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hi! I'm sydney, but you can call me syd for short :) I love making lifestyle, beauty, & other random fun videos here on my channel! make sure to subscribe & turn on notifications so you can see all of my weekly videos!
syd ♡
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thank you.Anno fa


  • No one : Literally no Earther: Annoying people aka youtuber: “ BY y The Way Im A Small IT-tvsr😑

  • Sydney day 2 : vscogurlll!!!! ☆

  • In her bio was that she has been a fan for a year and in the convo, seems like she was a fan for only a day 😂

  • 8 am

  • Billie is ... Pretty Awesome Amazing Talented Nice You are The same and better😍

  • sTop yOU aRe cRazY sTop lEt hEr be

  • I have pulled 50 all nighters and im 13 o.o

  • Limelights: *INTENSE DIRECT CLICK*

  • Love u ❤️😘 gorgeous look

  • Fans that you dm must have been like: OMG SYDNEY JUST DM ME OMG!!!!

  • That is so funny

  • Hahahha

  • How about in toothpates in close up toothpates put petetosoup


  • Sydney’s a VSCO girl!!!!

  • I get up at 5:45am

  • More like what fake friends say

  • You should do one where they mix all the drinks together

  • S Sy Syd Sydn Sydne Sydney Sydne Sydn Syd Sy S

  • 8:35 The fingerprints on the moon mirror is giving me anxiety

  • This got more views than the crush song

  • Me: What's the plural of hydroflask No one: Literary no one: Also me: hydroflasksksk

  • If someone bullies my friend, I’d say “I want to roast you, but my mom says I’m not allowed to burn trash”

  • I swear whenever she asked Alexa something, I thought she was talking to the “robot” Alexa

  • Yeet

  • September 2019?? anyone am I alone

  • You belong with meee✨✨

  • Cute little girl 👧

  • *yo!* Okay ew *sup!* Okay ew too

  • Sent nuk ell

  • Yayks

  • Her necklace in the second one I have the SAME exact one!

  • Always remember to bring your reusable cup :)


  • U have a kitchen in ur bedroom???

  • She kinda reminds me of Tate McRae ;)


  • I felt so happy she had a resubale cup and then after that day she didn't use it in the video 😂

  • I’m literally 13 and I am more of a baddie then her😂

  • No one: Literally no one: Sydney:I don’t drink coffee

  • Yikes

  • I live in Scotland and there are the best sweets 🍬

  • 1:20 my friend always do that to me "get that get this bla bla bla" She even told me to pay her some foods sometimes

  • i have uniform in my school I wake up 5:30am

  • Is it me or does she look like kenzie Ziegler from the side view

  • omg where is your phone case from?

  • Your so beautiful!! Can you make a video that Vsco girl

  • Yo the second one SHE IS A VSCO GIRL


  • Syd : *pulls out a box of Captain Crunch from her back pack* Me: well then....

  • You should come out with merch saying: sicko-mode activated (aka I love your vids Syd!)

  • Wow you are 100% a VSCO girl on day 2

  • And i oop,sksisisks

  • Hey

  • This is how much times the girl said Sydney’s a free spirit 😂 |

  • where did u get ur “good things ahead” sweatshirt ?!!! I LOVEE

  • That music video was the Taylor Swift song You belong with me !

  • No hate but I’m 10 and I pull one like 3 times every 2 weeks bad tho


  • Next time you do one of these videos, you should ask at Courtney Raine to give you a drink. She also does a lot of Starbucks videos!


  • That kinda sad your old enough to live by yourself and your like " oh so vsco! Vsco room makeover! Lets display my scrunchies!" Like sorry but i think your a little old for that😬🙄🤔

  • I have a retainer and it sucks taking it out just to eat ughh I hate it soo much

  • can I have the last menu pleasee

  • I didn’t expect christina was gonna be here SKSKSKSK

  • You belong with me by Taylor Swift🙂

  • Beautiful! Love the hair! Real nice bikinis!😋🌹 But no fitness from what these comments stating and your voice has no distinctive change of being sick. 😕 Enjoy and may you enjoy that FALL weather! 😅

  • You belong with me Taylor Swift I’m in the 6th grade and I love that song

  • I have a friend that does a bit of both. Anyone have advice with these type of people? I don't wanna tell her my secrets if she won't keep it.

  • When you try to look at how to glow up Me:sees Sydney Also me: WHAT She already pretty unlike me 156 pounds Eye lines Not soft skin Everything is ugly about me:)

  • Am I the only one who thinks Syd looks like Jo Wilson from Grey's Anatomy??

  • All of them look awesome on you. The head board looks so cool.

  • who else noticed the no text pic at the bottom?

  • yikes for syd

  • “Liquid meat”😂😂😂

  • $wag

  • I LOVE this video! Love you, Sydney!😍😍

  • "mom i am so dumb" not tryna hate i love your videos but dumb means your mute...

  • I love how I’ve watched her since her prank videos with her brother

  • its from you belong with me :)

  • I like how she announces to half the world she did an illegal iM cAlLiNg ThE pOpO

  • Perfect 🥰🥰

  • Do s’mores Francisco

  • Lmfaoo 2:44 vsco girl Sydney

  • That’s not even that bad... I don’t even have a floor anywhere anymore

  • Where is her case from

  • I love your videos your the bes

  • is her name syndey or serena because she looks soooooo pretty/oo lala


  • 8:20 Taylor Swift You belong with me💕

  • I am doing this for my bday party In February........ And it’s September

  • Day 2 sksksksksksksks and i oop

  • Where do you get sticker paper?

  • She said, “because I don’t wear coffee” lol I didn’t know you could wear coffee syd

  • So lam A VSCO GIRL can we please be friends????? I do not have any love your videos Sidney

  • Anyone else never had starbucks?


  • is it just me or does Sydney have clear braces???


  • I love you! You’re the best! You’re always so positive and just left those mean friends behind!😍😍😍