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  • Bruh when Bob died ...I just..I cried he was so perfect for Joyce he was willing to deal with all that just for her and Mike ...he really was a hero in the end. in season 3 that picture gonna get to u 💯😣

  • I ain't saying Rob got a type but... Gaara.. Todorki.. always carrying their merch around thinking it's all about them...

  • Thanks for making reaction video

  • Punisherrrr

  • How do I watch it

  • You should watch Pandora on netflix the korean one. That made me cry my life out too 😭😭😭😭😭😭 love your reaction 💛

  • Hey please react to hui malang or the tittle track of malang movie please

  • This album was 🔥🔥 so good! I always loved Justin. I loved his whole Purpose album too.

  • Yo mad props to the elegance you put into your playlist section. I do not know which one of you is popping an Adderall every Tuesday night and sacrilegiously organizing your playlist section, but literally EVERYONE thanks you.

  • “They eating good cuz he’s a little hefty”🤣RIP bob tho😞.

  • Y’all need to watch chilling adventures of Sabrina, won’t be disappointed I swear

  • Season 3 finna have y’all lit💯🔥

  • I love this episode so much lol. I was so glad that El came back.

  • According to the lore, Eleven was born in 1971. I think this season is like 1984 so she’d be 13.

  • Nah nah guys dont start any anime FINNISH OFF HAIKYU FIRST !!!

  • C'mon Wellz, I agree it's not anything really special, but you should've let the boys watch the opening at least once so they can form their own opinions on it.

  • Is the boondocks still on Hulu?

  • Nahh I be hating that shit when they kill off characters we like in shows with monster they be having them getting ripped to pieces by the monster like what!!!

  • Please reac to silsila ye caahat ka.. And raam cahe lela by priyanka copra

  • Finally!!!!!!!

  • It would've been nice if Robert adopted Lando. They actually looked like a beautiful Black family after all the bonding, too!


  • Rip pop

  • Stay on sub, the sub actors really bring out the emotions with the characters. Gets you more immersed into the show than the dub

  • Wells u good bro...?

  • He is probably the best in terms of versatility in the world right now and consistency! All of his albums have been fire and even though he has been out for over 4 years now he has still got so much more to give

  • Wellz and Pat are easily the main reason this channel is sick. They actually take interest.

  • Every episode gets crazier one after another, if u think from episode 1 how they were just trying to get their bodies back and how many things have happened, by the end of the show the scale of things is insane cuz every episode gets slightly crazier and more complex

  • Dawg y’all gotta watch season 3😂💯

  • Pls dont watch fillers, it is a waste of time

  • Artist was full piano based and 2.0 is guitar based, A boogie is an actual genius

  • You guys should watch #kingdomnetflix. It’s dope as fuck

  • We all skip your intro song because it's trash. Call FMA op trash again I dare you

    • KAKA CREAM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dying, soo good

  • I love your stranger reactions and please if you guys are not that’s busy with all the other reactions can you please react to flash

  • Her asking about Yennifer means all 3 are linked and are meant to be together

  • I can’t stand chinese, just use thewatchcartoononline.tv

  • Oh my god I’m so excited for you to watch the finale of this season and then move onto season 3, the greatest season in my opinion 💖🔥

  • Patrick i love u, u pay attention to the story line although its from last episodes

  • Billy's sperm donor is a piece of shit!!!

  • React to the anime Overlord

  • If your going to ask for followers then maybe don't lie with a video title because I aint following

  • Pls react to Misfits❤️

  • I feel so bad for Bob the demogorgons were still eating him he still had eyes open😰😱

  • Cant wait for pain. Also rob be looking extra dry today lol

  • Punisher or Money Heist

  • Bro did you just call a Fullmetal Alchemist opening trash?

  • Subs 🤔

  • 90% of the video: nodding heads

  • Ok I don't know if this is obvious, but there's really no reason to not still call him RapMonster when RM is just an acronym for Rap Monster. It's interchangeable. He may prefer being called RM today, but it's still an acronym of the fully spelled out nickname.


