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Hey! My name's Imane but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I love playing video games and connecting with others through Twitch and IT-tvs. Thanks for coming to my channel!
For Business Inquiries: hana.tjia@unitedtalent.com
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  • You think it's scary? Wait till you play RLcraft

  • Pokimane is literally adorable. She is the perfect woman ive ever seen. Her personality is amazing, she is funny, cute, beautiful. She has it all. She def is wife Material. Love from Australia.

  • Im just waiting on new merch

  • what shaders are they using?

  • 1:00 that auto tune 😂

  • We get it, you studied Work Health And Safety and ergonomics.

  • 4:02 poor poki

  • I think every1 is very afraid to flame poki cause her fan base legit would hunt you down if U insult her

  • whats the resource pack shes using guys?

  • My favorite color is blue

  • she sounds like bubbles in the prev ep

  • 4:17 palkia is that you?

  • Play with pewdiepie

  • This is what happen when pokimane goes to war 0:25

  • Clutch: **talks about being postive** Also Clutch sees an enemy: **Shoots him**

  • You are the cutes gril i swir

  • can i get your acc

  • Perfect timing at 1:41

  • Just watched two girls in japan calling every thing cute

  • what texture and shaders do you use

  • Lol

  • H

  • Is this normal minecraft or Minecraft Earth

  • Am i the only one noticing the mirai nikki soundtrack on 9:32 🧐

  • Play lol plsssssss

  • Kid: *hi* Poki: *Aaaaaawwwww*

  • أنا بحبك

  • أنا بحبك


  • Olive rhymes with alive...wait that’s not right

  • Cats drop you a gift when they are on you while you are sleeping

  • What texture pack

  • What texture pack

  • Lmao I just turned 11

  • What's the resource pack called?

  • no chance in the world that is faker total clickbait!!!!!

  • i want a hat like that ahahah qt

  • No way my fav colour is also blue

  • Why is myth playing on shit FPS

  • Me watching minecraft part 4 Recomended fitz killed catfor 500$

  • All the music is from Zelda 🌝

  • pokimane play RLcarft mod pack with fitz

  • أنت مسلمة

  • Do you have a support a creator code

  • Wtf, is this pewdiepies world or way?

  • ?

  • I like you

  • I like the breath of the wild music :)

  • I love your vids

  • Well sadly he killed the cat lol

  • "you are an absolute BTCH" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

  • Say the N-word

  • I just love seeing the other side of Fitz, one not completely dominated by his mates.

  • Poki can u pls go back to league i think that the league community has been the same ever since u left league

  • Pokimany what's you're real name? Why sooo Cute?

  • RIP rabbit lol

  • so i was curious, i was wondering how the fuck you fir 40,000 people in a 2.020 km radius aka Monaco?

  • What an emotional video

  • what headset and mouse does she use in 2019

  • Love your channel! You are the only IT-tvsr I have been wanting to buy merch. Your just so kind when playing games and in general. Keep it up!

  • Bruh you two geek low key

  • When pokimane dug up dirt with her pick I felt that😭

  • 5:57 I was dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • 9:46 gotta love the nice Mario odyssey music

  • Love Minecraft AND you stream no spikin inglish yeso spanish

  • Im new to these stuff but

  • I love it when she uses SAO audio, my childhood😢

  • Rare is pink sheep

  • Lol yourself is the Demi? Wow

  • I feel your pain tms myth pokimane yates you que me? Me im still struguling to get a girl i. Can barly get a dog

  • At 11:10 is it just me when she says OH MY GAWWWWD doesn’t it sound like she has auto tune on her voice

  • I Luke tour video Alaique videos pokimane

  • i wish poki thought i was that cute😿

  • Can you play fornite May ñame is soapy858pack

  • Sup poki

  • minecraft bot

  • So yeh in representation of Brasil the amazon is burning and is the fault of our stupid government... help us

  • I thought thats my name im Clyde,and its Slyde

  • 1:00 thats autotune right there fokes

  • If ya like cats so much, you should just breed them by giving each of them fish until hearts come for both of them. (Btw nice vid)

  • We need Carson

  • 1:11: the way lil miss talks to the bottle as if the bottle was gonna apologise 😂 but DAMNNNN! twitch chat was hectic back then...even now but still🤷‍♀️

  • Okay hear me out guys... someone should write a fan fic with pokimane & fitz for them to read on stream (Gone MILDLY sexual) but the twist will be Carson was in the closet watching the whole time!!! The second twist can be he was only looking at Fitz if u know what im sayinnnnnnnnn, rofl OwO lmao

  • I really want to say that n word

  • -oof-

  • 0:00 whoever knows where this music is from gets a free cookie :3

  • Poki make a clan

  • Lol this was a year ago and she got 2 mill subs now time passes

  • Do a minecraft video

  • Why you play with other nobodies I mean WE the COMMUNITY want to play with you but, no LIKE WHY NOT ME OR LITERALLY ANYONE LIKE IV ALWAYS WATED TO PLAY WITH ANY IT-tvsR, DEAD OR NOT LITERALLY ANYONE.But this is just a nobody speaking. Lonely 😞 fort nite user name GamerPlebs. Because I’m a pleb.

  • I know I’m late because I’m not subscribed because I can’t happy birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎉🎁 Poki the beast fortnite player

  • Pokimane is dying nooooo

  • What all players Playining Fortnite for the Good

  • Wait poppin had a crush on pokemane when she was In high school So... W e g o t e m B o y s

  • Poki ur the best and I love you u are my inspiration when I'm sad you put a smile on my face 💖💖

  • pokimane is so fucking sexy

  • 1:30 i dont have eny 😢

  • Scarface

  • Your topless pick is on the hub

  • Play with fitz more!!!!😗