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  • He left a team to get let go from another team. 🤔

  • It's one thing to have 3 all stars its another to have 3 of the best players in the league....

  • After seeing Molly Body.. she’s all face... her body is kindaaaa mahhhhh.... no hips

  • Universe help guide this brotha.🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • If I could have witnessed his face when they fired him I would have masturbated to it.

  • He needs to lose weight that’s his main problem and maybe develop some mid range skill

  • They got Superstar potential in Barrett Mitchell Robinson Kevin Knox but somehow the Knicks are a joke. give it time man sure it sucks but why's he actin like the world is ending the media are so desperate to get the top markets dominating the league

  • Of course they will not put the hand-check back in the NBA. It makes the NBA too much money without the it. The NBA is a business first.

  • The National Anthem is an archaic piece of dribble, the police are not your friends and the NFL is run by racist pigs.

  • Durant is acting like a Matriarch

  • KD will never win another championship in his life! Warriors gave him a chances! His ungrateful, he could have built a dynasty with the Warriors! Its downhill for his career from now in

  • Can you believe the nerve on this asshole?

  • You had IT ALL. WHY A.B. ??? 1 of the best hands in THE GAME. Git'cho Sh*t together bro.

  • AJ will destroy you this time buddy no doubt .

  • And ppl still say the 2019 clippers have finally arrived R we just gonna forget lob city?😂

  • Gotta say Chris Paul was one of the most overrated stars in the league during this period of not the most overrated. I feel that if the clippers had switched him out after year one, they could have been so much more - possibly even a champion. CP3 highlights show him making this precise passes and alley oops, but watching the games he always seemed to hold on to the ball too much and for too long. Even his contribution in the Players Union has been at least partially selfish - helping change the rules to allow for his current massive contract with yearly increases. He is one of few stars who I actually hope doesn’t get a title. Likely Hall of Fame bound still.

  • She doesnt persue charges snd he loses his job this is now the weakest sport this just shlda been a rumor report now its career ending cuz of the patriots actions

  • Cmon Jalen he was mentioning SGs 🤦🏾‍♂️ He could've mentioned Tim Duncan or Shaq if it was just random players ...

  • He needs Jesus

  • Both lonzo and zion will get injured

  • I don't think Ramsey is going anywhere. Khan going to make him the highest paid cb. Oh and expect it to be a long term contract. Coughlin, Marrone, and Walsh is gone for sure. Heck Caldwell should have been gone. Ramsey wins, brings more potential. Team over everything thing. Duval Til I Die!!!

  • Stephen A. is a big mouth...and he looks like Ludacris's big brother. Too many secrets released...

  • Giannis has a completely different personality than Durant. Adversity motivates Giannis to work harder, not abandon his team. The only way Giannis will leave Milwaukee is if they have no chance and release him, like OKC did with Westbrook.

  • Calvin Ridley a WR4?? He’s gotta be at least flex worthy on an offense that hasn’t ran much the first two weeks.

  • Why would they have a female that looks like the accuers sister ask him questions

  • so he hit on her? i dont get it.

  • Black guys screaming on the basketball court ... nothing new.

  • Too bad the playoffs or the sb will never be exciting as this one let alone high scoring

  • Ward is scared of canelo max let him stay retired y'all.

  • OKC could of had a dynasty with Westbrook Harden and Kevin Durant All started there careers with the franchise they did not play there cards right

  • Max is gay.. Mrs Max k. ward😂

  • wow I really like Brandon Marshall what a guy

  • Sighs and cries from 31 other NFL team fan bases were heard around the world... AB is not going to rip apart the Patriots franchise.

  • Andre ward drove..

  • just have one comment! Has anybody made a connection to his behaviour to the violent hit he took several years ago?? His actions remind me a lot of Hernandez who wound up having severe CTE? It is highly possible he is in the mid stages which would be very tragic! His irrational behaviour is similar to Jr Saou! and others!

  • I thought TO was bad AB make TO look decent.

  • Antonio Brown needs to hang himself.

  • Watch when the Ny media bashes him for losing.

  • Durant need to find his real happiness team, by not going other team.

  • How about we also keep in mind, the US has a talent pool of 330 million people. ONE team. South America and Europe have half the population and that population is divided into dozens upon dozens of teams. If you took a 'super' team from Europe or S. America, played the demographic game, its highly likely even the U.S. A+ team doesnt necessarily win.

  • No, his happiness is found with what his fans want. 😆

  • SAS really called the browns jets game when he said you could just put the kicker out and win the game 😂😂

  • FAX

  • Mike Tyson is just amazing......always...

  • Max and Andre are brilliant!

  • I'm now convinced that Stephen A. Is Ludicrous Father lol congratulations S.A.S.

  • Bill Belichirk is not the greatest coach of all time. May be in NFL and that is where it ends. The world of Sports doesn't stop at the door of NFL Think before you talk.

  • This decade's OKC and LA Clippers teams have the biggest missed opportunities imo as a fan of both.

