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Gears 5
Halo Infinite
Forza Horizon 4
Crackdown 3
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Sea of Thieves
Microsoft Flight Simulator

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  • Here’s hoping for mouse and keyboard support by the time it’s out.

  • O. M. G. soooooo excited.

  • Gears 5 isn't exclusive to ur shitbox..... hardware.....

  • I hope this comes with new xbox console

  • Will this controller work on the new xbox ?

  • Dublado coisas faz uma dublagem honesta aí

  • 0:29 de nuevo un carmine

  • Okay but did you make the bumpers higher quality? Went through two bumpers in one year because they're made out of terribly cheap plastic.

  • What the hell Xbox I thought it was JoJo's bizarre adventure 😂Stardust crusaders😂😭

  • Take my 💰💰💰💰

  • I like soap

  • Can't wait for the GoT mods.

  • I did not see this comeing sold

  • This actually looks fun

  • Almost there, have it installed and everything.

  • I would get it, if it wasn’t so expensive....*pain sounds*

  • Microsoft YOU ROCK 🎸🎶🎵🎼😃

  • Wanna it

  • This should show that making an actual good game can make money

  • Crusader Kings on XBOX? Wtf??? I am afraid of the achievements

    • All in the family better be there

  • This dude needs to shut up about halo

  • Coming 202020202020202020

  • 2 years later... WE ARE STUFFING IN AN RTX TITAN

  • Now we need Europa Universalis on console and the Paradox grand strategy holy trinity will be complete.

    • It's going to be on Game Pass, probably only the PC/ Ultimate ones.

  • Next add The Punisher

  • gold

  • Siiii pretty!

  • Wow

  • without xbox live

  • can't wait for this game 😍😍

  • Pog

  • Allow xbox fans to play fornite for free

    • Dead joke

  • I love you Microsoft

  • Second

  • first

  • I can not wait to buy one of this

  • They've improved the graphics it appears.

  • The battletoads logo looks like the scp logo

  • Yuuuuuuuuuup

  • Miller: same person in 2019 Wilson: MVP candidate in 2019 AB: out of the league in 2019

  • Hopefully the right thumb stick doesn’t break 5 months after use like the first one

  • It looks awesome. Fallout: Space Version

  • i was almost to cry

  • i will be the moonman and I will sell the soap

  • Game of The Year?

  • 好吃

  • When does the drifting start after purchasing one?

  • Just give us the release date for the Scarlett

  • 4k please

  • Looks great! Great to see that its coming to Game Pass as well.

  • They teased boats

  • I Will buy it

  • Someone buy me this I’m poor


  • Dang quoc viet


  • Not gonna lie but I actually got the code... I got the code while 100k other people could've gotten it... I can't believe it. OMG!

  • Gonna play this on my 2080 maxed the frick out

  • but it costs to much!!!😫

  • 4:30

  • Need some more scarlet info

  • Fallout in space...

  • Not that interesting

  • This looks great! What’s the release date though? Already pre-ordered mine back when they were originally announced.

  • Im gonna get gamepass just to play this game.

  • I can't wait to get on and sweat

  • The game looks great but the lips don't look well when talking. Maybe the final product polished it up.

  • Moon man moon man can't you see?

  • The ORB of dominance. That doesn’t look like an orb.

  • So in the project scarlet when you clip something can you hear the voice audio when people are talking?

  • Compare this to the far cry 2 trailer. *An action game.*

  • You didnt tell us the price for this.

  • 😆 14 days game pass!!

  • I have 3 elite controllers (which 2 of them bought them already used from OfferUp) and never had any issues with them or them falling apart please people just take care of your controllers.

  • Quit Xbox Live

  • OMG rechargeable battery

  • Where iron golem?

  • The orb of dominance ? Did you mean the cube of dominance

  • The orb of dominance ? Did you mean the cube of dominance

  • Sorry for console players but this game looks awesome on my pc

  • It’s outer this world

  • *angry stick drift noises*

  • Borderlands styled and fallout styled... Hmm


  • Im so hyped on 4.11 im gonna buy the series 2 and it would be my first scuf,elite or any Controller with paddles,...

  • On tommorow 5 years were completed of this video on 20th october

  • Can you switch to third person?

  • Bluetooth?

  • Does the rubber on the grips still peel off tho?

  • то что у вас лучший контроллер в мире это конечно здорово, но сделайте лучшие игры для своей консоли плииииз Если не будет игр, все купят PS5

  • So you call yourselfs professionals but you are basically cheating with this controller

  • Assassin: ... ... ... ... NANI

  • Its like they took all the good thongs from Fallout NV, Bioshock, and Star Wars

  • 1:04

  • Yikes

  • Well let's see how this one goes😂

  • the power that this has, the intelligence that this has, the clearance that this has, the access that this has, the influence that this has, the profile that this has, the international implications that this has

  • ❤️Love this game ❤️Love game pass ❤️Love XBOX

  • I already have it PREORDERED

  • I'll just leave this here