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  • Today the game is so soft so big deal who is best defender

  • I remember when Livingston got the injury, man what a tough time for him. He was a journeyman before he ultimately landed with the Warriors. Not a great career, a solid one. But much respect to him, he could of hung it up at any time quite frankly.

  • We tripping off a little girl not play basket ball that day can we just shut up and just wait for preseason

  • Not hard to avoid something you got no room to be in in the first place

  • Max Kellerman spoke facts from start to finish in his argument

  • Durant not better than Dirk.

  • Because he knows he could never be in that conversation..

  • I don't like Jalen rose. LAME af

  • I need a Dennis Rodman movie

  • I’m calling it: the girl who went to the dance recital was the best player on the team. That’s why he salty.

  • I’ll say it’s Dwight Howard he has 3 defensive plaster of the year awards

  • Cause he aint even close😂

  • No...the next season is more important for the superstars

  • STILL my dude!!

  • Nahh Colangelo wanted to reject Melo (For no good reason) In favor of young guys who ended up backing out anyway..So that's what he gets.

  • GTFOH with that bs Jalen Bill Russell the 🐐

  • Mamba aint scared of no ball.

  • Man, even I flinch.

  • Nick hating on Dwight won't get you a career like skip haha

  • They should put up the question then the response just having the response is negligent to say the least

  • The number one rule about being the best is that you cant call yourself that. That's why MJ is the best and that's why, in my opinion, if durant wins 2 or 3 championships in brooklyn then he very well may be in that conversation.

  • Much respect for The Worm. First time I saw him emotional.

  • If Sam Presti fires a working person because they were nice to Durant, doesn't that validate Durant's evalution of the character of the OKC organization?

  • Yes he is smart to avoid the G.O.A.T topic because he will never be apart of the topic.!! And better than LeBron? Ha hahahaha...🤣🤣 NO..!

    • @Patricia same as gs begging kd to come there to nulify lebeon with an 73-9 that had just won a year before, ya point?!

    • Lebron begged for Davis because he couldn't make playoffs and beat Warriors. He was too tired losing 3 championships to same team.

  • This man is a criminal who raped a 19 year old girl! He should be in prison, not in a FIBA/NBA!

  • Fire Paul Pierce. How is your nickname the truth and you get paid to lie every time you on TV


  • These guys would be calling Grayson a tough guy and hard nosed if he were black.

  • shaun's jersey should be retired by the warriors.

  • best player? or defender? dumb statement. more like who is the best team of all time.

  • i think the backourt of Patrick beverly and Lou Williams are better than the backcourt of Team USA LOL

  • I hope he gets more into his nutrition and conditioning. I would love to see how good he would be.

  • Lebron is the GOAT


  • He's understating Jokics ceiling a bit, he can be an MVP calibre player

  • I love how pop responds to these ridiculous questions.

  • My List : PG : Jason Kidd SG : Klay Thompson SF : Kawhi Leonard PF : Hakeem Olajuwon C : Wilt Chamberlain

  • What's wrong with Rachel's face?? Is it just me?

  • the white guy is trying to act like ''why should somebody would invest his money in stocks'' hilarious...nice comedy

  • Please share link where to watch streaming of Rodman 30 for 30 episode.

  • But he’s not as good defensively than Kawhi and is NOT a proven leader of a team.

  • This Asian dude was the same guy who made fun of the fastest runner in high school because he was white, right?

  • I’m the GOAT. Mr. Lova Lova.

  • KD is also the social media GOAT

  • Cant believe Popovich agreed to coach this mess. They should find a way to give draft positions to teams who have players in the WC or olympic teams

  • You hit the nail American team is much more talented, but the fiba rules stop them

  • Dont forget I got dropped 81 from kobe and I completely guessed Kawhi prediction wrong

  • I never thought an analytical opinion would make me wish death on him But this opinion is beyond absurd.

  • Espn been milking these tweets for days now

  • In my opinion the worm is the Best defender ever

  • Kobe the Legend.

