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Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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  • Davie:*go buy one* Me:*buy one take one free*

  • lmao

  • Awesome video Davie you had me in tears .

  • It's more than 700k sir

  • OMG he had E A R S

  • Me : **sends myself** Me : *:c*

  • Davie didnt tell the drill so i do it SLAP LIKE NOW or i do a laugh reaveal at 5m subs

  • I Challenge you,to play bass with samosaa

  • I love your talent on bass. My grandpa plays bass in bands

  • hi

  • lmao

  • The 128 euros guy is impressive, that line was really epic, the best by far.

  • Uh

  • This is like watching Burls Art but with more editing

  • bass is cooooooooooooooooooool! my name is george

  • I'm pretty sure you can not play Bach

  • Epic slap my mann, it's been a while...

  • 4:34 u so fucking pressease (sorry) when you smileeeeee baby

  • I have that bass

  • *Davie:Checkmate Davie504*

  • Back when his voice wasn't bassed enough

  • Ples give me a shout out you bass player. I slap like and bass😁

  • This is E P I C

  • I'd made one like this

  • Finally seeing this after being subbed for about 6 months now, this is your best solo for sure!

  • Checkmate, you're the best! Hoping you would do a cover of "Isnt she lovely" by Victor Wooten, Davie.

  • Kontol kalean

  • épico

  • Nonagon infinity opens the door

  • I feel like you wasn't really listening when you were playing just now... Why all men do this to me. :(

  • You have a beautiful smile. Keep laughing

  • Yo hablos Español? No.

  • lol dude the one reason i keep watching your videos is from your constant yt post. notifications don't work for me anymore as im already subbed to too many channels. i think you've figured out a way to reach to your core audiences as most ytbrs don't utilize the yt post notifications... idk why im writing this tho.... i guess im lonely

  • How many subs to play with a Palheta?

  • Send tabs

  • Can davie504 play 1 string bass song chiken in the 🌽?

  • I would love to hear the whole cover of victor wooten from you. such a beautiful song <3

  • I love Electroboom!

  • is bass.

  • very impressive, but can you play pumped up kick with your machine gun bass?

  • Lamou

  • Stop saying he can’t play things. It just makes him stronger.

  • Can somebody made thisinto a song

  • Reeeeeeeecorrrrrrderrrrrr

  • You should cook a calzone in your next video

  • *checkmate

  • Je suis le seul a être là grâce a lama fâché?

  • I don’t wanna jump to conclusions but I think he likes instruments

  • not 50

  • He laugh omg

  • bruh your 25


  • lmao

  • What? You learn before you play? I though you did not need this, lmao

  • Davie doesn't even need to tell me to slap like to actually slap like...it happens automatically...maybe its the power of bass

  • 128 was the best in my opinion.

  • Is mayonanse an instrument

  • I think that intro is lwiay

  • 0:22 is what I came for

  • EPIC

  • Whoa! Look at him ROCK✅

  • I lost it when you said you drink spaghetti

  • EPIC

  • Play Domino Line by Casiopea

  • Ww3: Guns air ships granades etc. Davie504: BASS

  • I'm dissapointed that you didn't play fretless bass for donna lee, no slap like for you

  • Sweet

  • OMG!,You are using PICK

  • Que bueno que hablo castellano 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why has nobody noticed that davie doesn't have his headphones on in the SDIAY intro

  • Dat face expression, so much life.

  • CHECKMATE Davie! I knew you couldn't play MY BASS!!! MUAHAHA

  • What does sdaiay mean?

  • 🅱️ass

  • Very impressive, but can you play smoke on the water without getting copyrighted

  • Brasil porrAaaaaaaa

  • breakbot!

  • i am glad that you have kicked the Jedi younglings in thier sleep

  • i'll say... “Anything you want” Instrument: Ukulele BASS Bonus: Like is already SLAPPED

  • Another Leaked video with no headset

  • Play Primus

  • You cheated hahah

  • go to philipipines and play a best bass solo

  • You should do star shopping by lil peep I think that would be dope

  • I cant afford to buy that new sweater but that doesnt mean i will not buy it, i will buy it selling the stupid guitars i have on home even tough they are not mine C H E C K M A T E G U I T A R R I S T S

  • Huehuehuehue 2:40

  • $300

  • Girlfriend reveal at 7M subs. Spoiler: he is married to the BASS. it will be his bass with a wig or anime wife artwork.

  • No one: Me: *basstmaster64*

  • Tocando guitarra sin manos xD, te doy like..... pero no mames xD

  • Do you like the banjo? Give me a like if you do.

  • Once we get enough subscribers to see his ears again, he's gonna have Air Pods under the headphones. I'm calling it now.

  • quiero flashar ser pobre

  • Very impressive, but what can you do with JUST A PICK?! Oh and no playing bass for a month (I’ve never played bass in my entire life. I’m a P R O . Yu NOOB @ NO PLAYING BASS. C:<)

  • I listen to your videos when gaming:) i enjoy that a lot

  • Michael Pipoquinha on the video is epic! Brazil it's everywhere

  • If a bass player is called a bassist, Why aren't prostitutes called sexists?

  • omg

  • For the next episode of OMG THAT'S NOT A BASS he should play a saxophone

  • I slap the picc