Wasn’t FNaF 2 location opened before 1987? In the survival logbook theory you said that it was open earlier for Mike to be able to go...right? Or did Mike go during when he was robotic?

  • long story

  • I came from inside a mind

  • Honestly ninja was a mistake

  • *2 0 2 0 ?*

  • He thought it'd be that easy...

  • That moment when roblox came out in 2006 but yet takes inspiration from minecraft 😳

  • 'So did you actually create any of the games?' Scott: Well yes, but actually no

  • cant u use lights to farm under ground

  • I have a little theory. What if the player isn't the same as he builders? It would explain why the player is immune to the zombies (unlike the villagers or the builders). Or maybe when the builders were leaving, the player was accidentally left behind and adapted in order to survive. Or my favored route, the player was created by the builders. In one of Matpat's other Minecraft theories, he stated the builders tried to ressurect their dead in the nether. Meaning they were open to tinkering with lifeforms too. At some point, they managed to create the player, and probably started the zombie situation. If the player was created as a way to raise the dead or cheat death, then they succeeded. Also there is the fact the builders would need to raise their dead. Whenever the player dies, they repawn. Worth noting that time continues after the player's death. True this is a game mechanic for multi-player, but who says that can't be worked into lore. The player is the only thing that cheats death and stays in the same state of mind, unlike the zombies. In a way, the player is a super human. Hence why they can punch down trees so fast with little effort. This also answers my questions as to why wither deletions and guardians would attack the player. The player must have been changed so much those two mobs must have not recognized the player as a builder or descendent of the builders. Though the player must look pretty similar to the builders and acts a tad like them. But the player must not be able to gain the intelligence the builders had to be make the end portal blocks. Or since the end portal came after the nether the player must have only gained the knowledge the builders themselves had before they made the end portal but knew enough to make an enchanted table. In a way, the enderman and the player are what's left of the builder race.

  • Ff

  • Who else got scared in 11:22

  • GTA should of been in one of the games

  • You stupid idout that poop is fake

  • I got it how powerful is the poltergust?

  • what about a super "flat" world austin?

  • If you go to and take a look at the code of the site it will say "name="Stay the course." content="I will." name="Focus on my voice." name="I will. "Don't let anyone lead you astray." name="“I" content="Have you selected one?" name="I have." dont know what this means TBH

  • Ash’s pikachu is still the strongest enough said

  • My font would be HAN SOLO

  • Uh Matt I’m watching on ipad

  • Make a theory about Wario and Waluigi

  • The Corona virus.

  • Im not takeing notes to leave bad comments im taking notes because this makes so much sense to me

  • Mario is a psociopath stand strong

  • Mat hasn't talked about the fnaf 2 withers... Where did they come from...?

  • 14÷2=7 7+7=14 WTF

  • Cuphead is an illegal moonshiner it would be funny if he had achahol and got mugged

  • MattPatt: I've finally answered all of fnafs questions Scott: There is another

  • Theres 15 stories matpat you have alot to go thru

  • Old English

  • Please use flash warnings.

  • These editers are so funny with their editing

  • Guess Minecraft Is The Knew fnaf seeing as were going piece by piece and solving lore, huh, guess 2019-2020 is changing the world, game world that is.

  • "Leave the demons to his demons" Leave the murderer to his own demons, the loss of his son.

  • El chip

  • Are we gonna talk about the convenience of the time being 6:66 when 'Jack' sent the message?

  • comic sans

  • Hollow knights the best

  • Is this really Mat Pat?

  • 😭😭 I jumped at 11:23

  • Mat pat I thought Chris is the crying child and Michael is the old brother ?

  • “First, you have to make the endermen wet. To do so, you gotta cook up a nice meal, then yo-“ That’s a hilarious joke that probably went over a lot of people’s heads

  • Wow, these are all fascinating

  • Hot wings

  • My birthday is May 22

  • They are in the same universe. You forgot " Smash Brothers".

  • Why does matpats sister location alarm sound like the pennywise song At 12:20

  • He was tricked into it pretty much

  • He has Gotten his lawyer badge and job taken away but since thanks to miles he is back so BUT ALSO HOW HE GOT THAT WAS FROM EVIDENCE THAT PHOENIX DIDN’T KNOW THAT WAS ILLEGAL

  • 17:30 is Scott training us to make our own fnaf games one day?

  • 0:11 from someone who grew up using sign language I like to say that sign means "I love you" (at least with my family)

  • *bendy tape plays* But with fnaf Fnaf and batim fans: *Wait, that's illegal*

  • omg i learned this in physics!!

  • You forgot two things the smash ball specials and how many characters are in the character trophies

  • did we just get vibe checked in the beginning?-

  • Go to the Whaling Museum and Mariner's House and Chapel in New Bedford, MA. It will answer some questions, Matpat.

  • So The UAE government is the real world version of Dragon Ball Z's Yamcha except the UAE government is alot less nice.

  • Nah Phoenix ain’t a criminal

  • 👍

  • She changed the subject so many times

  • What if Mark seen this... You will be killed if he sees this

  • Erkek

  • 17:24 silver eyes omg