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  • A. reflash that bitch, fuck that 299 cutoff. B. damn I just realized these things have a accel/decel and brake meter, thats dope af, it really is for the vids, on a bike like this, you can feel what it's doing!

  • Türkiye 🇹🇷 lan ora

  • My R15 2018 need 6th gears to reach 155kmh, and this R1 just 1st gear!

  • If Yamaha made a 1 seat sports car that cost a little more than this bike, I'd buy it.

  • Cool man!hope it doesnt need 6 th gear,coz in 5 th gear it does 299

  • Maadarchod!

  • Unbelievably beautiful R1!

  • Rider :BathuR1

  • 160 km/h on the first gear, amazing :)

  • pas très intelligent, tu devrait flouté le compteur.

  • Plus facile en descente que en monté déception

    • nice brice oue c clair mes bon 299 c pas mal 👌