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  • 5:37 I have never been so sad to hear the Targaryen theme.

  • why feed Ramsay to his own dogs when Jon has a very big and probably hungry dire wolf that would happily do the job for them

  • Great scene. One question, though. Couldn't Tyrion easily prove himself innocent by pointing out that, if he had planned to poison Joffrey with the wine, Joffrey spilled his cup onto his head, and even licked the remaining drops afterwards. And if the king's cup were poisoned, wouldn't Tyrion also die due to some of the "poison" wine going into his eyes and mouth?

  • This scene was pointless after seeing the last season

  • I think Drogon didn't kill Jon and melted the Iron Throne instead for multiple reasons. 1. He wanted to send Jon a message that if his mom can't have the throne, nobody will, not even Jon. Who I think knew was the rightful heir to the Iron throne and could sense his blood relations from their first direct encounter in season 7 when Jon pet him with no problems. 2. Since Drogon knew Jon was related and in his eyes a long lost relative of the family. Drogon sent Jon a message saying you killed my mother and I'm enraged for it but you are the only family I truly have left..... maybe one day Drogon will return to find Jon. 3. He burned it down as a message saying if you try to build another one and decide to become king, I know where you'll be. I will find you and I will kill you like some Liam Neeson shit.

  • I loved margaery the most..she put everyone in their place

  • Someone force me to believe this is actually ending of got

  • I like how the Stark theme was playing at the end.

  • Why does no one talk about, "Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear." Damn that's such a good quote. I love Sansa's character development.

  • The last great moment in the North.

  • RuShEd WhaAaA

  • I watch this clip once a day

  • Hey could we collab

  • A great show with a trash last season. Could've been so much better.

  • Most hated character on TV One of the best actors I've ever seen🤣

  • 4:00 - 4:30 had to be the Moment the Poison was put in the glass and nobody seen that shit ?

  • The last great scene before everything went to shit. Fuck D&D...

  • If she had three dragons the show would’ve ended in season 2

  • there is the charm of the north

  • the girl was a badasses

  • king of the north

  • He looked handsome dead tbh

  • this was the most satisfying shit

  • Fools

  • Before this watchlist there was a scene joffrey executing Ned Stark

  • I know we don't see any of the immediate aftermath of Joffrey's choking, but it is interesting how nobody glances nervously at their own cups after seeing the king obviously poisoned.

  • His and Little Finger's deaths are still the two most satisfying.

  • Sorry but this videonis trash...heres the EASY but long way to get it for free. Play arena war and grind your way to tier 500, BOOM! there ya go

  • Die Joffrey die😈

  • 😭😭 Daenerys was an iconic character!! I’m sad but this was a good ending. 😢😢😖😖

  • *I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times already.* Oh well, here we go again.

  • I pity Tyrion, wedge between 2 crazy women trying to save the realm

  • 4:01 this won't work Drogon, the three eyed raven already have a chair

  • For the watch

  • Why did Jon killed Daenarys?

    • Because he is a gay and he knew about Danys masochism

  • I killed this fucker.

  • Reminds me of Nicholas cage when he screaming not the bees not the bees! DRAGON QUEEN:NOT THE BELLS NOT THE BELLS!

  • The king of the all seven kingdom

  • They really did pull a Debra Morgan with her death

  • This scene 😭😭😭 why am crying!!


  • HOW it should of happened ; - Euron Greyjoy mentioned " I killed Jaimie Lannister ", which should of happened - Arya ignores The Hound's warning beforehand about revenge and continues - Arya Stark uses Jaimie Lannisters Face to kill Cersei in the tombs, where both of them die, completing her list, - With Arya's death, done by Daenery's wrath, Jon snow has an actual reason to feel to kill Daenery's. Done.

  • But Robb the True King never dissapoint the North!!

  • Good for her.

  • And this is it everyone. The ending to game of thrones. Unfortunately the last two seasons were cancelled.

  • He still felt like a king to me and maybe the king of the seven kingdoms

  • He will always be a Stark. No matter how much dragon blood he has, he is still a woolf. Woolfs never kills other woolfs

    • I don't know... if Sansa/Arya/or Bran went nuts and threatened to destroy the world, Jon may have been forced into this decision as well. Jon didn't even want to kill Dany after she massacred the city and he struggled a lot with this decision, trying giving her that chance, pleading with her to show mercy so he wouldn't have to make that choice, but when she refused, he was forced into a choice. I think Jon would have trouble with killing any loved one but (based on the books) he'd have the most difficulty with killing Arya -- not because she's a Stark but because they have the strongest bond. However, this relationship isn't really realized on the show.

