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  • 2020: I'm forgotten...

  • Donkey Kong & Diddy king: BANANA SLAMMA! King K rool: *WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!!*

  • Oh god part of it came true

  • I wonder what other relevant character will get into Smash Because only I matter, and irrelevant characters are obviously just to pander to nostalgia Banjo and Kazooie? Irrelevant, I'm going to curse my discord friends who are excited for Banjo in smash, because he isn't relevant, waste of a slot, I'm going to hate on anyone who likes him, and his games, because I wanted a relevant character to pander to me, because only I matter

  • That should've given bowser a line

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • *hears chant* Nacho Bid?

  • Banjo, Kazooie, We’re home.

  • Banjo: Guh-huh! Kazooie: Breeee!

  • Still return to this video every once in a blue moon, remembering the day the Smash Kampaign for K. Rool was at last achieved. I'll never forget the way I felt as I heard the booming footsteps during Sakurai's closing statement, or the short reel of heroes facing off against their rivals before cutting to a yawning DK. Long live the King.

  • Git gud

  • That's the biggest problem I have with characters that are so easy to play and rely on just one move like Ike and Palu. When they're too easy and so effective, they become boring and obnoxious really fast. I love Ike and Palu in Smash 4, but in Ultimate, both of them are so irritating and annoying.

  • Why is Palu so unfun? I found her really fun in Smash 4, but in Ultimate, she's so boring and obnoxious.

  • Click-baitChris

  • Explosive Flame? More like...Extremely Lame.

  • Ok that’s a fantastic music choice

  • I really wish I can live that long like you... I gotta get better...


    • King K. Kool #KRoolGotBuffed Thanks, though to be fair, you’re seeing the handful of times I nailed the timing and didn’t just stomp my foot uselessly heh.

  • That Dark Pit was giving me Mii Swordfighter vibes from a previous video

  • I miss the times when she was considered worse than Pit

  • King K Rool & Bayonetta

  • Palu is such a garbo character

  • *YAWN*

  • *YAWN*

  • Good music choice

  • 202.5%

  • Is down throw to up smash as reliable as something like f-tilt or dash attack?

    • Bluster The Benevolent USmash has an earlier KO range (Bowser’s is around 120%) and you don’t have to worry about how far you are from the side blast zones, but can miss smaller characters, ones with higher jumps out of pitfall or if you miss the timing on when they’re going to mash free.

  • That was well-earned, especially after that tragic first stock.

  • Hey! The exclusive Pokemon SwSh Spirits are on smash bros if you care about it👍

  • Must be revenge after the reveal trailer

  • Wow, another great music choice!

  • Nice music choice. Also I'm uploading my klips RN too!

  • I always love fighting Little Mac as King K. Rool.

    • SpikeTrap53 He can devastate K. Rool on the ground if he gets in past your projectiles...but he’ll have a rough time ever doing that if you consistently apply pressure. Some in the K. Rool Discord channel consider Mac and Incineroar to be his only winning MUs.

  • A reminder that Down Smash is amazing to land.

  • What a title

  • the funny thing is Banjo Kazooie was supposed to have a TV show when Nuts and Bolts was about to release. So if they did you could have used racks from that

  • The title would’ve been funnier if it was on Find Mii.

  • Things like this make me happy. :_)

  • Nice comeback my guy

  • So you're the MGK Ganondorf for King K. Rool huh, nice win too.

    • King K. Kool #KRoolGotBuffed That’s some high praise. I’m just a guy, sitting in front of a kroc, asking him to krush all kompetition.


  • Banjo, Kazooie, we're home.

  • Dk island: (explodes) Diddy: it's busted. Boom. Finished

  • If K. Rool was a fighter in Melee this what he would look and sound like.

  • This appeared in my recommendations, I love when this actually happened, that's hype right there.


  • It better be funky kong

  • Steve was leak-bait. Here’s the real deal.

  • Does this mean that Blue, the best brother bear, will make it to Smash?

  • and realize that I am talking about this just for fun

    • Don't tell Chris about this he will make a video on it



    • TheCartoonGamer8000 THIS IS AWESOME:)

  • I think it would work just as well with Uka Uka, if not better. No mistaking that 1:32 reminds me of Uka Uka in Crash of the Titans!

  • Who are you? And what have you done to Kupa?

  • Epic Kontent Kreator you, wise man. Nice dabs too.

  • Very nice.

  • That was Microsoft's idea.

  • Shame that show ended with a crappy season

  • That Banjo bit aged perfectly

  • Good montage Kaptain. This is the reason why I love K Rool over anyone else, because he doesn't have to rely on button mashing or spam the same options (you can, but K Rool is so punishable) unlike most characters. You actually have to play smart with him to get the win unlike the others which they can just get away with so much stuff just by spamming (which is a huge flaw in my eyes).

  • I really dislike the Peach matchup. An obnoxious character to fight, and she wins just by button mashing until she comboes. :(

  • That poor, poor Hero.

  • I must say you are a weird man, but you made a pretty good montage

  • I knew I had to click the video as soon as I saw the thumbnail with K. Rool

  • Sakurai: *dont leak my dlc*

  • If only the animation of the actual series wasn’t so bad.

  • Wait nevermind, Minecraft's trending again for some reason

  • Comic Book Guy: King of the Kremlings vs kng of the Koopas equals best match ever!

  • Good use of Bowser’s Cloud Kingdom battle theme. Fucking love that track.

  • 2:20 Microsoft’s Reaction...

  • What if Bluster Kong got into Smash

  • 2:48 Roy: I Wo... King K Rool: Still Alive Roy: NANI?!

  • When you get buried by inkling, you have to wait longer than the wait for K.Rool’s smash reveal.

  • Ivysaur used up air more than it used the jump button

    • Bluster The Benevolent It wasn’t very effective...

  • The bandicoot is the only one who can defeat the bear

    • Geno would bring hype to Smash fans, but I agree with Sora and Crash, they would appeal to a much wider audience.

    • Basically the only ones who can come close to this type of hype. Are Rayman, Sora, Crash Bandicoot, Geno, and Goku. Lol but that last one is Highly unlikely so yeah.

  • Kuality Kontent. Nice montage.

  • I see a lot of jabs

  • His finest hour have come.

  • The Mii player’s age was probably in the single digits


  • Wait.. Isn't his name pronounced "King KAY Rool"?

    • It's pretty inconsistent. Just call him whatever you feel is best :)

  • Why would someone yell subspace

  • He Knew.

  • *DK Island laid to waste* "It's busted"

  • >b-but my Style Savvy and Xenoblade reps!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Yearwood - Donkey Kong Andrew Sabiston - Diddy Kong Benedict Campbell - King K. Rool Ted Lewis - King Dedede

  • Love theseclips

  • As a K Rool main projectile spamming Links are one of my worst enemies. Thank you for showing this fucker who’s boss.

  • Absolutely love this guy and the fans reactions. Hope he comes back if rayman, Geno, shantae, sora, or doomguy get announced. Then the titles could be spirits deconfirm what? (Rayman) Too violent my ass! (doomguy), indies for the homies (shantae), disney/square wont allow what? Geno/sora.

  • This will always be K. Rool's voice... just as Albano will always be Mario's voice.

  • Thotess of Light

  • 0:27 "BaRrel BoNgs"