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  • You got to be the lamest homosexual on youtube.

  • I want a wagon Ltd zephyr etc.

  • I always thought that the Capri looked better than the Stang. Also the T-bird turbo was quick but when the Super Coupe came around was out classed. Just my opinion:-)

  • If I had the cash, I'd get a nice crown Victoria and do a 5.0 coyote swap

  • Typhoon: *The very first Super SUV*

  • 🐂💩

  • The top speed for this car with big engine, is still lower than WRX, Nissan 370 gt.

  • Can’t wait to see the finished product... going to be great... nice to see someone who doesn’t claim to be the I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF guy.. keep real my friend

  • This car is common as dirt in england

  • P.O.S.!!

  • how much did you pay

  • يصلح لك 😂😂😂

  • It's probably the way its geared. It doesnt have enough torque because of it

  • I had an elderly neighbor that had one of these, I got a closer look when the dude fell asleep and parked in the center of an intersection.

  • All Typhoon and Syclones came with a 4.3 turbo motor NOT a 5.7 small block engine, please get the facts right

  • That car is FORD's best kept secret.

  • I'm buying the same soon for another brushless project

  • Hope ya do well man. What you getting done. Cold air intake Oh you said really serious so a NO2 system

  • My brother had one. We did the exhaust from the stock headers back removed all the cats, 3:73 gear, and a torque converter that flashed to 2800rpm from a dead stop. Woke it right TF up. Loved the car, super smooth and comfortable, smooth at high speed, stopped on a dime.

  • I parked by one of these at Walmart today, felt like i could just throw my Kia Soul in the trunk and forget about it.

  • i love the end where your debating kids and cars. #flexforthewin

  • Lmfao I have one 2003 gt v6 .. my dad gave it to me . I wasn’t going to keep it but now , I plan on keeping it and adding paint seats ect.. love it

  • Can you make a video about a 1977 Holden torana

  • Anyone in Phoenix Arizona or Seattle Washington?

  • I got my VR-4 for 7k with 117k on the odometer. I’ve just done normal maintenance and replacing whatever I can like belts clutch and fluids, so far I haven’t had any issues for the past 7 months and I have a lot of fun with the car. Truly underrated, but it is hard to work on.

  • This dude called it a G-Body I'm dead ☠️ Lol 😂

  • I made my mom buy me one thanks mom

  • I love my PT IT came with more hp than the 145 hp of the 1978 chevy 350 cid camaro!

  • Im trying to buy one before the price is 100k or something ridiculous like that

  • I’m 20 and currently saving up for one of these

  • My buddy and i did a svt contour swap into his mercury cougar. It made like 20 horse more than the v6 cougar motor

  • One of my fave cars now, surprised that you didn't mention the L cars at all though.

  • Drift mobile

  • Here's the problem. Taurus beats stock mustang. Mustang owner drives home in a mustang. Taurus owner drives home in a tau..... ......

  • Us Fox Mustang enthusiasts know about these LTD's....ulitimate grandpa sleeper

  • This is just like my car I have a 2006 ls model

  • I like my 2006 mercury marquis ls loaded

  • This guy knows exactly what I was thinking lol I already own a S197 but thinking of adding two more to my drieway! The amount of options that come with upgrading and customizing are vast not to mention affordable. Good job Mr.Random good job!

  • Hey can you make a video about fixing the wrench light because it happened to mine when I cleaned my throttle body now the wrench light won't go away and I'm losing so much power then before I touched it

  • Very true it was the hellcat of its day

  • Good times, used to run my nitro Cat , in the bigger lake to your right. Amazing how fast electrics have come ( keyword, Fast ) Mijo, thats cool. 👍

  • Wow. I like the luxury model. Very nice. Thank you as always for your help. I really like the idea of having a cable driven car.

  • I prefer this over Hellcat idc if its slower

  • Not all the gears are mettle the spur gear is plastic

  • I’m fu*#in buying one

  • Too much talking

  • Still a good looking car

  • Man damn what’s with all the same cars where you live? Does everyone just strive to drive a cop car? The fuck shit?

  • Snake in a suit

  • 6 minutes of yacking, and barely any USEFUL information.

  • Unbelievable...Im a hard core Ford guy myself and believe the the 80 eras Mercury Marquies..The crown vics...The lincoln Towns were the best car ever built...I actually own a Corvette C4 collectable ...I love my vette ...A white on white with only 50 000 km s...But i love Ford and am currently looking for an 87 Lincoln Town Car...My first car was an immaculate 65 Galaxiie 500...Ive owned Crown Vics...Marquis..and town cars..I love my vette but will never give up my love for Ford...

  • I have one for sale just sitting Im in madison wi. Its green 4 door sport. Everything runs just needs front end work brand new parts in the car in box

  • But here in mexico dont know if in USA too Fairmont was sold in 4 door sedan. Very confortable car and in the Same way a Fox body 4 door vehicle with 302 motor from factory

  • This was one of my favorite cars! As for the air suspension, it was actually pretty easy to work on, there just wasn't much to it. Its one of the most basic air suspensions a car can have, and with ebay and amazon, parts can be found pretty cheap.

