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hi! I'm sydney, but you can call me syd for short :) I love making lifestyle, beauty, & other random fun videos here on my channel! make sure to subscribe & turn on notifications so you can see all of my weekly videos!
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  • One thing in there that I can relate to for sure is the fact that your stomach growls in class.

  • Is no one gonna say that the inrto and the music is the same as Alishas Marie and her room

  • On the thumbnail I have that sloth my bff gave it to me cuz i love sloths

  • Love you so much an it is ok if you have know man!!! Lol

  • Sydney: I'm gonna have a date with myself. That sounds kinda... Me: Thinking she's going to say sad Syd: ...weird Me again: oh... This was funnier in my head. I'm not funny. Love you Syd!!!

  • Aww OMG your so nice like I wanna be like u !

  • 😍

  • Being alone for valentines day is the BEST!!! you can buy yourself all the candy u want, give candy to your bffs, and listen to that one friend complain because they dont have a boyfriend 😂

  • Hi hi hi my name is puppy

  • I love being single

  • You're a woman you can get a guy if you wanted

  • frankie??? hsmtmts? 😏

  • How old are you 😂😂

  • Sebastian: I asked for a frap - 11:00 Lol we all make mistakes :)

  • It's 3 : O4 and here I am putting up a all nighter

  • St. Valentine's Day is not about dating, cards, roses or chocolates. It is the day of martyrdom of a great saint. Valentine the man was a priest who healed a Roman judge's daughter of blindness and thereby converted the household. This brought the fury of the pagan Emperor, who had him beheaded on February 14, 269 AD. His sainthood is recognized by Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox churches.

  • With secrets I can relate with my sister

  • She should've gone on a date with Frankie

  • I was tryin my chocolates when she was too lol 😂 ❤

  • Pennywise

  • Pennywise

  • Don’t worry Sydney I don’t like cheese either ❤️

  • This is 🍪 she wants to get famouse Let's see how many friends she can get Show love and spread love

  • Irk I'm as single as a frikin pringle lol

  • Johnny Walker is my valentine today

  • I never hear my alarm because my radio is just as loud and it's on all night

  • wasn’t she suppose to be in a movie?


  • Anyone watching this on Valentine’s Day.?

  • cool

  • Use like a armrest!!!!😁😀

  • my crush asked me to be their valentine today😭💞

  • I do tik tok milliedaly06

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Sydney ❤️❤️

  • How are you single thooooooo???!!!

  • 𝙱𝚎𝚊𝚐 𝚘𝚖𝚐 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚢𝚍!! 𓆉

  • In my class,there is a girl called Sadie and she likes me.She got me a Valentine's card today and I'm very embarrassed

  • yall stop

  • Syd: I don't really like pizza Me: neither do I and neither do i


  • This is literally me right now, after work im just going to be like this. Its awesome though! Self love is so important

  • My eyes also do that but i did not get surgery

  • But still stressing about not getting my group project back in time or studying

  • The valentine is somthing so boring i don't like celebrite on that day is somthig terribel but i like your video sydney is funny

  • Guess what! U had a better valentine than me! Cuz today I’m in bed and yesterday I got a fever 🤒 and my throat hurts and yesterday I vom- uh ya :( So um.... Hope y’all have or had a better Valentine’s Day than me!💖

  • Thsi Video👍🏽✨💓😍🤗😘

  • When she suggested to be my valentine, my heart melted. Thanks syd, you came thru again. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

  • Today is Valentines day i got left out everyone got a gift execpt me i got my "friends" gifts but none of of them gave me anything i was kinda sad but it shows me where i stand in my "friend" circle

  • Thsi Video👍🏽✨💓😍🤗😘

  • ~don't go looking for love- let love find you~ Never been in a relationship- it's never felt right - have said no to several people though😂

  • happy early 2 million subscriber 😘

  • I’m single to❤️😩🥺🌹✨

  • Whatever happened to Renegade???

  • I’m with u girly I don’t like cheese either, I can take the hate

  • its matt and greg from chicken girls 💘

  • Nobody: Not even a soul: Me: wait that design of her ring is similar to Bella Swan's ring !!😍😍

  • Hey, me too, I dont like pizza, I also not a fans of cheese, I only eat pizza with fish, like tuna or salmon, otherwise, I'll never touch pizza. (I dont like meat, I know I'll get a lot of hate lolol)

  • When I went roller skating I fell so much that I bruised my tail bone

  • Happy International MGTOW Day ! 😉🖒

  • Get a dog

  • Girl, I kinda feel bad for you that you didn’t have any friends or anything with you! But you have us! We love you!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ We’re your valentine this year!

  • This video is a mood.

  • This is a GREAT video! I LOVE IT❤👍

  • and then there's me who's never had a valentine

  • i think chai crmlfr means caramel frappe

  • Syd Syd Syd! Valentine’s Day is about love family friends and each other we don’t need a Boyfriend or Girlfriend to happy on this day. This is Galentine’s Day Palestine’s Day and I just want to say that we love you and you should be happy and have a happy day! Happy Valentines Day!❤️

  • Love this channel. Also check out: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY - social media status video -

  • sydney serena do you know this one? its for all the singles on valentines day

  • Sydney sorry to comment late but we love even your eyes cross we still love your content and just leave the haters

  • best video of 2020

  • Man I miss these kinda old videos I used to watch when I was in school!

  • my friends had valentines and had a sleepover together and they didnt invite me :( so I was all alone in my room :(( but Sydney you cheer me up and ily for it. ty syd 💕

  • Everyone except but me and Sydney: ITS VALENTINES DAY!!! Me and Sydney: nothing but a plane old day

  • How are u single

  • Biche naeun SOLO I'm going sololololololo

  • Yay another MN bby 💕💖😘❤️

  • I got loads of chocolate at school from my friends (they're girls not boys and I'm a girl if you didn't notice)

  • Just a couple bins of shoes...

  • Syd: It’s like I’m having a date with the camera... 😂😂

  • Today I passed by a small garage and it was called Syd's gas I thought Syd owned it 😄

  • Haha i never knew that you would buy yourself stuff for valentine's Day i mean i do it every year xD

  • i hate pants- lauren 2019 (laurdiy) It’s not tiktoky enough ~ Sydney Serena

  • I'm going to Texas Road House and then to an arcade with my family! Also you NEED to meet the Why Don't We boys....have Corey introduce you to Daniel😂😂😂😂

  • when she asked "what about you?" i felt like i was watching dora the explorer lmao 😭

  • why not read a book?

  • Who else feels like Sydney’s vlogs at the moment r kinda different. I love watching her videos for her positivity and laughter but recently it been kinda different

  • Taylor swift, u belong with me 8:22

  • Guys.... .. deal this but WITHOUT the guilt!!! Sydney, you are gorgeous sweetheart treat yourself.x

  • I am ADDICTED to tik tok I was watching videos at litteraly 4:15 am

  • was it really necessary to like wrap the rose in plastic like seriously?

  • Songs you need to hear : all bts albums and songs:))))💜💜💜 army here

  • I was literally looking at the stuff toy at the counter😅

  • She speaks like katrina kaif (Indian actress )

  • Did anyone else notice her top changed

  • I am single today for valentine's day but I did get a secret admirer card though

  • I have done 6 all nighters in the 13 years of my life and you inspired me to do my 7th one tonight 😜

  • Im saving up for your merch!

  • My name is actually Natalie lmao

  • i don’t like cheese either!!🧀

  • This is me literally on valentine's day .