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  • I'm an anime only fan but I was wondering, what happened with Annie?

  • Calm yourself dreadlocks.

  • Beef the best

  • Please.. React to vanakam chennai movie. Chennai city gangstar song.

  • I'm sorry but no one seems to have pointed out that none of these dudes watched if Spongebob was an anime op 3.

  • Stupid! R u dumb ?! Lol

  • Bringing a shovel to a fight lolz

  • love the mha wall scrolls in the back

  • whenis the next upload...

  • King and Queen forever

  • Rip demon slayer reactions 😂😂😂

  • so bad reactions why smiling idiot? is that funy movie?

  • Check out the new album rich brian "THE SAILOR". Its amazing

  • react to "Aashiq Banaya Aapne" song it-tvs.com/tv/video-obUOnAh25Ws.html

  • REACT TO "BIJLI KI TAAR" SONG it-tvs.com/tv/video-hpBQo3xkQPE.html

  • The coolest thing about the whole ship-carrying endeavor is that it actually happened in real history.

  • To answer your question, Mack's full name is Alphonso Mackenzie. (Technically that doesn't get mentioned until later but it's not really a spoiler.) Iain's performance in the scene where Fitz confronts Ward just floors me every time. How has he not gotten an Emmy yet?!?

  • Amazing acting, storytelling, story progression, two people died, but...…."no action". 🙄🙄🙄 This show isn't about ''action'' 24/7. After watching every episode of this show, from the beginning, people still don't get that. The emotional/mental immaturity of some fans is astounding.

  • Oloff - Faire lt SteaIthy

  • sidhu moosewala reaction, Already subscribed mate .

  • React to jordindian videos,you will really have some fun time, although enjoying fight scenes is good but there should be some fun time,right!!!!! Watch it and you will definitely enjoy

  • When i end up here listening to your reaction to BigBang like i love it😂😂😂

  • When i end up here listening to your reaction to BigBang like i love it😂😂😂


  • Man it's so ironic how they only know kurt Cobain because of all the trends he set. I can really see why he killed himself, hed spit this shit out if he was alive today

  • Plz react to "Guy From The Hills-Void"

  • Do come to india

  • Please ..react to BigBang Tell me goodbye live in Japan..Thanks..God bless you all😊

  • Why are you reacting to these trash animes. React to more classics that are considered the best than these garbage seasonals that are generic asf.

  • Worst reaction and stupid hate you

  • Wah wah ram ji song reaction

  • I like daniel hernandez tekashi69

  • What in tha.....if someone requested Psy I wish they at least pick a better song

  • 🤣🤣 No one takes this MV seriously, honestly. Even Hyuna is sorts embarrassed by this.



  • He did reverse worm very perfect in another song please react to it @ night so young song

  • )) i click "like" first,, and watch u guys in reaction video later..))

  • Please reat to either Euphoria, Prison break, supernatural, or Shameless and ur leg does have arteries my cousin was shot in the leg 7 years ago and almost died because of it if it wasn't for his brother stoping the bleeding he would of past away but the doctors saved him barely.

  • React to Assalam E Isshqum from same movie.

  • React to “Allah duhai hai” cover song by Zayn Malik. You won’t regret it. It’s dope!

  • Why rob is always apart ?

  • Legend has it that rob still doing that sasageyo salute to this day

  • Hope you guys can listen to seventeen's new album An ode. All songs are so good. Many people listened to this album, they also find favorite song of this album. Thank you guys.

  • Hope you guys can listen to seventeen's new album An ode. All songs are so good. Many people listened to this album, they also find favorite song of this album. Thank you guys.

  • Thank you for reacting to King Can you please react also to iKON songs 😊😊😊 thank you

  • Mob is the strongest character in his universe while Midoria isn't even the strongest in his class.

  • Come on bros its time for dat Hrithik Roshan song Ek Pal Ka Jeena, everyone else are reacting to it, u guys should as well. Best Hrithik song my Haitian brother, believe it or not homie!!!

  • Is it me or these reactions seem to be going downhill. Too much talking during the videos and cutting reactions in the middle. Its frustrating. You guys were much better before.

  • please react devdas film song hamesha tum ko chaha

  • please react devdas film last scene

  • Damn shame this kid was doing big things gangs is not the way if your not real at heart 💯💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  • 👍💃💃💃💕

  • Orang luar tuh pintar dia ngereact the Raid yg dari Indonesia,karena mereka tau org Indonesia itu overproud jadi dia manfaatin itu buat youtubenya biar banyak yg nonton. This people is too smart..why? Because he react the raid video.he know the Indonesian people is to overproud.

