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This channel is everything you want to see and know about motors, cars, motorcycles, boats, etc...
I have got a huge passion about all these things and I love to make and adjust videos so all of you can watch...



  • Get rid of that stupid horseshoe snout, and it would look even better.

  • wtf first gear 170kmh so if i use this in city i dont need to change gear? all superbike do this? thanks , my 300 in 1st gear do 30kmh but is an enduro never try this type of bike

  • 160 km/h on the first gear, amazing :)

  • pas très intelligent, tu devrait flouté le compteur.

  • Isn't this car tuned by Revo? It is not stock as per your description.

  • Plus facile en descente que en monté déception

    • nice brice oue c clair mes bon 299 c pas mal 👌

  • Beautiful car, but that interior carbon treatment at 0:11 is a travesty

  • Amazing car! Hopefully one day it s going to be in my garage 😅

  • Supercar!!!