  • Fun fact: bob was supposed to been be killed but they liked the character so much they let him stay this far

  • I clicked so fast! 😂 these last two episodes of season 2 are fire! 🔥

  • He hit the Femoral Artery in his leg. He'll bleed out in a matter of minutes. The blood in the head was because they had to stab Benjamin in the head before he turned.

  • One of the best episodes in the series. RIP Bob :(

  • you guys should watch lost. would be brilliant


  • i could never watch anime with these guys lmao the yelling ruins it

  • Punisher everything else is trash

  • The girl in this video is so meeee 😂

  • In every brown film, the bad guy is always the blackest person they could find. And if they can't find a dark skinned person, they'll just blackface him lol

  • One of, if not, the best episode in the entire show

  • Rip the homie bob

  • Where are the my hero academia reactions? Yall are way behind and keep reacting to random garbage.

    • out of all the shows to call "random garbage" you chose Stranger Things... bruh 😂

    • Aye man put respect on ST fuck you mean random garbage

  • Bob played in the goonies too!!!!!!!

  • Exactly! She did not have much of a "choice." It was either ascend and become beautiful, but never be able to have children; or, don't ascend and get turned into an eel, and be used as a power source for the school for eternity. Not much of a "choice" if you ask me.

  • That song Rob asked about @ 4:03 - *Bon Jovi* - *Runaway*

  • Praying peaky blinders makes it into a poll one day

  • React to "violet evergarden" on Netflix?

  • I’m so close to unsubbing just cuz of rob but I won’t... not now anyway

  • "20 years ago"? Uh, try like 60 years ago lol.

  • Ey that wall Is sick! Never take a girl home.

  • Yall should react to on my block

  • This is your best reaction ever! You were all having fun and were all in sync. Beautiful. I'm worried about Rob who has serious nods (which is typical of opiates or benzo usage). I noticed he had surgery on one knee (a reason to get prescriptions). Or maybe he's nodding because he works as a postman and wakes up at 4:30AM to start his run so when it's reaction time in the evening he's just very tired...

    • Jerry nods way more thanks IT-tvs doctor who the fuck assumes someone takes drugs because of a scar and that's why their tired? You're wack.

  • ya should’ve listened to the full song of streets dont love u

  • Yikes debuted at #23 on the charts, making it Nicki's 55th Top 40 hit, the 2nd most Top 40s by any woman and become her 108th chart entry, breaking her tie with Kanye and putting her as the rapper with the 3rd most chart entries ever and extending her record as the woman with the most chart entries ever of all genres. Plus, Yikes has sold over 200k in pure sales already and during all this, bitch ass Meek and his weak ass song with Justin Timberlake debuted in the Top 90s. He had the nerve to say Nicki is basically washed and the industry doesn't like her, yet her PROMO song debuted over 70+ spots higher than his and his song had a VIDEO and a popular white artist on it, too. Meek is trash, Nicki's the Queen.

  • did this dude really say that irene looks like michael jackson....

  • yesss!!! ❤

  • Their intro song reminds me of a certain Shinobi that needs to stick to his day job.

  • Got’em

  • if they haven't reacted to shadowhunters it would be super that they did it is a very good series.

  • When are y’all doing mha again?

  • It's been a while since you reacted to EXO please react to their fire live performance from Exordium "Diamond, Run this, coming over, drop that and Power" all joined in one video performance to kick energy in your system ><

  • 9:20 can someone start putting a counter for the amount of times Pat says the N-word (I personally hate using it myself anyway) 😂😂

  • Would y'all ever considered a reaction to bleach?

  • Y’all should react to the Netflix original series : You It’s lit

  • WATCH JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keep in mind, the last time he talked to Hughes on the phone, there's was a long pause because he'd been shot. That long pause talking with Hawkeye probably caused him more than a little anxiety.

  • Please use the right subtitles for Timor’s Haikyuu episode

  • Yo yo honey Singh