  • Lord Manderly in the books would NEVER turn against the Starks, would never attempt to deny them anything. Period.

  • Jaime being they to help is son was the only emotional moment in this scene

  • That death was too fast and painless for him. He deserved a worse death

  • The moment got died

  • fyi everyone in the comments, rhaegal is a girl lol

  • Before everything turned to absolute shite...

  • I could watch this scene again and again and never get tired of listening to Lyanna. She was a badass. The actress was apparently so amazing, she impressed the veteran actors on set, including the actor who played Ser Davos

  • Bunch of bullshit, the whole thing was fucked after the show caught up with the books

  • The most rotten royal ever , and there are many of them

  • Lyanna kept her words, till her last day 😞

  • Not sure why so many are upset about Danys death. Obviously Drogon is heading for Volantis to find a Red Priestess.

  • Not sure why so many are upset about Danys death. Obviously Drogon is heading for Volantis to find a Red Priestess.

    • I wish, but I think that despite Drogo being a philosopher, he didn't think that far

  • Bells : *(is ringing)* Daenarys : no

  • How it should've played out. Unsullied storm into the Thrown Room: Greyworm: "What the hell happened here?!" Jon: "Don't know fellas, the dragon just went crazy!! Burnt the thrown and kidnaped Dani. Greyworm: " What about that bloodstained knie on the ground??" Jon: "Well, I'm off to mount a rescue party - see you boys in a fews days." The End.

  • If the dragonborn was there he will kill the dragon and absorb his soul dovahkinn only Skyrim players knew that legend

  • Which is more epic? This scene or the scene in Lord of the Rings The Return of the King where Aragorn becomes the King of Gondor?

    • MRPJ1! I think they have a both unique and positive satisfaction in both stories

  • no, this is not my king robb will be my king now and always

  • Rhaegal: you have nothing left but your death

  • They all blame the IMP but it was Lady Olenna. I have spoken.

    • Wow, you figured that one out all by yourself ?

  • Chills. So many chills.

  • Lyanna was a badass Queen. Better character than Sansa and Bran

  • God... she didn't even put her sweet targaryen glorious ass on the fucking throne. Well, she had the chance, but screwed up at the last second...

  • 4:27 was pretty much my reaction as soon as Daenerys started blasting the city. I was shocked. I love her character, but that’s just insane. Such a shame she was a victim of stupid writing.

  • Only feel bad Theon didn't get to cut off Ramsay's cock and fingers

  • How many people who didn’t read the book, thought that Olenna was the one that killed Jeoffrey before they revealed it

  • The saddest part is that he dies too quick.

  • 3:31 Olenna: holy shit margaery please don't take a sip please don't take a sip

  • i cant stop crying

  • Did not spill opps

  • Ugly ass king 🤴

  • That's where the heart is.

  • Jon trying to stop his men from fighting 😭

  • sync these oh the feels

  • It’s the fact that we’ve followed this character for so long and for her to change in the second to last episode in this way makes absolutely no sense. Yes she’s been through a lot- lost a lot. But her change just wasn’t believe able... it felt as if they just wanted to blow a budget on cgi

  • Was there any other way? Did Jon have to kill Daenerys? Khaleesi out.

  • The best scene in GOT lol great acting though

  • Killing cersei brutally would have been justified

  • People butt hurt abt this , i am butt hurt abt the horrrible nk battle

  • Should've received a more brutal death

  • Well hurreh ahp! This paye is dray

  • The last good scene

  • Satisfying death!!! Too bad his mother and father had it easy they should have suffered the same fate perhaps worse!

  • Vader: Be careful to not choke on your aspirations, King Joffrey!

  • Why even bother giving people armor in shows like this lol. Its like look at my plate armor be as strong as paper and have a swords slash right through lol.

  • But house Mormot remembers. The NORTH, REMEMBERS!!

  • I couldnt have killed her ... shes way too hott

    • But Snow is gay. He prefers Turmund

  • Anyone else still watching in 2020 😭 my poor baby boy

  • Ahhh something positive in the world. How wonderful, the death of Joffrey!!

  • I was cheering when i saw he started to choke. The scene before with him annoying Tyrion was annoying, his death was hilarious.

  • The last good episode.

  • Finally. That throne was ugly

  • Sorry to break it to you thats. A wyvern, not a dragon wyvern have 2 legs and then the wings while dragons have 4 legs and wings though it might be they just made there own form of something like a half dragon half wyvern as wyverns are typically smaller than dragons unlike this one which has a pretty dragon looking size

  • Best episode ever