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  • Dude is a spoiled brat acting like he had it rough. Hes basically the NFL version of Drake. Both flex on how rough they have it and had it in the past but both were actually pretty well off. But nooooo, its racist to point out poc can have a good life. Its racist to point out the facts that some poc arent always street rats who had it rough.

  • 2 or 3 was black out of 32 teams?Steph you are stupid


  • Lakerssssss

  • Any super star can score vs pelicans and hawks tho

  • Colin Kaepernick is a FRAUD!!!

  • "He made the shot though" "We didn't have to show the make"

  • This melos first film session ever.

  • We here in Canada don't want this Liberal snowflake fraud in the CFL Vinnie Mac can take him for the XFL.


  • Im 13 bout to be 14 soon and i my highest speed is 15

  • The knicks have lost every close game

  • Such a fucking awesome interview!!! Foreman is the man!!! And Max was actually geeking out too!!!

  • Tap dance, why not, as long as you getting paid for it🤷🏻‍♀️

  • the guy is a FRANCHISE Laker. Kobe would’ve been attending at least a few Lakers games yearly with or without LeBron (or any other player on the roster)

  • I agree with Stephen A 100%

  • Seriously. Kobe coming to the game is that big a deal or you guys are just short on news??

  • Kapernick act like a pregnant female

  • Once on the court, Melo will become the big-headed Melo of old

  • Shaq is ignorant arrogant child. That jackass is not good role model for anyone

  • LBJ is the NBA's BEAST. PERIOD! no debate. Jordan and Kobe they were killers but there is only one freak of nature...the BEAST LBJ!

  • Max you know the scouts called him average/mediocre

  • Misagwa? ffs its Mississauga and it's only the sixth largest metropolitan area in Canada.

  • Kapernick act like a pregnant female

  • They should’ve played the national anthem at his work out! 😂

  • Listen Colin, take ANY opportunity you're given. Don't stand up for anything and swallow all of your pride and self respect!!...Stephen A. Smith.

  • Just a publicity stunt. He makes more money playing for the victim olympics

  • He was taking a knee using the deaths of black men to shield his wack play

  • I love how in this day and age everything is about your race the color of your skin and how it will shape or define your place in society. Words that describe a race can only be used by that race . Life is no longer defined for who is the best at what they do . So lets celebrate this man and build a legacy and take notice that he is a Mexican playing for the NFL 👏

  • Rudolph reminded Garrett he lives in Cleveland and that is enough to warrant a beating. You never remind a man he is stuck in that hole.

  • RIP Killer B’s

  • Would you bend over ? No ? Your done. Absolute shame on the NFL owners for bending over for Donald Trump. Stephen A blaming the victim. Complete political clusterfuck.

  • Tyson would have tore him up.

  • I elect him dummy of the decade

  • Nop

  • Unpopular opinion: Kap had a backup plan if everything went south.

  • An employee who made millions, and then started to under achieve, and then became a problem employee, who offended Americans to make a stand for his platform. So my $15 dollar an hour job would have fired my but, no questions asked. Now he will wright a book and make another million.

  • Aint even made it to the league already got a iced out chain thats tuff!

  • Dejounte murray the only one playing defense

  • That's ok max your being replaced by skip bayless maybe he will give his honest opinion? Max SJW warrior virtue signalling?

  • Who says PG is the #2 guy?

  • NFL full of caca.,.. Kap take your talents and fans with you to Canada (CFL).... This was a PR play by the NFL... Unfortunately, you played into their narrative...

  • I haven't watched football in a long time, just the UFC. I was following this out of curiosity. My question to you all out there, IS he actually any good? (serious question by the way) Thnx

  • Guy: What’s your names? Melo: basketball

  • He should go apply at popeyes instead, i hear they need help making those chicken sandwhiches...he can throw them to the drive thru.

  • Blow it up...

  • Future warrior

  • Keller man is a ridiculous clown.

  • Man I got homework I need to do I don’t know why I’m watching this

  • He’d be about the last person on earth I’d feel sorry for

  • Y'all takin L for this

  • no one: espn: "who will win the 2067 NBA title?"

  • did u just lebron

  • Knee caps sucks and probably afraid to work out that everyone would see how much it sucks. He is a disrespectful punk who doesn’t deserve to be on such a Great League. The NFL is his job and a private organization. I cannot protest in the middle of my workplace without being fired I cannot reach politics or religion without being fired so the NFL is not in the wrong

  • No he doesn’t have the RIGHT to play in the NFL. It’s the NFL owners sandbox and they get to make the rules

  • Max Kellerman is ALWAYS wrong... About EVERYTHING. He is such an idiot and has consistently been proven wrong time and time again. Example - "Brady vs the cliff" So of course he is one of the ONLY people siding with Kapernick amd against the NFL. They should fire him too! "The National Anthem has racist parts" - Kellerman. Please specify - WHICH PART PF THE ANTHEM IS "RACIST"???

  • If America aint good enough for you go somewhere else

  • Bad advice? He has only himself to blame. He is a thing of the past, Colin who?

  • Thank you Max for investigating the rules of football and giving a reasonable comparison to other sports violations of illegal use of equipment.

  • Knee caps sucks and probably afraid to work out that everyone would see how much it sucks.

  • Chineye looks amazing 😍😍😍

  • ....its 2019

  • Never forget, Colin Kaepernick was benched for Blaine Gabbert, before he ever took a knee.

  • Austin is a punk!

  • It’s trumps fault you do know!!! The economy is so good even this idiot is looking for a job!!

  • fucking snitch... Can't even watch the entire interview...

  • Three words, honest and super conscious 👌🏻

  • Colin "Squidward" Kaepernick

  • Great Interviewer And Interview It Will Be Legendary 5 Years From Now

  • Good job Max. Thanks for explaining the obvious to Stephen.

