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❤️ My concert videos ❤️



  • His voice is just THKYFSHKLGYDS

  • They should've played this in their live album!

  • this song makes me feel like I’m floating

  • New this would be amazing live

  • I like how grayson directed the actual video and he made ethan kiss someone in it

  • I’m in love with this song

  • Our little aussie bois pumping out an LA concert! So proud


  • I love my cub scouts :,)

  • This song is now called Black ;))

  • I love this crowd soooo much ksksksk

  • Look @ Charlieeee

  • Thank you for posting this ily 😭😭😭💘🤧

  • Brilliant recordings, thank you so much for posting them! I've subscribed, I eagerly await the performance from last year! :D

  • This has to be my favorite video to have recorded from this year and last year !1!1!!1!2!!! When everyone hears there’s a honey we know the show is about to end but we scream whatever energy we have left ❤️ it’s truly magical I love this band and the fandom I’m grateful to have seen them twice and to even go to concerts. Enjoy 💝💘💗💞💓💕💖