Meet Arnold

Meet Arnold Meet Arnold

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Is anybody here?
It's Arnold.
Help me!
Please, help me!
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  • Ads hahahaha 2:26

  • Arnold will gain sentience, its just a matter time before it happens.

  • I feel like people don’t like fortnite because there bad at it. I mean it isn’t a bad game.

  • What if you had to walk for 1 or more years

  • I just saw arnold's crotch

  • 1:45 why is there a you know what sticking out?

  • You will be rejected 7 000 000 000 times

  • You’d Be Dead

  • I knew it..I was right all along ....Bikini Bottom was in Mariana Trench..You fools didnt believe....haha..whos laughing now... 😏😏😏

  • Haha it is 2020


  • Arnold I give what you want is subscribe

  • 0:38 69 Is Not Just A NUMBER

  • It’s 2020 now

  • Arnold; I don't have Gucci but I Have DUCCI😍

  • Poor arnold.... Always being bullied

  • A fucking Piranha just popped out his asshole.

  • 0:35 *Poo die pie*

  • tagai_berta ? yt channel full name

  • *This reminds me of how underrated I am*

  • For some reason I imagined chuck from the first angry birds movie

  • Marijuana trench

  • Arnold's finger didint came off Me: Wait that's illegal

  • nooooooooooooooooooooiooiibs fake

  • Watch this in 2020 😐🤨🤔🙄

  • Hi boomers

  • Can u see gay ? 1:39

  • Is someone watching in 2020

  • Gimi gimi was not uploaded by t series 😂😂😂. Check correct information than gives right video.

  • (Subsriber) if its real what will happen in reao life

  • Well duh thumbnail

  • 1:39 im no longer watching ur channel becouse of that im europe

  • Oh my god 666k view

  • thank god they brought back the original

  • Am i over thinking this or was that S. Porter was sam bridges porter from death strandin?

  • PuDiePie🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • "Hey Arnold do you what awaits you at the bottom of Mariana trench?? Loneliness" (Me thinking): so basically i have been at Mariana trench all this time ? 😣

  • Arnold: does not lose finger Everyone else: w a i t t h a t s i l l e g a l Edit: I Copyed Someone

  • Make a video on : What happens when all of the water in your body is removed


  • He took the easy way out

  • XD

  • Arnold can run the speed of light He looks like a b****

  • Is the quality dropping?

  • It is 2020

  • I am tnt 💥

  • *Me watching Arnold-* What evryone thinks : hes watching for science. What the actual reason is : 0:01

  • 0:09......that’s questionable

  • No effort is seen making this video

  • 0:13 wow

  • I can't install that game. It too hard for me

  • What is Arnold don't sleep for 1 year Or sleep for 1 year

  • Wait what 2020 oh this is made two years ago well we are still alive I think 🤔

  • Detected SpongeBob

  • Admit it : You paused the video at 00:40

  • The paper of The insult of his aunt is front of Arnold and after he moves The paper and The paper is front of Arnold again

  • 0:05 there are a error

  • 0:33

  • That spongebob and ms. Flof

  • Why does he hate arnold so much

  • Yeah I'm last one here...... Its 2020

  • 0:04 narrstor:he's not my b***h anymore he's a cofee b***h Now

  • 0:01 Arnold dummy T H I C C

  • 2:05 Half-Life teleport sound efrect

  • 2:21 WEEEeeeeeeeeee

  • The 1K dislikes was from the scam air company cabin crew

  • Narrator: I want to make an experiment with people Also Narrator: ARNOLD, do you want to be my test subject?

  • At least his finger wad safe....

  • This one🖕🏻


  • At least the cat survived

  • 2:27 arnold's war robot have shooted by a missile

  • then ill fucking revive the communism

  • 1:06 when you are not afraid of disqualification

  • _I am your father_

  • Is it only me or the graphics degraded

  • Arnold:*gets metal heart* Nurse I diagnose you with sonic

  • *I have a question* *Why does Arnold always lose his finger in every video*

  • Lol. Hey you dumbass

  • Your bitch , their bitch Arnold will ever be a bitch Now he is a plush bitch

  • What if arnod goes to area 51??


  • Why are the words of and to the only words with no capital letters

  • Its already 2020....but nothing happen?

  • What is wrong with his voice?

  • Look even xenophyophores don't care

  • whay in thet vido you aren't arnold finger

  • Poodiepie 😂nice

  • I swear every time Arnold dies or gets diseases or gets horribly injured

  • 1:13

  • how about you let water fall from the top and capture its energy and convert it to electricity on it's way down the 7 mile tube. at the bottom you electrolyze the water splitting it into oxygen and hydrogen. you capture the hydrogen to use as fuel. now you got rid of the water at the bottom to make room for more water to repeat forever while generating excess electricity. question is capturing 1 gallon of falling water down 7 miles will it produce enough electricity to electrolyze it completely with surplus electricity left over? if so then you got free electricity forever. you can also boil the water maybe that uses less energy then electrolyzing it but the steam may revert back to water before it escapes the 7 miles tube. so how many feet does water need to drop before it produces excess electricity before electrolyzing it?

  • Volcano

  • The title makes no sense

  • Next time please make arnold vs godzilla

  • Wait is 2020

  • Like of you Watch in 2020


  • oh hey not cool man, some people would be offended for sponsoring cancer. edit: also, as more men are born arnold wont be highly valuable for long.

  • Lol dory and nemo

  • 0:19 he has a prosthetic finger on Girl: wait what!