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First We Feast First We Feast

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For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by IT-tvs star and anime pro Reina Scully



  • Joji is a far cry from living in that shitty city apt he had before. DON'T LET IT GO TO YOUR HEAD FACE FUCK

  • That is just plain goofy.

  • I have "pain is good" habanero sauce at home, so good.

  • This entire video is a meme

  • Rip Coby

  • I don’t care who makes them they just better be good💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I love Gordon

  • Tums sponsoring this is the smartest sponsorship deal this century.

  • Maybe try cussing to see if that will help? 🤣😂🤣😂😂 it’s like he has Tourette’s

  • 2020 and iAm seeing this episode for the first time and dang am iFired up. GaryVee is just something else...iDon't know what to call you. Awesome or what?

  • Is anyone gonna talk about how great Stone Cold looks for his age 🤗🤗

  • They got the hiccups from kobe

  • 😂

  • Alto Brown was better

  • Soo.... When is Gordon coming to this show?

  • RIP Kobe Bryant

  • Andrew Yang 2020 this interview!!

  • are you from Cleveland? what were the "ChAAAAAAAlenges"

  • Straight up hot!! Shia LaBeouf 😍😍😍😍

  • R.I.P Kobe Bryant💔 that’s crazy how this came up in my recommendation.

  • keanu reeves it just needs to happen

  • I like how he is already cooked before he gets cooked with the wings.. The man is scrambled fried and done medium rare

  • Sasha you are my favourite superstar in the wwe and I love you

  • Mosquitoes biting chinese people

  • Anyone know the song at 6:45

  • Fuck, shit, fuck, shit.... It's all I Heard through The whole show😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Good Los Angeles foods:Mexican, Thai, sushi blah blah blah blah so on and so fourth Good New York foods: Pizza

  • Pls. Do with pewdiepie Jacksepticeye Keannu reeves Tobey maguire

  • jAfFA cakES ARe NOT BIscUiTSSSSSS!!!!!111!!!

  • This might the best episode of the Burger Show that I've seen.

  • This is everything. What a rad bloke.

  • RIP Kobe :(

  • Wathaburger best burger ever bitches

  • The John Mayer who did a the cover of "Bold as Love"? Really bold move to show off his musical ability.

  • Her being a vegan makes her so much less attractive....

  • why isnt anyone praising the sound designers of this show?

  • So wierd this about Kobe right before what happened to him. This world trips me the fuck out, the taint I feel from it sometimes. R.I.P. Kobe, you signed my broken arm cast in a BigK and I idolized you from there after.

  • Master wing eater. Didn't see that coming

  • I will never ever pay more than $10 for a burger.. a fucking burger!? I dont care if it has all these fancy name ingredients and I am filthy rich . A fucking burger . In fact 10 bucks is pushing it. BTW my uncle makes a pretty good mean burger at our annual summer cookout . Lol

  • Aww shit look at that bitch, that bitch got on k-swiss.. 😂

  • I love this show. But vegan chicken wings??? Stop calling them vegan chicken wings. They're not f'ing chicken wings are they? Don't play their game Sean. Shame them. You're enabling. Hahahaaa

  • anyone else think this dude looks like a Hemsworth?

  • Adam you gotta bring man vs food to IT-tvs I miss you man this episode brings back memories

  • Would love to see Will Smith, AND ELLA MAI!!!! 💥💥💥💥

  • We need Robert Downey Jr and Dwayne Johnson

  • This is the second time that I watched this Hot Ones ! It was great thanks !

  • RIP Kobe

  • R.I.P 🕊 11:28

  • Damn. I’m watching this the two days after Kobe Bryant’s death...

  • In México this Is very Easy!!

  • I really love Shia. !!!

  • Donald Glover would be awesome!!

  • 0 . 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wtf she's a vegetarian... ???

  • I must be an old fart...this is what passes for youth and talent these days...cringe worthy.

  • He said Kobe an I died a little R.I.P😢


  • 19:27 Mosquitoes when they bite a chinese person

  • Your best one yet...

  • RIP Kobe Bryant

  • Rip Kobe

  • At first I was wondering why IT-tvs was recommending this video to me now, of all times. Then when Sean showed Ashton's picture with Kobe Bryant... My heart just sunk. Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant.

  • Any more types of exotic foods??

  • Imagine being so messed up even Adult Swim says no.

  • 10:50 RIP x

  • Man, imagine as an English speaker learning rudimentary Mandarin and moving to China to start a rap career. That's next to impossible. big ups to these dudes

  • Lmfao things went south lol

  • . Cuz Jeff is sweaty enough, all the time, anyways! 🤣 "Melting 🦛"

  • Trick daddy is one of the best story tella there is 💯

  • Bring Keanu Reeves, PLEASE

  • I knew I hated this cunt. Maybe even irrationally. This just confirmed it. What a narcissistic blowhard.


  • all the end half of this video is Gordon saying fucking hell shit over and over again XD

  • Burr: F*ck your question! Lmao


  • I would love Ashnikko to come on the show

  • rip coby bryan

  • damn i didnt expect his voice to sound like that idk why

  • She's so awkward and gorgeous.

  • _"I'm a big defender of letting young people say stupid shit!"_ *If you could collaborate with any soundcloud rapper, who'd it be?*


  • That call with Knoxville sounded like it could've been his father lol

  • maaaann that JB line did not age well

  • Sean Evan's cameo at the City Hall eating chicken wings with Ron. Weird Parks and Rec episode but I love it.

  • All things considered.....he handled the spice pretty well 👍👍💪

  • Sean is a fucking legend. He always matches the tone, the mood and the energy of the guests, and manages to be always respectful and play along with them. But the end here? That was brutal. "30 second plug, you get 15".

  • Love Matty ❤️❤️❤️

  • 10:22 lol that is chilli klaus

  • How can you not love steve-O

  • Haha this a joke ! Car clubs are gangs period

  • Shia LaBeaouf looks like a very generous and loveable person

  • 1 year later he’s past RIP kobe

  • Am From Rwanda🇷🇼 and that akabanga is like hell fire in your mouth

  • That picture of kobe just changed the whole vibe of the show RIP the black mamba

  • Kevin is sooo fuqin small its hilarious holy shit hes tiny. I think hes up to my waist, thats gotta suck living like that, huh kevin?