  • Colon Kaperdick! LOL!!! 😂

  • for anyone that doesn’t know the NBA is actually scripted af and i have all the information that will happen in the next 10 years and it’s about time i finally expose them for their level of fakeness. believe it or not but the 2022 champs will be a team from the NBA! and Giannis will also sign this year with an NBA team!!! not to mention also but it also says in the script that someone from the NBA will win MVP!!!!🤯 its about time i expose these frauds for faking a basketball league infront of millions of people worldwide and lying about everything but i had to do it (also in the script apparently KD gets another leg injury and sheds his legs and grows a snake tail)

  • Why cant anyone see..Jay Z is the reason he got opportunity..and a legit opportunity.He actually made Jay Z look bad in reference and in a decision making view point.Only reason they tried to give him a job was off Jay Z reference..then Ried talking down on Jay Z but working for NFL while his so called friend is jobless..idk where he from but thats basically saling out bruh..they both could be playing in AAL right now and still making money but they want NFL money which is a luxurious privilege.Ried rather be good while his boy bad than be bad off with him..smh..Kap showed up with same defensive attitude like he trying to prove he been done wrong when we already bad that he couldnt see justice trying to be served and its sad..he has a right to be offended true..but he so aggressively defensive that justice cant even be served because he trying to return wrong for wrong..we already know you were done wrong bro..but for things to get better you have to move on emotionally..not necessarily as a activist protesting but emotionally..Jay Z pulled those strings bruh.They respect J so much they were willing to listen to him as a reference in the decision to make things right its obvious but like they say his arrogance and defensive attitude messed it up.Maybe he gets a chance but if he doesnt he cant blame anyone but himself now

  • A 16 minute video on who will win a NBA championship 2 seasons from the beginning of the 2019 NBA season...who green lighted this?

  • Max is jew who wishes he was black

  • Colin K is a grandstander and has made a complete living off of exploiting identity politics. And his game is over. He’s done playing the victim. He showed up wearing a shirt that was the name of a slave who was beaten and tortured. He makes millions of dollars and claims to do so while “losing everything”.

  • Max the white knight always

  • Meh. I won't say the guy was BAD...but he was a bit one dimensional. This running/dual threat college system QB stuff only lasts so long before teams figure them out and/or they get injured. Even the more accurate running QBs just accrue to many injuries running. Cam Newton, Vick, Steve young.... Kaep was a decent mid level starter at best on a great team. He helped, but he wasn't going to carry a team. Hence how their team fell apart when their defense did. Just being honest. So whats the point in signing him now? Is he going to be a franchise QB? No. Teams either want to have a franchise guy, or tank to draft the franchise guy. He doesn't help them do either. Plus all the publicity and media attention. Even if a struggling team did sign him, he's to high profile of a bad game for the starter and theres and controversy over whether it's kaep time they've gotta deal with. No one's going to want to put their starter through that....certainly not a young developing starter. A backup has to know the system. Can he adapt to other systems? They're not going to tailor the whole offense to him like harbough did. Just to many questions, with to much publicity for to little benefit. If a team did it, maybe they'd do it to score points with people that are sympathetic to him. Or maybe they dolphins.

  • Im not a ravens fan, but Stephen A is a fucking hater.

  • what about ross

  • I wish he said you can tell your mom that you can fart now but excuse me

  • I wish Sacramento could get a football team short term and play against Baltimore just so the scoreboard would say BAL SAC.


  • As a member of the public, I will speak for those that think as I do( I was being facetious). It is fascinating to hear media guys engaging in meaningful sports conversation that illuminates the attitudes and values of this melting pot that is called America. Somehow we or us know that the only way we (the poor unsuspecting sports fan) are even allowed to hear this topic discussed is because THEY ALLOWED IT TO BE DISCUSSED. So we can now assume that changes (for the sake of NFL dollars) are coming.Whether intentional or not( Colin, Lamar or Jay-Z oh I forgot Christian); football looks different. So thank you guys for the enlightenment. But, we want to settle these issues so we can get back to real sports( that thing that make blacks and whites high-five after a touchdown)...........What have we learned about football since the civil-rights era? Ultimately, rich football team owners and media owners change when they have to. Now to settle the discussion between Steve and Max: there is no right or wrong way for Colin to react or to act. Colin paid the price and got paid. NFL owners learned that real people support their sport and that these people have diverse values THEY need to pay attention to.

  • Boy you look like a 70s black panther out there throwing that football Lol. Done my man.

  • Looking at Gina = me triggered.

  • And still the most boring MVP of all time. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • So we just skipping years now

  • Here's my take on the entire ordeal with Colin.... I think he genuinely wanted to get back in the league, but he did not want to be sabotaged. This is why he chose a different location and wanted the workout to be on his terms. He did successfully sue the NFL, and the NFL didn't want to be sued again if none of the teams signed him. This is part of the reason that they wanted him to sign the waiver. Did he go about it all wrong? Yes However, I understood why he did what he did. Also, I don't believe this is about racial injustice anymore... I think he is solely focused on becoming some sort of historical figure, and he also has a hint of narcissism in him.

  • Amen!

  • Look kaprinick had his job taken before his political stands

  • Terrible. Offensive. Hilarious!

  • Luka is Luka

  • Nice interview

  • Colin the Overrated Diva

  • The mavs will not be winning no championship porzingis the only one who can actually defend on that team

  • Max is the biggest liberal in ESPN he's a bigger liberal than espn

  • This why you can't take all these talk shows serious...the games still have to be played....not one game has ever been played at ESPN studios! 😂😂

  • I got Lamar on my fantasy team who ever doesn’t I feel bad for you😭

  • Dang Harden seems like a legit cool dude, didn't know that