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  • Whelp did nothing cuz cav with bron still king of east!

  • lakers and cavs in finals

  • Lakers need to start playing defense

  • "we lost again but I got my stats. you guys see my failed movie and look for my Hollywood adventures"---lebaby

  • Celtics a** cavs in 5 with Celtics

  • 5:04 was a great move by Kawhi he just makes it look so easy

  • How Raptors lose like that

  • Rudy is looking good

  • Cleveland gonna be 7th or 8th seed

  • Ha Ha Celtics suck

  • where is irving?

  • I was just watching to see Collin Sexton play

  • GO CAVS!!!!!!

  • cavs put more effort on the defensive end in the preseason then they did last year durin the regular season. theyre gona play harder with lebron gone.

  • I watch the Game -I knew that Utah will let them win 1st and 2nd quarter but... they will kick back on the 3rd & 4th quarter, so they win against Raptors . Raptors shouldn't be used to having Leonard he is not staying long, he is planning to leave Raptors in July 2019

  • I live in philly

  • the commentators talked about everything except the game, annoying

  • And... They lost 😂😂😂

  • But WHERES Andre Ingram

  • They got blown out by the nuggets. Lakers are shit

  • McGee leading with 17...tehe.

  • Super, 1er match et première défaite, contre denver en +.....

  • Rondo is pretty good

  • Would have won with Lonzo

  • wow... really bad to be down by alot,, get back in game,, and still lose by 14.... and not a good sign when javale mcgee is leading i realize this preseason and they not going hard but still

  • just as i suspected the lakers are not very good.... lineup is very shaky,, very questionable decisions by the gm....and lebron for wanting to go there....

    • Dude that lineup is deep. Ingram and Kuz are gonna have a great season. Ball also. With the experience from the veterans

  • Where Lonzo

  • Lakers got a lot of work to do

  • I don’t think KCP should start. Kyle Should

  • Bruh the lakers playing fast

  • Did Lonzo even see the floor?

  • Trade caldwell pope and zubac and one man for a good center sorry lakers

  • Manu MVP !!!! 2005 - 2007

  • First

  • Sheesh!!! @4:57

  • nice

  • one of my favourite kobe games! probably one of the last times he was in true black mamba form!

  • Hopefully he can be even a fraction of this again. No one wants to see him fail because of an injury

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  • Kobe put the clamps on LeBron and DESTROYED lebron offensively

  • Keep up the videos!👍

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