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  • All 3 of the Boston Celtics perimeter players can take you OFF-THE-DRIBBLE, not just specialists behind the 3-point line. 😞😞😞 As a Laker fan, I am jealous.

  • Lebron James needs to be in Rob Pelinka's office right this moment screaming, " Trade for Derrick Rose right now." 😞😞😞 The 6th Man is supposed to enter the game and provide INSTANT OFFENSE when the starters are struggling. That's what Lou Williams does, everybody knows Lou Williams is a defensive liability.

  • Players nowadays are soft and mentally weak. That's why bigs go out and chuck threes to avoid contact down low. Players today don't have fight nor tenacity.

  • JV gets no love

  • That 3rd quarter adjustment was huge . Good job Bret brown

  • Please Atlanta please get this man some help this off season !!!


  • he reminds me a lot of allen iverson just because they play with the same fearlessness and an unwillingness to back down.

  • Something is not right. Why talk so bad on positions. I think basketball is staged..

  • Amin Hussien from the Jump still screaming "But he is a bust though" smh

  • Ja is my favorite player now

  • Each game is a learning process. Where else to go but to be better?

  • Only thing I didn’t like about the 90s was how the Bulls ran over everybody with little to no resistance. Other than that I miss the Center position from that era.

  • “Use what God has blessed him with” true

  • future allstart Indeed, more like James Harden, gonna give you 30-50pts yet still lose hahahhahah

  • Jordan got lucky all the good elite teams got too old.

  • He can be as much of an offensive machine as he wants but he's a serious liability on the defensive side of things. His small stature doesn't help either. He really needs to be traded

  • Love Zo. Man was a beast. But every one of these guys being interviewed for the decline of the big man has mentioned Dirk. Dirk actually changed the NBA. Not many players can say they did that.

  • Embiid is SOFT

  • Come on guys. It’s tick. Just don’t pay attention. Nothing funny actually about that blinking.

  • It wouldn’t be ESPN if they didn’t pull up some meaningless stat to make LeBron look good.

  • Pat ewing out here buttering his bread

  • Tra is to Steph like Kobe was to Jordan

  • She friggin NAILED IT. I hope this doesn't sound sexist, but ESPN have nailed some of their female hires over the recent years. Cassidy, Malika, Rachel and Maria Taylor... Impress me with their discernment.

  • Just don't finger roll it Ewing dunk it

  • 65 points pass Kobe 😲😲😲😲

  • Legend

  • All star

  • 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • These old school guys keep mentioning Embiid... Embiid's developmental trajectory makes no sense.. if you watched him in college he was quick and nimble. He gets drafted with lower body injuries and someone tells him to put on so much weight... just to sit on the perimeter... I don't understand it at all...

  • First man was really funny... I literally died when se said most posterized victim of all time....He got dunked all the time ..Lmaooo

  • The quality of this video

  • Young better than luka,luka just winning because of veterans,a bench and one of the best coaches individual talent wise young is clearly better

  • Greatest knick ever

  • Trae is sensational impossible to guard because of his surgical passing ability if played off the ball a little more it would help them cuz they’d stop doubling him so much cam gotta improve his handle for that to happen

    • Trae isn't Steph he doesn't need to play off the ball to be effective... He gets doubled consistently and is still killing every team in the league

  • The three pointer has ruined the's a game of horse now just like the way I used to play with my kids...okay son go to the end of the driveway and try to get it in....okay now go to the neighbours driveway and shoots from there...okay now go to the end of the street and heave it from there.....see you're an NBA player.....what a joke the game has become .....just watch the golden state globetrotter team....time to drop the three pointer back down to two points

  • If we're gonna be fair, we can point to Ewing's game as centers beginning to transition into also having a jay out on the perimeter because Ewing wasn't _always_ in the post. Sometimes he would hit a jumper on the elbow; he didn't always have his back to the rim when he played.

  • Back then every kid wanted to Be like Mike. Every Big today wants to Be like Dirk.

  • Be careful. LeBron hears all the talk....

  • Ben simmons = wins ! Assists and points each game.

  • hes not resigning in atl, mark my words. hes going to look at the booker situation and think i have been here 4 to 5 years and were no better. what did we get teague for again?? with 2 points. we could have kept crabbe

  • I imagine after his career that room will be full of trophy's

  • This kid is nasty

  • What a beauty. It's like I've watched MJ makes a fadeaway.

