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Hello and welcome to our channel! Here you will find lots of fun for everyone. We create super funny compilations. You can watch a lot of funny videos about animals, pets, cats, dogs, kids, babies, fails and so on. We guarantee that you will laugh super hard and leave our channel with a smile on your face!
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  • This is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 0:43 When me and the boys steps at lego parts

  • 5:23 is my favorite part.

  • Is my dog now

  • 1:09

  • Get rid of your channel

  • 0:56 girls when they see a spider

  • The second one wasn’t funny at first but then I realized that cat was watching boxing

  • Most of these are More like animal bullying another animal.

  • Turtle: Fuck me, I gotta take it easy on the pellets, I feel like I've gained 2 or 3 pounds in an instant! Kitten on top of turtle: Yeah you're a fatty! Now keep moving.

  • Me, drunk and high on Sunday night...on the verge of a calamitous self reckoning and enduring an introspective nightmare...*cat videos.

  • I ❤️❤️ pug!!!!

  • I didn’t laugh...

  • Turn the damned music down !!! You must be new to this ... Music is "BACK GROUND"!!!

  • that raccoon was to cute and the donkey

  • so cute !! I seen the kisses and wanted one to,,,,

  • Their called sphinx cats, honey 🙄

  • This is so dum

  • 0:26 cat tackled him

  • I will never understand how people can think its funny to put something on a cat's head ..and watch him struggle..or on the end of his tail..its stupid..and not funny..and anyone who thinks its funny is a moron


  • 4:58 Perfect example of fight or flight 😂

  • I really like the turtle footage at the end 0.o

  • I relate too well with this. I think I dread it worse than the dog. She hates riding in the truck, goes nuts on a leash, and I have to be covered with thick clothing because this is a dog that rolls around in poison ivy, hates baths🙄☹️ but loves me. Oh well, she is due for shots 😳

  • Wtf, anyone who thinks it's funny to watch, instead of immediately HELP a cat with it's head stuck in a bag crashing into things, is a sadistic cruel ASSHOLE

  • nice harmonica playing

  • I use to have a cat i love them but my dad doesnt then he kick my cat to someone else

  • Omg 😳 these videos are hilarious! If I were the Vet I would be do afraid 😱 of the cat Elvis -- he sounds vicious.


  • 0:42 Monday mood

  • Cats are the funniest pets

  • The dogs have no idea why they are at the vet.

  • 1:03 poor guy

  • I did not like the clip where the dog's ears were tied n being pulled...it hurt!

  • Awwwww 2:27 sooo cute

  • Oh god it’s like.,,,, *yay I got me iceeeeee*

  • That tooth dogs

  • Owner: She'll be back,,,Zoey will be back. 🐶Dog watching the door: That's what I'm afraid of.

  • Jajajaj

  • D5, d

  • That parrot: can't get any freaking HELP in the house!

  • حتى هوما.يخافو من الطبيب سبحان الله،⁦🇩🇿⁩💯⁦❤️⁩🐥🐥🐥

  • Nobody likes going to the doctor’s. Animal or human ones!

  • Make sure to bring your cash/check and credit cards owners, the vet is expensive!!! 🤑 I work in its accounting department, so I never see this part :(

  • Que feos son los gatos perdon

  • It's nice that the majority of people just laughed. :P

  • haha I'm dieing🤣🤣🤣🤣 the dog haaa

  • I will never forget cats! but i love athor pets too!

  • Aw Cute!

  • Tell your horses that dogs aren't ice-creams

  • great video

  • That cat could eat that damn chihuahua 5:50

  • Dbepena

  • Not funny

  • 3:02 that’s not karma fighting back. The boy just wanted to play with the cat.

  • Awww. It's funny, but sad, too.

  • who can give a dislike for a gate of paradise

  • /\/\/\/\/\/

  • M

  • M

  • Nme of song at beginnign

  • I did not laugh, how about that ?

  • you know you're cruel when you cut the peanut butter jar in half to laugh at your dog

  • I just Supported your amazing channel!!! :D And Hit Like button!!! :D

  • 😍😘💔💞💕👀💓

  • stupid cat

  • Get ready for heaps of stolen content

  • 06:20 me vs. exam results

  • 02:54 no.

  • not funny.

  • Daisy doesn't like halloween.!!! Lovely.

  • dramatic people watching this: " why am i still alive? why? ".

  • Lol

  • The dog tho in the middle of the vid he like”stop torturing me hooman! I am so hungy and you ain’t feeding me!?

  • I said ouch on every video

  • funny!!!!!

  • Celaka punya babi. Celaka punya anjing. Mampos lah kau 💋💋

  • By the way....fuck everyone who uses clickbait. That was the only reason I watched it. Fuck you

  • Background music?

  • That was mean with the cones. One of my boy's had to wear one and you have to cut them back a little, otherwise, they can't see or eat or even walk and them making her walk up the stairs laughing was not funny.

  • That is funny.

  • how is this so cute

  • 2:25 doggie looks like little scoobie

  • 1:26 look like taco dog breed


  • "you will laugh your head off!" Me the Whole time ---> 🤐😐

  • That second dog would NOT be allowed to behave that way in my house. Period. There's nothing funny about it. It's absolutely unacceptable.

  • idk why my sister wants one of those if she let that thing touch me jesus..*leaves the room*

  • what is wrong with people...hurting animals for fun is moronic..the guy that throws the dog down the slide..what if it had broken a leg or God forbid its neck?? what is wrong with people..that is not funny..its stupid

  • 1:32 im not sure if the stuff are all set but i am going to assume all that and say this.that cat could have gotten electtracuted dammit 0_0

  • Lots if the dogs wanted to take a bath

  • They cute but they look like ball sack

  • Hehe!

  • All of you absolute morons in the comment section should shut the hell up. You guys have no idea what your talking about and are causing a lot of damage to wildlife. Zoos are responsible for protecting and saving endangered species and you assholes are now suddenly experts on everything about animal psychology.

  • Lmao

  • I pooped in my fliping pants

  • If I had a ferret I would call it Fifi :)

  • The dog on the ball was petrified

  • lol Cats do this every year! ( from tik tok lol)

  • Hi! it's so funny, for you pet lovers look at my channel there are lots of very funny cat videos