  • i have a 600 hp 4.6 cobra 32 v v8 turbo charged car. its fast lol

  • easy install ever, oops

  • Not fast but very enjoyable to drive I own a red one and I love driving it every time I take it out

  • Best of luck on your surgery mr random

  • The old girl is better looking than the new Mazda MX-5 Miata RF!!

  • I have a 90 LSC with a vortech V1 as a daily. I love this car more than anything else I have owned.

  • Just looked up '11 Vic and I have a Romeo engine, was actually surprised living in Edmonton Alberta, that it wasn't from Windsor Ontario. There's also a badge on my block from Ford saying it was rebuilt in the USA towards the end of 2016, about a year before I bought it. The fella I got it from buys and sells them, he said over the years he sold over a hundred of them by that point, paid 2700$ for the one I got but it was the nicest one of the bunch of 7 or 8 he had at the time, even put it on a lift and showed me the undercarriage before buying.

  • Nice build. I have a b14 ga16de and have been wanting to turbo the bitch so bad just to feel that power difference of the same lil car

  • Paid 300 for my 99 good motor run and drive just had to replace rack and pinion and power steering pump

  • thought this was real fuc

  • (AKA) Japanese Pontiac Trans Am. The 2nd gen MR2 is a poor man's Ferrari

  • I got the green one

  • I have a 87 with a Ford racing engine 3inch in to flow Master's 22in Joe Martin 5 star rims

  • I wanted one of these so bad, back in the 90's... Had the opportunity to buy one in the early 2000's, but I didn't have the money. I have barely seen one since!

  • My dad had a 97 - thing was totally badass....

  • I'm an average Saudi hopefully I'll save enough money to buy this amazing car God Bless America 💙❤🇺🇲🇺🇸

  • The problem with this car is the 93-96 looks like Lincoln gave the Thunderbird the Habsburg overbite. It just doesnt look right.

  • Have one myself 98

  • Jdm 🤢

  • Hot Rod Lincoln.

  • Funny how these were made in 85 same time as the new Taurus.

  • LOL this vid is satire right??.. this junk car will always be trash 😂😂

  • But why is it that if you add the same mods to these cars and a Corvette, they still won’t sound like a Corvette??

  • My friend had a first gen Thunderbird SC back in the day. 5 speed, black on black and with the (awesome) adjustable bolster leather and tweed interior. Honestly one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven. Could do burnouts in command and had without a doubt some of the best brakes in any car of any year.

  • Guys tryna trade me one of these and this dude just sold it to me

  • Do you know what size drive shaft it has because the 3-inch drive shafts have been known to break at high speeds because they're not really meant to go that fast

  • I went the other day to a car Lot buy here pay here place and they had a police charger I would not recommend buying anyting that was a police vehicle they rag them things out but anyways the charger was missing the whole center console I thought to myself that's okay I can get that piece then I took it down the road and it just drove like s*** then I guess where the big spotlight was there was still a tube that came inside where the car dealership hasn't removed it yet and as I was driving it down the road it made a whistling noise so loud I couldn't hear the guy sitting next to meI stopped immediately and did a u-turn and told him there's no way he's ever going to sell this car lol but even if it didn't have all those problems you don't want a police vehicle they don't take care of them and they drive the s*** out of them everyday everybody always wants some because of the police chip but you can buy those just get you a regular Tahoe or charger and get a tuner chip

  • These are good asf trust just got one great quality and fun and if u remove the governor it's even faster, it drifts!!!

  • I hate interference engines

  • I bought my 04 burgundy town car on New Years very different than driving in an awful Chevy Snooze (Cruze)

  • Hope all goes well with your surgery,it will set you back a bit, but you will be feeling better and back at making awesome quality content in no time! Take care feel better! I just joined and subscribed to your channel! You do a fantastic job and excellent editing and Camera skills! Peacefully Sean&family!✌🇨🇦

  • Nice new edge, but it's probably making 280 - 300 rwhp. My bolt on 02 gt isn't making near that but seems to run as good.

  • I have the 2014 Taurus interceptor I fucking love this car, it screws

  • Shutup your making the price go backup

  • I owned a green LSC I smoked a lot of different kind of cars back then

  • Would love to snag one of those after I move on from my Fairmont build

  • Things a piece of shit

  • These weren't bad, neither was the Ford Probe GTs from the 90s. True classic muscle cars that were affordable

  • It was less horsepower than the previous V6 SHO Taurus.

  • Ok we made the damn video. Now PLEASE STOP BUYING 2006 LINCOLN ZEPHYRS

  • How’s your truck doing now man ?

  • How’s your truck doing now man ?

  • The best looking mercury grand marquis.

  • Fuck yeah its was time!!! Im fucking jalous dude!!!!!

  • Better in a small spa or the bath 🛀 tub. Hahahaha But I have one too. I don’t have your fast pond boat, but I have a swimming pool boat.

  • Thats why ya gotta get a 6R80W automatic.