  • I cant take him seriously with that stache

  • European soccer has everything figured out. There's no tanking with relegation. You perform, or you're out

  • That dude doesn't know what he's talking about as far as the lions and browns getting high picks and still sucking. For starters, the browns don't suck right now. They might not be as good as people thought pre season but it takes time for players to gel into a team. Second the lions might get a lot of high picks but they've yet to try and rebuild since they picked up Stafford. What the dolphins are doing is not comparable to any of those teams. They have FIVE picks in this upcoming draft in the first 2 rounds alone (3 first round and 2 second) and 12 picks in total. Then they have 4 in the first 2 rounds the year after. To put that in perspective, 3 different teams have 5 picks in TOTAL in all of next years draft. The dolphins wont be like the Lions or Browns or any other team really. We either have a franchise QB already in Rosen or we'll grab one with the first pick in next years draft and we also have the flex to trade back and pick up even more picks. The Dolphins are rebuilding the right way, which is not what they have done for for the past 20 years where they haven't been much better then the browns or lions in the first place.

  • See!! this is a valid reason to keep a player out the league, but Kaepernick?!

  • OKC had 3 eventual MVP’s and now they’re all gone and they’re back into rebuild mode

  • This guy... the bigger version of Bud Bundy.

  • All because Sports Illustrated (desperate for clicks) went and interviewed over two dozen people trying to drum up dirt on AB. The worst thing they found was a woman who claims he stood semi-nude near her in his house over 2 years ago. Lol. And it ended up getting AB fired. Thanks Sports Illustrated!

  • None.......It's Joseph Tsai's team 😂

  • Kawhi, dude... you played with Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan...

  • How stupid is Steven A? You really think big Al and Kap on the same team is gonna work?

  • idiot all that money and your career gone cause you just didn't stay humble

  • When the dumb folks all get together at night, they all call AB boss.....

  • There going to get rolled by Atlanta like they have . These last couple years .

  • But what team will sign up his hair?

  • Who remembers when Brandon Marshall Played for Seattle.....?

  • They picked the perfect picture for the thumbnail 😂

  • In other news, the sky is blue

  • Ryan.. "And then I gave you context that you can't give because you didn't play him" 💀💀

  • Mollie is annoying but I would still smash her 100%

  • Their defense was relentless.# Lock down specialist

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • I've never once doubted The Dubs even after the FA moves. Real bball heads remember the lesson Houston taught us back in 95 about champions

  • My lord would someone hire the pos already.

  • Ab doesn’t need to rape anyone

  • Clark til you give my niners respect I'll say this shut up

  • Max stop it please. From a Laker fan Lebrun can never be what Kobe is to me

  • Lebron is trash don’t bring him into this conversation

  • I knew the Patriots was going to release him. I’m not surprised.

  • Goat Rodgers

  • Definitely should’ve won a title with the roster they had

  • If anybody hits brady it's a penalty soooo.

  • Please post Max on Boxing clips more often!!

  • AB to KC

  • They're literally talking about nothing

  • He need a 1 hour special with his boys!

  • So what if he dinks and dunks his way to Super Bowls? His ability to adjust to the reality of what he can do and still win doesn't detract from his greatness, it enhances it.

  • The suit hoodie Melo graphic is crazy lol

  • 6 months old? How did this get in my recommendation IT-tvs? Hurry up SEASON! I can't wait!

  • It definitely is NOT Steve Kerr... nor is it Green. KD is just a diva

  • this inspires you to belive in yourselves

  • This will be the new 30 for 30 three Kingdoms enemy at the gates

  • Funny how the one young QB who has consistently won in his career has to "prove himself" yet the NFL is flooded with losing "franchise QBs" lol

  • AB just misunderstood foreal foreal. The oakland Gm put that hit on AB as soon as AB got in his face. AB don't back down after he got his contract and when you unsubmissive they defame your character like always throughout history

  • The best thing KD can do is shut up and just play basketball. Basketball is your job and even if no one likes you there you still get paid to show up and do your job. There are no perfect teams, if that was so there would be no need for free agency because everyone will stay where they are. KD needs to grow up and stop wearing his feelings on his sleeves. Now if his new job in Brooklyn does not work out then we will all know it was not the team, but the island he put himself on KD.

  • Sage can be my BM 💯

  • Why y'all worried about what this man think and try to tell him what he should think that's his thoughts you worry about yours don't worry about another person if KD want to worry about what somebody say of him let the man do that it's his thoughts his body his mine ya trying to pull that AB sh** of nfl on KD of NBA i👀 what's going on Lame Media stuff 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • 10:40 he literally cried inside

  • Problem was at SMALL FORWARD, not Austin Rivers.

  • I can picture it now Antonio Brown jumping up and down screaming I'm free Grandma I'm free

  • Westbrook and harden is a scary duo I’m all in about that move promise we will see them in the western conference finals

  • What it takes to be a pro league of legends player... be asian

  • the host is so F**kable