    • Gak juga mas, orang negara lain juga kalo di react filmnya pasti juga seneng, toh liat reaksi mereka kan emang mereka juga kagum, film the raid ini sekarang jadi standar acuan untuk film-film action lho, nyatanya setelah film ini castnya juga laris di Hollywood

  • Dude on the left has serial killer eyes.

  • Literally everyone: It's 2v1, very unfair. Me: Ok, who starts the fight?

  • React to Urvasi song of Yo Yo Honey Singh...very nice song...


  • React to exotic by priyanka chopra and pitbull

  • I have one of my favorite rappers birthdays Eminem’s birthday is my birthday October 17th 2006 is my birthday October 17th 1972 is Eminem’s birthday

  • ずっと心臓ささげてるのとジャケット着てるのに愛を感じる。

  • Queendom plzzz

  • U guys should react to dard e disco from the movie om Shanti om

  • ...

  • Your guys are . Not only so talented but also so handsome😁😁😁😁

  • What's wrong with ur video sound..fuck shit

  • Guys great reaction overall but the screaming from that dude killed it for me...

  • You guys should react to Community if some of you haven't seen it! Enjoy some classic Donald Glover, pre-Gambino era!

  • Also could you guys please do Stan Lee vs Jim Henson please?

  • delete the guy under bnha poster

  • Floki is the original Fitzcarraldo!

  • Ya'll taken these era's too seriously sometimes man these are meant to be funny not for people to get offended by what they say in there raps.

  • I fckin love when they unnecessarily mad arguing for nothing important really 😂

  • These dance steps are based on RINGING THE BELL🔔

  • 4:32 LMAO 2mins in and they were blown away with all the titan information this is so funny because while reading the manga you can go back and read slowly but the anime just shoved it all in your throat all at once. 😂😂😂😂😂 12:16 "you see what titan that is?" the reaction after this sentence LMAOOO PRICELESS!! i thought you knew!! Every detail in this episode has some backstory and it's lit.

  • REACT to Ally Brooke -Higher

  • If y’all haven’t seen FMA: Brotherhood, y’all need to watch that. Now that’s the best anime I have seen.

  • amazing...

  • Jerry gets it this time. It got boring. Season 8 is worse. But keep going it will pick up again in season 9

  • Disrespect Ragnar one more time.....

  • Please react to ram chahe leela song of priyanka chopra

  • CL live performances MTBD. pleaseeee

  • does anyone know if this guys watched bleach?

  • It's like killing thanos Indian version but he is gone for head ha !

  • Reaction on "PEPETA" this actress Nora fatehis u will luv it

  • "Erwin or Armin... OH MY GOD BRO." lmao the whole fandom was on war when this happened too representing both eren/mikasa and levi/hange. Isayama did some great big sacrifices to make the plot more interesting respect how he ain't afraid to lose some characters it felt more raw and real. Gotta admit i choose armin too but i ain't gonna forget what erwin did as a soldier he a real one. Edit: Respect for moblit, he dedicated his life for hange till the last moment.

  • I’ll drop a like cuz I like y’all lil niggas.but this anime is kinda wack and the general consensus is it’s pretty subpar

  • Watch top boy everyone wants it!!!!

  • Plss... do react to 2NE1 live performance CRUSH - live AON CONCERT I DON'T CARE - rock version AON CONCERT I LOVE YOU - MV & live AON CONCERT MTBD - CL solo AON CONCERT CAN'T NO BODY - live YG FAMILY CONCERT

  • I subscribed you 😅

  • You definitely have to react to Homicide, So High, and East Side Flow by sidhu moosewala. But all this definitely not Bollywood shit. They are Punjabi

  • 3:19 Guy in the Blue: who does he sound like ? Guy in the white: Kendrick Who else feel Uniq looks like as well as sounds like Kendrick Lamar ? Both are unbelievable at the same time. Uniq Poet is something else. 👌🏻

  • My boy said Jerry ate some chicken today or something lmao. I haven't been more entertained by an argument in a *while*.

  • The guy who rapped on that is Fateh

  • Pls react to tera ghata

  • Please react maar dala video song

  • Their are defining life threatening arteries in your leg

  • Please react the MV by G-dragon- COUP D'ETAT guys. Im really" can't wait you guys to watch the MV

  • Pls pls react on syeraa narashimha Reddy trailer Link-m.it-tvs.com/tv/video-KyhrrdpA2YA.html

  • Please please react to yo yo honey Singh song party all night