  • Please Inside of the life of Zion Williamson

  • Butthurt bronsexuals incoming!!! Lol

  • Back then it was: Be like Mike. Today everybody wants to Be like Dirk. 3s, one-legged fadeways with the back to the basket,... more skill and finesse, less power and elbows.

  • I love this kid

  • 0 rebounds in a Game...

  • i love watching this guy play!

  • what about wearing the down the opposing team physically by posting up? points per possession does not account for this, and who cares if the guy guarding the post player can hit threes if he fouls out?

  • If Zo keeps this, i wouldnt mind comparing him to the great JKidd.

  • Not bad, he pronounced Nowitzki properly.

  • Just put him on the floor and roll the ball out

  • Mark look like a drag queen without the makeup and wig

  • 28-8-4 on the worst team in the league. ehhh.. im lookin at last years all star guards. ill take him over ben simmons, bradley beal, victor oladipo, kyle lowry, and D-Lo. yea hard to say hes not an all star over those guys.

  • Don’t waste your time 1:15

  • 1:15 is what u came here for

  • 28-1

  • Everybody get dunk on, Its basketball

  • It was

  • Jesus Christ these bone dry repetitive responses from today’s players are a real reflection of today’s fall asleep game.

    • That’s just Jayson man. Always been quiet and pretty bland in his post game interviews

  • He's the baby of Iverson and Westbrook.... MVP


  • Everyone's focus on off... what about def. Def win champs.. if you dominate inside they can guard you.. fouls trouble... you are 7:2 why you want to blowout your knees on dribbling skill 😭

  • There is no way I’m going to allow someone to throw the ball between my legs then shoot a shot there’s no way thats very poor can’t play defense

  • I've said this to Tatum dunk on LeBron was way better an jaylen brown dunk was kinda weak


  • Hibbert.

  • Sounds good ben, don’t take your foot off the gas, we need to kill those Lakers when they come into town on the 25th.

  • Basically his first line said it all. Traditionally coaches would just subject the big players to just play under the net, now they will preach guard like skills. In a couple of years you'll get these giants that can run and shoot 3's, it's going to be interesting.

  • Are these videos made to motivate Joel Embiid?

  • I hope Zion didn't fall asleep during this game

  • Jrue Holiday was a man on fire tonight.

  • Did Roy wear glasses? Is that why he blinking like that? It must be too bright in there 🤔

  • The Lakers lost by 32 points. And the worst lost in nba history. Boston Celtics made a lot of three pointers.

  • Kemba is so soft spoken lmao

  • When you cannot get dirk get the team owner to take the interview

  • No way he's AD in this era.

  • Mourning dew

  • Find me 5 players shooting 50 percent from the 3

  • Celtics vs Lakers or clippers 7 game series in finals

  • That's stupid because you have players who have no business shooting

  • switch defensively on pick n rolls is the reason for the death of bigmen

  • can you talk about your ear roy i'm just curious

  • He really is special, has defense needs more variety for his offense. Now that shot is falling. He should work on his handles so he can break defenders 1 on 1. If he does that his assist stats would go up. Keep grindin man

  • Somehow he got locked down by 6’8” Udonis Haslem in 2014

  • Gae.

  • They need to eliminate the 3 point line period. There is already an inherent advantage to long distance shooting, spacing. Why reward it with another point?

  • What happen to this team

  • Dawkins and DTB died for our bball hi-lite sins😂😂😂😂

  • The only great Knick lol

  • 33 Ewing shoes is still dope💪

  • They beat Lakers by 30 so pretty sure he feels fine😂

  • look at this dude mpj now 🤩 so glad we picked him up

  • Dirk Nowitzki is the main reason for the decline of the big man. He deserves more credit arguably the most underrated player of all time.

    • Yashas Kashyap I don’t think he’s the reason Steph is the reason. Classic Big men still won championships in his era But he started it

  • He blacked at the end.

  • When a lot of these big men where younger and smaller they idolized point guards and shooters . Shows all in their handle and ability to shoot.

  • Don’t blame the decline of big men on millennials blame it on the execs who draft stretch 4 and slot them at center

  • It’s all good. We got AD and bron now. We straight.