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Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
We shoot all of our videos in HD using high-speed cinema cameras and we highly recommend you watch them that way if you can!
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Tidal Wave
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Tesla Coil
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  • Where's subtitles? :(

  • Will Smith with flamethrower: Awww that’s hot *this comment was made before seeing the video*

  • *" Carefull lads ... grey squirrels are watching ... ( also what happened to the water cooled barrel jacket conversion ... Sub Uzi ?) "*

  • Where can i get one of these


  • 5:19 "Daz hot !"

  • What happened to his arm?>>??

  • Here is some nightmare fuel What of the lighting strike them?

  • And this, my children, is how you destroy armored vehicles

  • The only thing that Deadshot can't shoot, a potato cannon

  • 🍯 miel

  • 4:37 good job buddy. Alcohol/wine is bad for you

  • 9:21 will must be going mad in his old age

  • I guess making silly faces runs in the family?

  • 5:56 Dan's o face

  • So will will be change of Dave

  • Ainda sim é mais lento que o SR-71 - Blackbiird

  • Still,wrecking ball by Ron Jeremy is my No. 1 ;-)

  • 3.7k people had fun tapping the dislike button !😅

  • And that’s how Michael Jackson did his famous lean in the Smooth Criminal video.......Hee! Hee!

  • I hope you had permission to blow those up! :D :D :D

  • what airgun they used??

  • Its funny, this is the first video I've ever seen on IT-tvs, at least the one I remember

  • love your video slow mo guys

  • The phenomena that causes the flow to break up into little spheres is called Rayleigh Instability. The surface tension causes it to want to minimize its surface area. It's pretty cool and looks amazing in molten copper!

  • Only 37 degrees!!! Our temperature in dagupan is 50 my guy

  • Gav's part in the balloon when Dan is stuffing it, made me think of Ace venture, when he was in the rhinoceros.

  • What!! This is so cute and awesome ❤️❤️❤️ I love it it's too small I want to have one! How do I buy 1 any website?

  • Can you make a video collaborating with me I'll show you amazing water droplet phenomenon

  • A major part of why Dan lost, other than being untrained, was momentum. He was nowhere near as heavy or as fast as either of these lovely men.

  • Pause right here 6:37 - now you know how people "corel draw it" things

  • Should have filled the hamster ball full of water (with breathing room of course) with him in it that would have been cool to see

  • 컴퓨터가 처음 나왔을 때 크기가 어마무시했지.. 지금은 내 손바닥 안에서 놀고 있으니, 나중엔 저 영상에 나오는 카메라가 얼마나 작아질까..

  • thank god for the folks who deals with these conditions every day

  • There is a big difference between an adult measure of how you get the belts and a kid, if u are a kid it’s like almost given to you. So a black belt in a age about 3-9 it’s about a orange belt or a rank higher with an adult measure

  • I'm getting (shudders)... Sonic 06 flashbacks...

  • Imagine they were at war Germans: panzer marsch! Gav: I would like to order a cheese pizza

  • News: plane crash reported after plane crash

  • This is the most fascinating thing I've ever seen

  • Did that safe penetrate only with sheer explosion? Not a projectile?

  • You guys should record with zombie go boom, it would be cool!

  • That was an interpreter you worked with. someone who conveys the meaning/words of spoken language from one language to another is called an interpreter, whereas when done through text, the person is called a translator.

  • These guys done killed the neighbors pets or at least a random squirrel with those pellets going through the fence.

  • You two can totally collab with the History Channel's Forged in Fire

  • why does it look like CGI? that's so weird

  • I think the sound of vomiting is satisfying

  • Je suis le seul francais ???

  • Nice to see Big Willy. I would love to see ants interacting in slow motion. Strange, I know, but I was watching some ants crawl around and noticed they seem to meet each other and say hello...I'm sure I could find it on youtube

  • Paiting a car as mirror must be illegal.

  • i see fire when the bullet impact that old spicy xp @2:02

  • smokepenis

  • 0:59 Confetti Party 😂

  • You've got red on you...

  • What is going on with that bubble near the end (5:19) that flashes in and flashes out like a sci-fi teleportation effect?

  • Nope never try this

  • Love the rocket hahaha

  • شكرا لترجمة العربية ❤

  • 2:52 Vegans will not be happy 😂

  • 2 cameras combined makes all round beef

  • Everyone should watch this video at half speed it is hilarious.they act like they're drunk when they're in slow motion speed especially Gavin I mean seriously it's hilarious. Plus it's kind of like a tribute to them because they're slow mo guys

  • 0:01 Just get whoppers...

  • Evolution it's your imagination Every thing was created by Allah s.w.t the master the greatest true one God of the worlds

  • Why is Dan always and still injured at the left arm ?! I need to know, he is wearing a bloody cast on every video, is he injuring himself at every episode ? xD

  • That might still be one of my favourite Videos with the "colour" theme :)


  • H

  • please show more stuff frame by frame

  • Pop a Giant balloon under water with Dan inside it

  • You need to drink some milk!

  • Where's subtitles? :(

  • 👍🇸🇾

  • Wow this is a disappointment from phenieas and ferb.

  • That cardboard face of Will Smith inside the car tho🤣🤣😂😂 in 6:39

  • Deadpool !!!!!!!

  • Cool~

  • У нас так в 53 году пытали.

  • Printer in slow motion

  • We need watermelons in War Thunder now

  • "Glass, dents, and potatoes." Perfect.

  • Who thinks gav and Dan should do a jackhammer in slow-motion

  • 4:15 A person who has done drugs way too much

  • Pause at 4:00 That looks like a snapchat filter

  • Pause at 2:44

  • 2:42 thank me later

  • thx for korean sub

  • when u get mastered at redstones

  • Really poor camera angles.. Should have gotten even closer

  • Rhett looks like Gav but scaled up like 3 times 😂😂

  • Power rangers

  • اكتب عربي

  • Lol that 2 gurls one cup joke was funny😂😂

  • Weapon shop: -Bullet proof armour -Medieval steel armour -Plate armour -*3 celery sticks*

  • To be honest when I started watching this series I thought this WAS the slow mo guys now