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Micah & Sarah (married 2004)
Jackson - age 12
Lacey - age 10
Rachelle - Age 8
Autumn - Age 6
Sierra - Age 3
Chase - Age 0




  • I'm impressed!!!!! She was so brave!!!!! Didn't even flinch!!!!! I know I would've screamed if they did that. Great Job!!!!

  • I just got my ears pierced yesterday and it kinda just felt like my rabbit biting me hard for a five seconds

  • I love it

  • I’ve seen your little league tryout video and I was wondering how do I tryout to make it to the little league World Series because I really want to get my name out there to make it to the mlb.

    • FunAwesome! Ok thanks 🖤

    • I think your little league all star team has to win it's state tournament. You make it to the MLB after you are a star on your high school team then you choose between college or the farm system

  • Future reference: if you’re daughters ever want to get another piercing when they are teenagers say for example their cartilage pleaseeeeee go to a tattoo place where they use needles if you use a gun it will shatter their cartilage leaving a really big bump that doesn’t go away unless it is surgically removed. If not treated it will burn and sting every so often

  • Tips: -If you have worn earrings from Claire’s and your ears get red itchy or infected it’s because your ears are sensitive and don’t like most metals white gold is probably your best option for sensitive ears cause I have white gold and my ears have never given me problems but when I got earrings from Claire’s I had a lot of issues my ears started to burn the second I put them in so. White gold can be bought on online websites, Kay jewelers or pandora. They are a bit pricey but I promise it’s worth it -Never get a piercing with a gun. Not even ear lobes. I get tattoo shops may make you nervous and believe me my body shakes so badly the second I walk in and breathe the air but it’s better to get it done with needles. Not only are they cheaper to get done but they are safer. The needles they use are made to pierce through skin and after each needle is used it is thrown away and never used again. The guns at Claire’s or pagoda are just sanitized which isn’t really cleaning them. The guns pierce your ear with the jewelry it’s self which can cause throbbing bad swelling and irritation. It may be quicker to get it done with a gun rather then a needle but the whole needle process is probably 4 mins from the time you are paying until the time you walk out

  • Happy Birthday to Rachelle!!!

  • I like your family birthday celebrations. We do that in our family also. Makes them more personal. We have one coming up at the end of next week. Dexter's.

  • happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Rachelle! You guys always make the best looking cakes!

  • Happy birthday you 🥳

  • Nice

  • So brave.... I think I reacted the same way but u was about 5

  • Tattoo men make me nervous too. :)

  • My daughter acted the same way. All nervous almost crying then it was all over. She got a teary eyed too.

  • For Lacey and Rachelle's birthday this year this is what they wanted and how they wanted it. On her first piercing we get a lot of comments about using needles instead of guns but honestly, it seems like millions of people get it done with guns with no problems. I imagine it mostly depends on how well you take care of them after and your own skin.

  • Really with piercing guns...

    • I let them choose. We showed them videos of each and I even found a location we like that used needles but, ultimately, they wanted it done simultaneously with guns.

  • Shoutout plz

  • That cake was solid. At least he didn't hit anybody with the cake. You sure have a lot of birthdays in your family. Oh wait. So do we. :)

    • It could have hurt someone 😅 It's birthday month over here again. Seems like it comes every yeaer.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • First

  • _R.I.P_ *Cake*