  • Exact he can’t stop comparing himself to lebron. Lol

  • 🐍🐍🐍

  • If shaq was a 70% at minimum at the ft line this wouldn't even be a conversation 30+ ppg easy

  • Just doing the things he loved...Look were it got him!

  • He was never drafted by OKC... I have to pick that out. He's been on 4 teams now... Seattle SuperSonics homie...

  • I wished Stephen A Smith would have interviewed Dennis Rodman!

  • I have MJ, Pippen and Rodman. They have been together for 3 years and they won 3. They could have won another 3 if they were allowed to be together for 3 years more.

  • Lol Stephen A.'s "Whhhhyyyyy??!!" at 00:27

  • I love how the very last words of the video were Max saying "I'm not going with him, him, or him," right before it cut off, lol.

  • Look odee corny

  • KD is transparent

  • Ball don't lie

  • Well done shaun! What a career you have. Good luck on your next journey.

  • Who cares though unless your a Warriors fan

  • Pg:magic sg:michael jordan sf:lebron james pf:tim duncan c:shaq

  • 2nd time CP3 wears Oklahoma on has chest

  • Look here ok, there will never be another MJ! all you ppl can keep dreaming and wet your bet as much as you want...there’s never going to be another Michael Jordan.

  • Clint capela can knock down corner 3s???

  • Shaun was nasty on the court I didn’t even know he did 15 seasons he look young asf

  • Barnes: _(Fake passes)_ Kobe's brain: Didn't even caught that his action.

  • Tou cant be a goat without accolades

  • We are about to see if steve kerr can really coach

  • Big terps fan loved Kevin Huerter when he was there still love him now

  • Nothing but respect for shaun Livingston. After suffering a career ending energy and to comeback and contribute to a championship team.

  • Max been turning on every player except kawhi

  • I mean they will retire your jersey so...

  • remember a snake will never becomes a GOAT!!!

  • he looks like lethal lips the porn star daddy

  • At least ain't a infinity 2 spoiler, did not see it yet.

  • He's not wrong

  • They taking this out of context what he actually saying he told truth any coach going to say same thing about one of his player's missing games or practice even my coach's said same at that age cut it out people

    • @Terrance Hill Bro she's just a 12-year-older who miss a meaningless basketball game that will never impact the rest of her life. It's not even a high school game, and she miss it to be with her other team, her dance recital, which could be her passion, besides basketball. So what he said was wrong. MJ left his team and took a whole season off to play baseball, there's bigger things in life besides a basketball game.

    • @sydandtaytum right bro but the end of the day she choose that over being with team meaning she felt that was more important at time which is cool it is what is it it's a lesson in that to be learned I didn't see nothing wrong with what he said

    • only if u missed a game to go drinking with your friends. she missed a game for a dance recital- the equivalent to a game.

  • The man is retiring, and still has a hair line. Respect!

  • U should marry kobe

  • Both ends of the court defensively???

  • Thirsty

  • Where is coach k

  • He bounced back after a horrifying injury and won some rings. And his playstyle was unique. Congrats on your career Shaun! As a clipper fan thank you for your time here and have a good future endeavor

  • This video aged well

  • rebelsoundz, I know right. He's just too emotional!!! Great player though, Hall of Famer for sure.

  • Jacobys always been a lowkey Rockets dickrider

  • Luka #1 not even joking

  • SMH They trying so hard to compete against the Lakers 😂😂😂

  • In the playoffs its the best 7-8 guys that carry a team. Iggy was the 6th man but what Shaun did as the 7th man in his first 3yrs with GS was nearly as important. I'll never forget what Shaun meant to The Bay.

  • Max drank the wrong coffee lol

  • Two ball hog stat padders on the same team are gnna win it all, rrrriiiiiggggghhhhhttttt

  • KD was never chasing rings to be the GOAT, he did it cause he thought it would fill an void within him and it didn’t. It never made him happy

  • warriors so disrespectful to the man. he played well and was a great addition to the team. warriors were going to waive him so he was forced to retire. did warriors really think they have a legit chance of winning next year with klay out?

    • When Klay comes back they do have a legit chance at winning

  • of course, a snake have 0 argument to compite for the goat

  • This show look lame