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I will deliver it in various contents such as woodworking · leather craft · DIY
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  • 3:23のやつめっちゃ気になる

  • Prima Tool 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ beste Grüße von Bergflitzer.foto Dieter 📸

  • From where did you get that guide

  • Laek mendan 👍🤗🇰🇬

  • فكرة رائعة 👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • You wouldn't by chance consider making a pair and selling them would you??? I'd be very interested in making a purchase, if you would?????

  • I have to admit, this was incredible to watch, I was more than impressed. I mean who would've thought to use a JDs bottle, and make a set of speakers?? Although, I can see that, the glass is an excellent sound receptor, and the reproduction has got to be incredible!!!! Truly amazing to watch!!

  • 👍👍👍👌

  • A great simple to make guide adapter, something I need to make because I struggle cutting circles out, thanks

  • Кабель-то не жалко?

  • Would you make and sale a set of these?

  • Do you have plans that we can download?

  • Brilliant! I wouldn't even know where to start to find parts like those in the U.S. ...?

  • At 4:50 I said "NIIIIICE!" out loud

  • *Даааа с моим Интерсколом такое не прокатит* 😀 *Этот ебучий лобзик даже с направляющей полотно на 30мм уводит* 😂

  • Very very good like from Iraq 🇮🇶 😍😍😍😍

  • Too much work.

  • I would love to build this unfortunately I cannot find "Slide rail (trade name: Smooth Ride S270 ) length 300mm width 27mm thickness 9.5mm stroke 202mm" I am in the U.S.A. and most slide rails are 3 piece. If you know where I could get this or something similar please let me know. I am still searching for them, and I found these www.cabinetparts.com/p/accuride-drawer-slides-side-mount-drawer-slides-AC213214-p116

  • Super. Eline sağlık. Çok teşekkür ederim.

  • Чет не вдохновило(

  • Çok yaratıcı. Kutlarım.

  • Just go buy a set of MICCA RB42 speakers. Job done.

  • Semplice ma geniale, bravissimo 👏 👍👍👍👍

  • what's the 2 wires, black and red and the 2 batteries attached to the saw. is it your replacement for an otherwise dead battery.

  • What a waste of time. By the time you buy the two gallon jugs of Jack, hope you dont screw up removing the labels and have to buy more bottles, all the glass cutting bits, plastic forms, foam, wire, terminal ends, those specialty anchors, set of speakers, etc etc...I could buy a set of bluetooth Bose or JBL's and know for a fact it would sound better....and I wouldn't look like a techy meets alcoholic frat boy in the process.

  • Do you even know what diy means?

  • Super 👍

  • You are one of the best in diy woodworking. I think this video is not your level.

  • Also called electrical saw. Before operste the power tools read instruction

  • nice job

  • Thank you!

  • i hear that it gain some low mid frequences but lose the high end that you have before do the custom speaker boxes, if you will buy another 3$ speakers and play the original ones, and the custom made together, you get a more complete audio spectrum! i know this because: - i have good ears - i'm a basic audiophile - i play clarinet - i have bose earphones and speakers - i have good Tecnics wooden bookshelf speakers as main speakers for my pc - i listen high quality 48khz 24 bit Flac lossless music

  • А в упорную планку стопорную шпильку вкрутить и колхоз не городить ума не хватило? Тупорылый толераст!

    • В смысле - в параллельный упор?

    • Читая ваш комментарий понимать, что ничто человеческое Богу не чуждо. У него отличное чувство юмора.

  • A lot of the time I watch your videos just loving the precision and thought that goes into the design, and how you manage to create tools that go far beyond what I would have considered practical, until you shows how to do just that. This time however I watch this an very quickly realized that this was not going to be a wonder of design and fabrication, but rather a quick and easy way to adapt a tool to do something you actually often need. And I love that too! While not as intricate as say the circular saw slide guide, this circle cut jig does exactly what it needs to do, and it didn't take a lot of time to make, and it can easily be undone taking out two screws if needed. Thank you for making these videos showing how to improve the tools we've already got.

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  • I've gotta make one, thanks!

  • You are my hero sir.

  • Excellent job on modifying the factory made jig into a great jig. Thanks for sharing

  • Maestro buena guía.. pues manos a la obra, eso ahorrara mucho trabajoo...

  • Pointless

  • I admire how you modify the existing guide in such a simple, straightforward manner. That looks like a very serious jigsaw! It appears to be about twice the size of the one I struggle with. I guess one takeaway is that all of the carefully constructed jigs and stands in the world are not going to be much use if they're used with inferior tools. This channel is truly a delight. A combination of imagination and careful attention to detail. Every video is enjoyable and instructive. Thank you for doing this.

  • 👍👍👍

  • Did that guide come standard with the jigsaw?

  • Молодец круто

  • это для чего сделано?сделано показать что это можно сделать-не более!всё что показано делается в ручном режиме,для массовой работы нафиг не упёрлось.или судя по музыкальным рукам парня-чистоплюй ещё тот!тогда зачем это всё?

  • Very good! thank you

  • very nice :) that one im able to make i think :) sad i dont have compressor or nailgun... ;))

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Beautiful work, dude! Really well done! 😃 It really works great!

  • Saudações em Cristo - Amigo sou subscrito e com sininho ativo. Os seus vídeos são maravilhosos e aprecio muito a limpeza do local . Parabéns. Uma sugestão : Para os vossos vídeos ficar nota 9,9 seria necessário que o amigo coloca-se o plano de corte (medidas) ajudaria muito a um iniciante ou um idoso igual a mi. (71 anos). Pense nisso. Sucesso e continue a nos presentear com a vossa arte. Muita paz em vosso coração. Amém.


  • Saudações em Cristo - Brasil - Rio de Janeiro - Like 753 é meu.

  • Gonna try this one and today on my birthday awesome. Thank you.

  • Great 👍

  • Congratulations for you! You are the best!!

  • :3

  • Perfect Job, Good brainwork results in a nice and usefull jig.Thanks, Robert.

  • Salve! Complimenti alla sua genialità, professionalità dei suoi attrezzi, Lei è un grande "BRAVO". Adesso voglio chiedere una cortesia, Lei che colla usa per incollare metallo con il legno. Grazie dei suoi video tutorial. Cordiali saluti

  • This is perfection

  • Делать инструмент чтобы делать инструмент нах надо

  • Ну и нахер она нужна при таком количестве инструмента можно и руками подержать,пять отвёрток использовал при закручивании,хз

  • Muito boa a solução.

  • Where are those rails from? :S

  • Recurso, rápido, fácil, simples e muito eficiente. Parabéns por compartilhar.

  • Nice! A few weeks ago I made circle cutting jig on my table saw but this is also a great way of making circles. Well done!

  • 👍nice

  • 👍

  • Gracias por el aporte y vídeo,como siempre excelente trabajo....buenísima idea....

  • You have great talent !!!

  • Хорошая идея!

  • you are number one of the tutorials...

  • Amazing piece of work. This person is highly skilled! A pleasure to watch...

  • First

  • Super!👍🙂

  • 👍

  • Aprecio muito seus trabalhos.

  • 👏👏🖒🖒


  • шедеврльненько

  • Glass more sharp, wood more echo..

  • Excellent👏👌👍

  • ,👍

  • 🌚

  • Придумано хорошо,но чувак скачай приложение для видео монтажа,там ты сможешь показывать основное,и вырезать все эти моменты с забиванием каждого гвозьдя пиления каждой досточки,показал размер и оп о чудо уже готовая деталька,чудеса да и только,теперь из за тебя и мой комментарий получился длинным и занудным.

  • That is insanely cool. I thought making those bottles into lamps was difficult. Hats off to you! Very neat idea.

  • Estava olhando alguns vídeos de DIY e achei o JSK koubou, pelo nome achava que era canal de japonês, muito legal, preciso e explicativo os teus vídeos. Parabéns!! Já estou inscrito!!

  • Thanks sir but you were not fair enough as we don't understand the relationship between the front piece and the bigger back ones in terms of dimensions

  • That's what I call presicion

  • I love the beautiful tools you present, very clean work well presented, remarkable craftsmanship. I have a question: Where is it possible to purchase the very nice small square with side rib and 45 degrees... it i so well designed, I would love to buy one. Thank you.

  • That’s the smallest table saw I’ve ever seen

  • Cool. Curious if you could put the speakers on the back side and aim the slightly up to reflect off the back wall like the Bose 901s. ? And what about siliconing the speakers to the glass instead of drilling ? Very cool project !

  • What's that drill holder called that helps you keep drill level up and down?

  • I got my entire Cambridge Audio 5.1 system for $3 from the second-hand shop.

  • Some rather excellent homemade jigs.

  • Would work well for beginner hand saws as well one surface to help start each corner

  • It might take more time to make a whiskey bottle speaker than took to make the whiskey itself down to tennessee.First drink them,break few in failed efforts,buy new drink 'em too,new efforts are starting with overnights drinking and all day drilling but once feel dizzy then the hand is shaking and the patience is over,take some courses to anonymous to stop drinking but there no chance in the end not to make these speakers in stereo edition and finally the wife might leave the house.

  • Ok, just let me spend $10000 in expensive hardware and gear to make a jig... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Less glueing, more screwing...

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